Chapter 10:

Chapter 5 📖 Magical Diary (3)

✨ Nopan Mahou Shoujo ✨

"Sorry for the wait! Coming through with hot fries and two cold drinks!" Seiji was carrying a tablet with the order and a little sign that was also reading the number 5. He was nearing their table with a quick step.

"Whoa!?" But then he slipped on the toy airplane that was laying on the floor, left by the kid from before.

Along with the rookie waiter, the tablet with the drinks and fries went flying in a slow motion effect from a Hollywood movie. Miraculously he was able to get hold of all items in mid-air, catching them with the tablet like a magician.

It was a maneuver that would earn an enormous amount of views on a video hosting platform for if someone would have captured it on film. Hanako found herself clapping rupterously while Kouhei joined in with a less ardent but still respectful applause.

Even though Seiji managed not to let anything fall to the ground, his own landing was not as sophisticated. Balancing tablet in one hand, he ended up tripping and almost fell over. Luckily he was able to support his balance by grabbing on to Hanako, who he almost fell upon.

Startled by the sudden contact, she squeezed her legs tightly together because the waiter was just a little bit too close for comfort.

His hand got caught.

Not being able to wind out of this by himself, his hand was tightly trapped between her thighs, giving him a soft and warm sensation from both sides.

Poor Kouhei had to witness this scene playing out before his very own eyes.

"Eh..!" Hanako was at a loss for words.

"What-! I am terribly sorry!! I didn't mean to!" Seiji apologized nervously after realizing what kind of situation he found himself in.

"Oh no, sorry! I also didn't mean to!" Hanako slowly let go of the hold and Seiji was able to gently remove his trembling hand after a few seconds of deadlock. He quickly and uncomfortably left in direction to the counter after leaving the order at their table and apologizing once again.

After stabbing the cap of their drinks with a straw, Kouhei offered words of praise, "You are on a roll today..! Actually I wouldn't have thought that this would be so easy for you."

"It was an accident! And it is not easy!" Hanako denied while taking a sip from her drink, glaring at her mentor.

On this day, Kouhei purposefully planned for Hanako to run into embarrassing situations. But the plan outright backfired. For both occurrences it was Kouhei that was ridden with envy instead.

At first because of the picture that the person on the train was able to take. And secondly because of Seiji's hand ending up trapped between Hanako's legs.

Kouhei was feeling annoyed by the outcome and clicked his tongue as a sign of disapproval. His disciple however was in high spirits and seemed to have won this skirmish.

They finished their meal and since Hanako unexpectedly ended up finishing her challenge already, they decided to part for today.

Because they lived in different neighbourhoods, Hanako went on a different train for her way home. It was dark by this time and her mother would be already waiting for Hanako.

The most busy time had ended, so the train had lots of open seats now. Hanako was eager to write down her notes about today in the magical diary. Since she was interrupted before, today's page would still be almost completely empty.

"Where... Where is it?"

She looked through all her belongings in order to find the missing booklet. But it was nowhere to be found.

"Did I lose it somewhere? It would be really embarrassing if someone would read it!! But I guess no one could know that it would be mine. There are more Hanakos out there. But still! How awkward!"

After being still a bit worried on the train, she finally arrived at her station and walked home. As she got home, it was already dark outside.

She was greeted by her mother, who was already preparing the dinner in the kitchen and by her sister who was watching TV in the living room. Hanako went upstairs to her room to change into more comfortable clothes.

Once she entered her room, her eyes caught on to a pink and yellow object carefully placed on her bed, perfectly aligned with the border of the mattress. It had Hanako's name written on it. Even the strap was put in place to hold the pages together. It was indeed her magical diary.

"How..!?" She couldn't know if anyone did read it. But it was of course a very plausible possibility that was playing like a movie in her mind. She got a bit nauseous and lied down for a moment.

A few minutes later, she was called for dinner.

She was quietly sitting at the table, slowly nibbling on her food.

"Nee-chan! What's wrong! Are you sick?" The voice of her younger sister was echoing through the kitchen. Even she would notice that Hanako's behaviour is a bit off from her usual carefree self. Normally she wouldn't stop talking about what happened at school, about Saya and Marin. How Saya would be late without even hurrying. But today was different.

"Don't worry, everything is good!" Hanako reassuringly replied to her sister with a forced smile and quickly glanced at her mother after that. She was quietly and normally eating her meal.

Hanako would never find out, if her secret got leaked. But it was constantly on her mind for a few days.