Chapter 0:


100 Years of the Ram: Subjugation of the world

Legend: * = Thoughts of protagonist

                []=  Spoken words of protagonist

              ||=Spoken word of all other characters

               {}= Narrator dialogue

*The world is cruel*

*Corruption is the rule, and Justice is a lie. A wish of the meek and powerless*

*I have been wronged, violated, and hurt by humanity and the consequences of humanity. I don't feel human anymore*

*At the same time, I don't feel hatred nor spite. Nor anger or malaise. I am not human, I am free. I am nothing and everything, I am like the unshapen clay, like water flowing over rocks in the stream, changing forms to accommodate the weaves and cracks.*

{As the boy lay in the cooling stream, wave after wave adding to his sense of weightlessness, the golden glow of the mid day sun added splashes of orange and red. His eyes closed, breath regulated, perfectly afloat. A light was turned on, a cog in his brain clicked, like a blessing from the all high, on a golden platter was a scroll with his destiny on it. His lifes purpose. 

The boy had grown seeing evil proliferate and the good suffer. Aimlessly stumbling through this world ran by the insane the boy was powerless. Hopeless. Beside himself with sorrow and righteous fury. He prayed to the great one to grant him a purpose. On that faithful day it came to him.}

[How can I expect the world to change when I am unwilling to do so? Why should I pray and hope to be saved by a hero, by a great leader? What right do I have to so disrespectfully ask God for  salvation, when I never even once thought of doing it myself. I'll do it myself, I'll fix this world, I'll be the one to bring justice and freedom to this damned world, to these damned people. I'll be the one to to fill the position of order and chaos. I will subjugate this evil, wicked world and mold it to my desire.]

{This is the beginning to mankind's greatest tale, one which is still remembered to as far as 5000 years in the future, the story of The Hundred Years of the Ram and the battle of the Hundred Year War.}