Chapter 0:

The beauty in villainy is good, that was, once upon a time.

The thorn of flowers

“Do you ever sleep while you’re awake? You observe indifferently as reality trails behind you with every step taken, no matter if it’s forward or backward.”

I thought to myself as I watched a dandelion in my grasp dissipate into the summer breeze. Fading beautifully into the fiery red of dusk.


I sighed softly as I laid back onto the flailing grass, it welcomed me as the gargantuan clouds scratched the sky above. “What a beautiful world,” I said while holding my hands up to the sky, forming a sort of frame with my fingers.

The color of the tangy sky slowly spread across the plains coating the grass in different hues. The breeze blowing through my loose curls while the seemingly peaceful world around me breathes…in…and out, in and out in and—OUCH. A loud yelp shoots out from within me and I am forced to look down at my abdomen, a sharp and heavy pain presses against me. Suddenly I’m staring at a small boot. A familiar boot.

I grunt loudly now, almost like a wild animal when its defense mechanism is triggered. “SORAAAAA, get the hell up you ass” Aster screamed as she lifted her foot once more. Before her foot could come down and completely crush my innards, I rolled off to the far right and evaded the fatal blow of her stomp.

Once her foot came down and it hit the ground, I watched from safety as she howled in pain. I smirked softly at her, my hand now patting the space beside me, motioning for her to sit.

In the far-off distance, the wails and cries of the sinner’s could be heard. Their exquisite cries etching fear into the world, shrouding everything in a beautiful veil of darkness.

In this war-torn world, I lay my head on the grass and watch as the beautiful red of the sky resonates with the imagery of the scums screaming. The souring smell of their blood as they gargle on their mortal repentance. 

Divine punishment, pure and beautiful.

A soft smirk emerges from the corner of my lips for a brief moment.