Chapter 1:

One shot

What once was (Chainsaw Man)

Denki woke up with Power and Aki screaming at each other. Power had not flushed the toilet once again and Aki was complaining that he had to see shit so early in the morning. Power ran away and jumped on top of Denki who was still half asleep.

"How many times have we told you to clean up after yourself?" complained Aki.

"Denki, help me! Aki is bullying me!" said Power, hiding behind Denki.

"Power, don't forget to flush. Put a paper above the toilet if it's easier to remember that way." said Denki getting up and going to get a glass of water "And Aki, cut her some slack, she is still recovering from the Darkness Devil ordeal."

Aki sighed, hand massaging his head and then started getting ready to go out.

"Wasn't today your day off?" asked Denki.

"Yes," said Aki, adjusting his tie. "But they asked me to do half a day. I should leave around noon."

"I wanna go out! I wanna go out! Let's go out." yelled Power while jumping around.

"Yeah, let's go out after lunch." said Denki, while Power drank some of his blood. "Anywhere you wanna go?" He asked Aki.

"Let her choose where she wants to go," said Aki near the entrance. Denki was seeing him out while scratching his exposed tummy and Power was behind him leaning her head on Denki's shoulder.

"I wanna go see the Lochness Devil" said Power enthusiastically, squeezing Denki with both her arms and legs.

"Impossible." reprimanded Aki "Do you even know wher-"

"Can we go see the offspring of the Lochness Devil instead?" asked Denki, patting Power's head.

"Uuhhh many Lochies? Even better. I'm gonna fight them and win." said Power, chewing Denki's arm again.

Aki looked suspiciously at Denki 'What is he talking about?' but he was late to work and just left. After breakfast, Denki and Power prepared some snacks and drinks for a picnic. They met Aki near the station and went to the nearby park. Power barfed twice when she tasted some veggies in her sandwich, neither Aki nor Denki reprimanded her.

"Let's go you slowpokes," said Power, getting up after eating "let's go see the Lochies!"

Denki got up and led the way, Power stuck to his arm and Aki walked a step behind them. The park was enormous and they walked quite a bit until they finally saw a lake at the other side of the park. "Ohhh! That's where I will fight the Lochies right? said Power letting go of Denki's arm. Denki nodded and she ran ahead towards the lake.

Aki was dumbfounded looking at Denki "You do know that those animals aren't anything close to the Lochness Devil right?"

"Yeah, and so does she. But let her enjoy this little fantasy of fighting the Lochness Devil offspring in the park." said Denki, not looking away from Power.

Aki shook his head, a hint of a smile on his face. Power was running far ahead when she fell face first. She sat and cried her heart out "It's the Darkness Devil! He's watching! Denki... Denki help me." Denki jogged to her, got on his knees and hugged her "It's ok. You're stronger than him. There's nothing that can kill you Powy." he said while patting her head.

When Power calmed down she attached herself to Denki's arm again until they were near the lake. When she saw ducks quacking around she ran after them "Hey fight me Lochy. I'll show you I'm stronger." she yelled and laughed out loud.

Aki took a seat on a nearby bench and Denki joined him. They didn't talk and just enjoyed the peace, laughing when Power fell in the lake while chasing two ducks. "I wanna do naughty things with Makima" blurted Denki out of nowhere.

"You're so crude," said Aki "You could've gone on that trip with her."

"Ahh, can't you swap places with Makima, Aki? Then this would be like a date with her." said Denki as if he had the greatest idea ever.

"No," said Aki with a gruff voice unlike his "But I can swap with someone else."

Denki looked at Aki. Aki had become the Gun Devil but he didn't attack him, he just sat there. Looking straight ahead. Motionless.

"Why did you kill me?" asked Aki as the Gun Devil "I thought we were friends."

"We were...." whispered Denki, trembling, his eyes not leaving Aki.


"We are." said Denki "I-..." He couldn't think of anything else to say. His eyes not leaving Aki.

"You killed me." said Aki, turning his face to look at Denki.

"I'm sorry" pleaded Denki, hands clenched at his legs.

"I had no choice. I-"

"Why did you open the door?"


"Don't run away or she will be next." said Aki pointing at Power.

"No! She didn't do anything wrong."

"Yeah... I just wanted to spend your birthday with you." said Power coming up to them, dry as a feather, with a birthday cake in her hands.

Knock knock

"It's time to go." said Aki, getting up and moving next to Power.

"You have to move on." said Power smiling.

"No." whimpered Denki.

Knock knock

"Protect the peace and protect her" said Aki, this time not referring to Power.

"I'll save a slice of cake for you, the rest is mine" said Power, tears creeping.


Knock knock

"Live fully, my share too. Please." said Aki, half his body disappearing into the air.

"I'll leave you two slices of cake, Denki." said Power, stuffing her face in cake, crying.


Knock knock

"Bye Denki. You were a pain in the ass, but it was a lot of fun the time we spent together." said Aki, a huge smile on his face.

"Bye buddy. Buy me a cake next time we meet." said Power, bawling.

"Don't go. Please." cried Denki.

Denki got up in a cold sweat. A little girl was sleeping in the futon next to him. He cleaned the tears that escaped his eyes and got up. Nightmares like this accompanied him almost every night. Vestiges of the family he had for a short time. He was finally going to school, people liked chainsaw man, liked him and he had a little girl to take care of too. For him, at that moment, that was enough for him to live day by day.

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