Chapter 3:

Chapter 1 🌸 Nopan Mahou Shoujo (3)

✨ Nopan Mahou Shoujo ✨

It was a whole nother level of challenge because she was constantly surrounded by people she knew. Compared to the previous short trips, here she would be feeling vulnerable for the whole day.

The feeling when talking to her unsuspecting friends, or just when sitting in class, was irritating.

She wanted to be clever and brought a pair of panties with her in her school bag in case of not being able to pull through the whole day.

"Okay everyone, listen up", the piercing voice of her female homeroom teacher filled the classroom while she slapped some papers on the teacher's pult. Even the most inattentive student would be paying attention now because of her unexpected rigor of her voice.

"I heard from Mashiba-Sensei that one of you was spotted smoking before school. I want you all to know that this is in no way acceptable behaviour. This school has a strict ban for smoking. And this is even more true for students like you who are not even allowed to legally smoke at all."

It was a sensitive topic. The person who was caught had to shudder while listening to her lecture.

"So, will the person in question turn himself in? I'm giving them exactly one minute", her way of talking to the class was similar to a police interrogation.

One minute passed. Of course no one spoke up, afraid of the punishment that would await them.

"Okay, I see. Then we will do it the other way", the teacher announced, "everyone put your bags on the desk and I will find the student in question myself."

Multiple students were concerned about a breach of privacy. But they had no chance to talk back.

Hanako was safe. She would never smoke. So as the lady approached her position in class while slowly checking the bags of every student in front of her seat, she put her bag on the desk and opened it for a thorough inspection.

"Oh... no!" Just now she remembered after seeing her panties laying in her bag. It was too late. She wouldn't have a chance to hide them anywhere now.

"What is the meaning of this, young lady?" Hanako imagined the terrifying voice of the self announced interrogator.

She would not be able to give a reasonable explanation. It was a horrible situation. The whole class would be informed about her being in school not wearing her underwear right on the first day of doing so.

Hanako became really nervous, which was noticed even by other students.

"Hanako? There is no way she was talking about you, is there!?" Saya offered her concerned comment.

"N- No. I would never do such a thing."

"Then you can relax. Nothing will happen. Or do you have something even worse in your bag than a pack of cigarettes", she joked.

"O- Of course not, haha." Her face formed a bitter smile.

The item in question was not per se worse. But it would lead to an unexplainable and embarrassing situation.

"So, here we have the perpetrator", the voice of her teacher filled the classroom. Two seats in front of Hanako sat a boy with a pack of cigarettes being held in front of his face, "I will see you today in the teacher's office during lunch break. Don't be late."

With this, the bag inspection ended. Hanako instantly closed her bag while a weight was lifted from her heart. She was able to escape a way too dangerous situation.

Because of this shocking event, it remained the only and last time that Hanako brought her panties to school as a backup measure.

Kouhei observed this whole event play out from his own desk while supporting his heavy head, resting on his arm. He seemed to be tired but his attention was focused on Hanako. Would she really have done it? There is no way. Is there?

During the first few days of getting used to her new circumstances, she noticed her putting on her panties almost automatically. It was ingrained in her morning routine. She had to especially put them off right again before leaving for school after remembering her pledge. A few days later she got rid of this annoyance and got used to leaving the house without putting them on in the first place.

She worked hard on it to make it a habit and on average she could reach 3-4 days each week to go to school pantiless. This doesn't mean that everything went smoothly though.

Declining the stairs that lead to the platform of her home-station...

Riding the train, which is way overfilled during rush hour, so people have to get pushed in by station workers, leaving almost no space to breathe let alone private space...

Ascending the stairs from the platform at her destination while other students were following right behind her...

To do these things while being aware not to wear panties proved to be difficult and not easy to get used to at all.

Even presenting in front of her class was accompanied by a feeling of discomfort, because all the students' lines of sight were concentrated solely on her. She didn't like to be the center of attention in the first place. One wrong step and something bad would happen right in front of all her peers. This thought was not helping in calming down her nerves at all. Quite the opposite.

"If it continues like this, I will never make it..." Is what she thought. But she was strong-willed and pulled through, always pushing herself to overcome her natural limits just a little bit more every time. A brave girl on her quest to become contracted.

Even some weeks later Kouhei couldn't completely grasp that this little-bit-too-naive girl would sit down right next to him with nothing below her skirt, smilingly and motivated to discuss magical girls while he had struggles to keep a clear mind and not let his gaze drift too far off.

Kouhei could be sure on every Tuesday, somewhile after classes ended, that Hanako would enter the library in very high spirits. Her attitude was contagious, and he found himself also enjoying the mentor lessons quite a bit.

Albeit because of different reasons than for Hanako.