"The Abyss usually isn't as dark as this you know." - ???

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Student with too little free time, most of which I once spent writing stories for this website. Now my posting is much more sporadic. Always open to a good conversation at BlipXP#7971 on Discord. I also used to do reviews of stuff.
she/her, do not contact me, do not talk to me, i hate you, ect
Hello, I'm Joe Gold. I'm a writer of web novels and short stories, all set in my own original multiverse. I'm a lifelong anime, comic book, and video game fan, and my fiction is often reminiscent of the series I grew up with.
A doofus who likes Japanese cartoons and comics and writes silly stories because the world can always use more humor. Creator of the webcomic Bodysuit 23.
My name is Jeron but I also go by Varon. I am an eighteen year old writer with the never-ending determination to write! I've brought my novel: "Project: INFERNO" from a different writing site and I've decided on expanding to different communities for the experience and feedback of others! If any questions, please feel free to ask! Also, please join the Project: INFERNO official discord for future chapter releases!
Demigirl (She-her/They-them) Hello there! I'm Kuromaru, but you can call me Kuru. I sometimes write stories about stuff.
I get startled very easily, so better approach me from distance :catplz: Temporary hiatus: >need to take care of myself, >need to decorate home nicely for my husbando in Stardew Valley
An author and artist trying to find his home!
Hi there! I'm Bear_A_Kuma. I like to write among other things; and I also enjoy reading! Goals for the future? I want to write something to inspire others to write! Check out my Twitter for Updates about all of my works!
Hey! I am the Time VS World author. Thanks if you read my story!