Chapter 1:

Prologue: The Creators of the Game

Three Lives Left

Three Lives LeftBookmark here

Rated: TBookmark here

Developer: 4-SquareBookmark here

Publisher: RefrainBookmark here

Genre: VRMMORPG, CasualBookmark here

Platform: PatchBookmark here

Release Date: May 22nd, 2022Bookmark here

Everything You NEED To Know About Three Lives Left and 4-Square!Bookmark here

By: Tahks IlotBookmark here

Touted as the "perfect game" by me esteemed reviewers on the internet, Three Lives Left is due for release in one month and the hype is higher than it's ever been!Bookmark here

While the Patch has seen its fair share of games since its launch a year ago Three Lives Left looks like it'll truly revolutionize the genre and gaming as we know it. Gone are the days of the cooking simulators and match 3 puzzle games, RPGs are here and ready to destroy the competition!Bookmark here

First things first though. here's everything you about Three Lives Left and its developer, 4-Square.Bookmark here

4-Square is, admirably, a video game developer whose main employees consist of a family of four. Kendall and Karla Kawakami are the genius twins who were the heads of the game's music and art respectively. I heard a few snippets from the OST and I must say it goes perfectly with the game. You have the option to turn it off in options but I digress.Bookmark here

Graham Kawakami is the "link" between 4-Square and Refrain as Three Lives Left was one of the first games put into development with the Patch. Kiki Kawakami is the head of the game's development and created the story of TLL herself. I wasn't shown any details of it myself but I do have high hopes for it since it was made with the tarot deck in mind!Bookmark here

During an interview at their lovely home, I was told that Three Lives Left has been in development for about 4-5 years now. Even more impressive that a game of such a high caliber has been made in just half a decade! I only had a moment to speak with Mrs. Kawakami but she was especially courteous for the few minutes I had with her and answered all of my questions quickly and fully. So your good friend Tahks is going to give you some insider info on TLL!Bookmark here

For those unfamiliar, you place your Patch on the back of your neck with TLL loaded onto it. Then, you will head to one of the many World Gates set up all over the world to sync your Patch up to and enter the game. Your body and consciousness will be safely transferred to the game with very minimal loading screens too. 4-Square and Refrain have been working tirelessly to double and triple check that TLL's server will be up to the task of handling many players at once.Bookmark here

World Gates are a different way to get into the game than other Patch games but this will make it easier since TLL is a much bigger game than most and having multiple access points will make it easier on the server load.Bookmark here

After making your username and password you'll begin character creation and your personality test for your arcana.Bookmark here

4-Square has been very open of their love of the tarot deck and major arcana and the large role it'll play in both gameplay and story. Your arcana will affect your gameplay experience in ways that'll be unexpected and you'll have to work with other players to overcome these challenges.Bookmark here

The tutorial will begin your journey with the Trial of the Fool and the end of the game is unsurprisingly the Trial of the World. It is unknown how long it'll take to complete Three Lives Left but 4-Square has given an estimate of around three years.Bookmark here

Finally, there are a number of casual options for a player who doesn't want to partake in the trials and the like. You can own an inn to give players busy on their errands a bit of solstice. Or even set up a bakery or armory and horde a ton of money for yourself and get yourself a nice house!Bookmark here

4-Square has told me that while marriage is possible in-game they're thinking of adding children in a later patch down the road. I for one am super excited to see what they have in store for us!Bookmark here

I really wish I could tell you all more but don't forget to preorder Three Lives Left at RPGStart for a collectible statue, exclusive preorder perks, and a map of the game world, Torat!Bookmark here

This is your premier writer of RPGs, Tahks Ilot, signing off and I hope to see you in Three Lives Left next month!Bookmark here

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