Chapter 0:


Ashes of the Unforgettable(OLD)

(The story begings in the spring of 2007. Jeron Takeshi a 8 year old living in the middle class of Tokyo,Japan. He is an average citizen of Tokyo going to a good school and getting average grades. His mother was never in his life,she mostly ignored him and focused on his brother,Uyeda Takeshi. His father was a mercenary,he traveled overseas alot and mostly was not home.
It was a cloudy day in Tokyo,school just ended for Jeron after staying for some extra lessons.He was walking home from school with smile on his face.Until he hears something from his favourite playground.Jeron rushes behind a car and starts looking from behind it....)Bookmark here

"Uyeda:Come on pick him up.."Bookmark here

"Bully 1:Alright Uye..."Bookmark here

(The bully picked the kid up and wrapped his arms behind his back..)Bookmark here

"Uyeda:Perfect..Now this is for not respecting me in MY school!"Bookmark here

(Uyeda dashes at him and knees his face. Jeron looked at his brother doing this but this time.. He had enough of his actions..)Bookmark here

"Bully 2:Oo,that was an amazing knee Uye,you really gave him a beating."Bookmark here

(The bullies laugh and Uyeda crosses his arms..)Bookmark here

"Uyeda:Well it happens when your the strongest kid in the city.Lets just give him more pain while he is lay-"Bookmark here

(Jeron runs in and hits Uyeda with a strong uppercut, knocking him over..)Bookmark here

"Jeron:I've had enough of you Uye..This ends now.."Bookmark here

(Uyeda gets up and wipes the blood coming from his mouth..)Bookmark here

"Uyeda:Come on now Jeron..We all know you can't beat me. Just try to give me your best shot."Bookmark here

(Jeron fills with anger as he charges at his brother, but Uye dodges him and laughs..)
"Uyeda:Is that the best you can do Jeron?"Bookmark here

(Jeron rushes again,Uyeda ducks under his punch and roundhouse kicks him in the gut..)Bookmark here

"Uyeda:Well that was fun..Time to finish the job."Bookmark here

(Uyedas eye starts to glow yellow as he walks up to Jeron and grabs him by his hair..)Bookmark here

"Uyeda:You always were a dissapointment..That is why dad is never around anymore.."Bookmark here

(Uyeda lets go of his hair and takes a few steps back.He dashes at him and kicks his head as hard as he can..)Bookmark here

"Uyeda:Boys..Beat him till he cant walk anymore.."Bookmark here

(The bullies nod and walk up to Jeron and pick him up...One of the bullies picks up a fairly large stick from the ground..)Bookmark here

"Bully 1:You know Jeron...I used to like you alot but ever since Uyeda started treating me well,I realised what an absolute weakling you were..."Bookmark here

(The bully charges at him and hits Jeron with the stick...)Bookmark here

"Uyeda:Great work...Should we call the ambulance for him..?"Bookmark here

"Bully 2:Ofcourse not..Lets just let some adult find him and then hopefully they call one.."Bookmark here

(They walk away as Jeron slowly blacks out..A few days pass and Jeron wakes up in the hospital..He looks around the room..It was pure emptiness,He hears a few voices outside of his room..)Bookmark here

"???:You sure its okay to go in there..?"Bookmark here

"???:Mister Takeshi,your son should be awake by now,If he isn't then time will tell till he wakes up.."Bookmark here

(Jeron wondered who this Mister Takeshi was until he walked into the room...)Bookmark here

"William:It has been a while..son.."Bookmark here

"Jeron:Dad..?"Bookmark here

"Doctor:We will let you two talk.."Bookmark here

"Jeron:Why are you here? Don't you have to be at work?"Bookmark here

"William:I came to check up on you..I heard the news that Uyeda beat you up..Well,you will never see him again..not even your mother.."Bookmark here

"Jeron:Wait why can't I see mom?"Bookmark here

(Jeron looks at William so confused,thinking if he is saying the right things or not...)Bookmark here

"William:I am divorcing your mother due to Uyeda and my work in America.."Bookmark here

"Jeron:Wait so I will live with you..?"Bookmark here

"William:Yeah..You will be homeschooled for a few years though,since I cant really find you a school in America.."Bookmark here

(Jeron gets up and hugs his dad..His wish of finally leaving Japan came true...As the years pass...Jeron and William grow even more closer from living together..William had more time for him than his mother...Its the year 2017...It is finally time for highschool...Its a sunny day in Chicago...A boy with white hair and a few scars walks to Horizon Highschool...He slowly walks to the entrance until a slightly familiar voice greets him..)Bookmark here

"???:Hey..Are you Jeron Takeshi by any chance?"Bookmark here

(To be continued...)Bookmark here

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