Chapter 47:


Spirit Guardians

Romaji- Mashù what has happened so far?

Mashù- Well uh, Yoku seems to really like Aoi so he doesn't really want to hurt her.

Romaji- Oh uh….well he's a goner.

Announcers- And Yoku goes down!!! The winner of this Match is….Aoi Raitoningu!!!

Yoku- Well guys I think I'm in love.

Romaji- Bro why would you purposely lose like that?

Yoku- I couldn't hurt someone so beautiful. That's my future wife right there.

She's not even looking your way dude.

Yoku- Shut up!!! Everyone can't have it as easy as you. Yo Writer give me a significant other also I'm down bad here!!!

Who is he talking to?

Romaji- I don't know.

Migan- well, on to the next match.

S.E.I.D- Anjero Sutanrì…

Guess I'm up next.

S.E.I.D- Vs. Jeremi Naeme!

Oh Come on!!

Announcers- Well folks this should be a good one!!

S.E.I.D what's with these picks for me??

S.E.I.D- I….I...I….I am not obligated to answer that.

Well that was weird.

Aado- Rafaeru can you go check that out?

Rafaeru- Already on it….

Migan- While that's being fixed.

Are you two ready?

Yea I guess

Jeremi- Been waiting for this.

Migan- Ready….Set….Fight!!!

I guess you got your wish early, Jeremi.

Jeremi- there's no one else in this tournament i'd rather fight. Show me that power that defeated Tenki!!

You're a little too excited about this but I've gotten stronger since so let's do this. VAPOR Fists!!!!

Jeremi- Ominous Strike!!!

I've seen that move before!!

*Anjero and Jeremi go blow for blow. Landing hit after hit.

Geez, you're not playing around Huh?

Jeremi- Why are you holding back?

Who says I'm holding back?

Jeremi- Use your real strength or I'll kill you here and now.

Woah, buddy chill out it's not that serious. What's going on with you today?

Jeremi- nothing…..fight me seriously with the intent to kill.

I'm good but I won't lose to you.VAPOR BULLETS!!!

Jeremi- Those won't do anything!!!

*Anjero gets behind Jeremi

Don't you think I know that. Aalto Vapor Fist!!

*Anjero throws punches at Jeremi and Jeremi falls to a knee

Jeremi- Damn, that hurt!!.....this is good.

*Jeremi's Earpiece goes off

Jeremi- What??? No!!! I'm finally having fun! Don't you dare…

*Boom!!!! A giant explosion goes off in the North wing of the school.

Aado- Rafaeru!!

Woah!!! What's going on!?!?!?

Announcers- Everyone!! Please evacuate through the six exits!!

Mashù- Everyone this way!!

Romaji- Follow the Main character to this exit!!

Yoku- Go this Way!!!

Space- GALACTIC JAIL!! I got all the people leaving Exit 1

Mashù- What is this!?!?

Ruisu- Toxic Paralysis!! I got exit 2.

Romaji- Why???

Osore- Trick Room!!! Oh look what I got a bunch of people, and a bonus prize Yoku how've you been buddy?

Yoku- this is not the time for games Osore let us all go.

Osore- And why would I do that?.....Exit 3 is secured.

Ruisu- Where's Jeremi?

Osore-Earpiece) I believe he's still in the arena fighting.

Ruisu- (Earpiece) What? Why? He's ditching the mission….Jeremi get your behind to him now the others can't fight him without you.....jeremi?.....Jeremi!?!?

*Back in the arena

Jeremi- (Earpiece)Shut Up!!! I'm not done! He can wait!

Who is he?

Jeremi- It doesn't concern you. Focus on this fight! Shadow Step!!!

*20 minutes before the explosion.

Rafaeru- If I remember this is the Control Room.

*Opens door

Sans- Sir, we have someone in here. What do I do?

****- Continue the mission. You can take out one person right? Or did I pick the wrong person for this?

Sans- No you didn't sir.

Rafaeru- Hey aren't you one of the Guardians from the tournament? What are you doing here?

Sans- Oh...haha….I got lost...haha

Rafaeru- Well you need to leave this place now!

Sans- Ok...ok I'll get going.

Rafaeru- Ok S.E.I.D what's wrong with you?

Sans- Smoke Trap!!

Rafaeru- You must think I'm an idiot.Metal Lariat!!!

Sans- Gahhh!!!

Rafaeru-(on the phone) Hello?....Aado we've been breached. It was one of the Guardians in Training. They're probably more among us.

Sans- I think that should be enough time now. Vanish!!

Rafaeru- Hey!! What's that sound?



*Aado flew over to the explosion

Aado- Raf!

Rafaeru- I wish I could say ok but I'm not. I can't feel my left arm.

Aado- We'll get you to the hospital!

Rafaeru- Don't worry about me right now they blew up S.E.I.D, but I got most of his data on this flash drive before it blew up.

Aado- Hold on to it please….rest up here for now. Holy Shield!!

Rafaeru- What are you gonna do?

Aado- me? I have a few guests waiting for me outside this room right now.

Sans- Give up Aado!!

Tariek- Prepare to be killed by us.

Aado- And who exactly are you all?

Saion- We are the DSG.

Aado- Hm..kinda unoriginal.

Rino- see I told you.

Aado-Who do you all work for? Tenki?

Sans- That weakling? Hell no you'll meet who we're working for soon enough.

Aado- Well enough standing around….Show me what y'all got.

*Back at the Arena

Jeremi- I told you to focus did I not? Don't worry about him. Worry about your own damn self!

This guy is so annoying geez.

Devanga- mind if I join this fight I got a bone to pick with Shadow over here.

Whatever gets this done quicker I'm game.

Jeremi- Move away Dumbo I already beat you. This is between me and him.

Devanga- I don't like your mouth.Landslide Devastation!!!

Jeremi- Sorry Anjero I was holding back also…


Woah what's going on?? The ground is trembling

Jeremi- Behold….My true power


Spirit Guardians