Chapter 46:

Anger Shroud & back story

Spirit Guardians

Ichiji- Bring it on you pig!!!

*Kam jumps toward Ichiji instantly.

Ichiji- Huh??

Kamira- I only need 30 seconds to beat you both with this.

(kam flicks Ichiji in the head blasting her away)

Tekai- Ichiji! You'll pay for this!

Kamira-.....(jumps behind tekai) you can go with her.

*Kam kicks Tekai up in the air towards ichiji.

Kamira- Romaji thanks

Romaji- No problem

*Kam jumps high in the air above the twins.

Tekai- you still won't win!!!

*Tekai grabbed ichiji's hand but nothing happened.

Kamira- looks like she has to be awake to activate your little spirit...oh well.

Tekai- Damn it!


*Kam launches them both outside the ring.

Tekai- Damn you Kam!!


Announcers- are they ok??

Romaji- Ow,ow,ow!! Kam what the hell?

Even with my Strength as the Main Character you still hit them too hard.

Migan- Romaji and the twins are out so the Winner of this bout is team Kamira!!!

Announcers- And South strikes again!! Can they be stopped?

Kamira- I'd like that apology now; From both of you.

Tekai- Ow...but

Ichiji- Just do it. She earned

Tekai- But Ichiji….

Ichiji- No buts!!!

Twins- We're Sorry for everything Kamira!!

Kamira- Thank you…. Already huh?

*Kam starts bleeding from her eyes, and nose and screaming from excruciating pain.

Romaji- Kam!!! Kam!!!!

Migan- Get paramedics now!

Kalira- Oh no i saw this happening.

Aado- What's happening?

Kalira- Anger Shroud is a technique that gives you a temporary boost in speed and strength making you almost invincible.

Aado- But why is she dying out there?

Kalira- the longer you use it the more your body starts to break. That's why I'm in this chair today….No more explaining. Here give her this.

Aado- I will.

*Aado floats toward Kamira.

Aado- Kam here take this….

*Kam takes the pill and falls asleep.

Aado- Romaji get her to the nurse!

Romaji- at once!

Kalira- Anjero take me to where they are taking Kam. I know how to deal with this.

Yes Ma'am

Kalira- Thank you.

*Anjero, Romaji, Kam, and Kalira all head to the Nurse.

Romaji-Nurse Mari!!!

Mari- Woah, what happened?

Kalira- put her in the cold pod we have to shock her body.

Mari- S.E.I.D turn on vitals and set the chamber for 40°F

Kalira- Oh Mari how long has it been?

Mari- hello Kalira how've you been?

Kalira- I'm ok but kam I can't really say the same.

Mari- What happened?

Kalira- (Starts crying) She used it….

Mari- Oh no the Anger Shroud??

Kalira- Yea, I don't even know how she learned it.

If I can interject….kamira talks to her spirit everyday and she obviously has been trying to learn everything she can from Histeri.

Kalira- She talks to him??? I only ever got to talk to him once before.

Romaji- Maybe he likes her more.

I wouldn't doubt it.

Kalira- Maybe so I wish I knew this sooner.

I'm surprised she didn't tell you.

Kalira- I'm not.

Why is that?

Kalira- Kam was kinda forced to take Histeri From me.

Wow I never knew

Kalira- Yea, as you probably know Spirits can't live without a host. They're naturally very weak.

Tell us more please

Kalira- Well when the host dies the spirit has to find another suitable host. Otherwise they end up dying also and the power is lost forever.

Romaji- But you aren't dead though...unless we all are stuck in purgatory!

Romaji shut up…..Continue please.

Kalira- Thank you. Like I was saying I almost was dead but Histeri used all his power to make sure I wouldn't die. So he Reverted back to a wisp and was forced out of my body.

But why did he go to kam?

Kalira- That's a long story.

We have some time. So please if you don't mind telling us.

Kalira- Well it was during a mission. 7 years ago.

Mari- Oh that mission.

Romaji- you were here also MS.Mari?

Mari- Yea, I went to school here some years ago.

Romaji- Wow, if it was me I definitely wouldn't come back here.

Mari- I'll ignore that this one time.

Kalira- it was a simple in and out group mission and I figured since kam was always sad I'd show her something cool for a change.

Ok what happened next?

Kalira- Well me and the older students from back then got in there but we were betrayed by one of our own. I used the Anger Shroud to get kam out of there as quickly as possible but someone shot me in the spine paralyzing me from the waist down.

And since you were too weak at that moment. Histeri left you after healing all he could and chose Kam next. So he could survive?

Romaji- it all makes sense now.

Kalira- Yes, he ran out of power before he could fully heal my spine so I've been stuck in this chair ever since.

I'm sorry it went down like that.

Kalira- Don't be it was my fault anyways.

Romaji- Thank you for telling us that story.

Kalira- No problem. Now go back to the arena. Me and Mari will watch over Kamira.

Mari- You heard her go!

*Anjero and Romaji leave the nurses office.

Mari- Kalira…

Kalira- Hm??

Mari-will Kamira really be ok?

Kalira- She might sustain some permanent Damage but she'll be fine. She's stronger than I ever was.