Chapter 12:

Chapter 6 🎉 School Festival (2)

✨ Nopan Mahou Shoujo ✨

The day of the big school festival had come. Students of different years and classes were busily running around the campus to do some last-minute arrangements.

The first shift of the maid cafe also got ready. Hanako and Marin entered the classroom.

"It's so embarrassing!! This doesn't suit me at all! And also... You know what I mean!" Marin was not the only girl with this thought but voiced her opinion before anyone else.

Hanako on the other hand liked to dress up and become a whole new character. It wasn't a magical girl costume, but it was still fun for her.

She moved to her school bag which was located in the separated area of the classroom and safely stashed away Marin's panties she got from her after putting on their costume. By confiscating, she could be sure that Marin could not try any funny business like to put them back on, in between.

Hanako gave Kouhei a subtle yet prideful double thumbs up after returning from her bag, signaling the plan was initiated successfully. He returned a slight, emotionless nod, signaling his understanding in turn.

He was honestly amazed that Hanako was able to convince Marin, out of all people. He wouldn't know what lay in wait for him. But there was no doubt in his mind that his scheme would turn to an unforgettable memory for all involved participants, some way or another.

After grabbing the first stack of flyers, the two maids moved to their assigned location in front of the school building. A table was already prepared with an orange juice machine.

"Okay! Let's see how it goes then!" Hanako was happy and motivated. The school festival was always a special event.

"Yaaaay...." Marin gave her a lackluster fistpump gesture in return. Her expression and tone were not enthusiastic at all.

Many students, teachers and visitors came to their little stand. They almost distributed all the flyers they had, and the orange juice was used up for now. A replenishment delivery was on the way.

"Here you go, champ", while squatting down, Marin handed out the last flyer to a small kid who was around kindergarten age. It might be a family member of one of the students. He went off runningly and Marin got back up, just then realizing that she probably shouldn't have squatted down in the first place.

With that, their outside shift ended early and they could spend a lunch break before starting their second shift in the cafe. They checked out the other classes' stands for a bit and then decided to sit down and recuperate in order to be ready for the remainder of the day.

They found a bench on the school yard in a nice, sunny spot. Even though it was not empty, they were lucky to find a place to sit at all, considering this many visitors frequenting the campus. So they sat down between two school-uniform wearing male students, who were also enjoying the sun on the opposite ends of the bench.

One of them was a bespectacled student who was reading a book through his insanely thick glasses. When you think about the term smart kid, your mind forms an image of exactly this student. The other person was wearing the uniform of a different school - a visitor. Of course these two boys, especially the smart looking one, would never even in the slightest suspect the two costumed girls to not wear panties.

It was Kouhei who was also in his break time and he just finished checking out the booths of the other classes. He finished eating a crepe when he spotted Hanako and Marin.

"Sup." He greeted them with a slight raise of hand.

"Kouhei-kun. Can you tell us about how it went in the cafe?"

"Everything seems to be running smoothly", he assured them while squeezing between the two girls. He was throwing himself right into double trouble, a situation he wouldn't be able to handle.

The bench was designed for not more than four people, so with Kouhei joining the party, everyone got pushed together even more. Their bodies looked like sardines in a can. Both of the girls were a bit startled once their bodies got pressed against the males on each of their sides. The boys were also a bit surprised by the sudden female contact, with the glasses-boy already starting to blush lightly. He valiantly tried to refocus on his book.

Much different to the two unrelated students, Kouhei was very well aware that neither Hanako nor Marin are wearing anything under their maid dresses. This was contrary to Marin's assumption who believed that he is as unsuspecting as the boy at her other side.

A minute passed with no one saying a thing. A page was flipped by the reading student. Marin was checking messages on her phone and Hanako was sipping on her tetra pack of milk she got earlier.

Closely snuggled against the two pantiless middle school maids on both of his sides, Kouhei slowly lost his composure. He thought back on a similar situation he was in at the MagiFair date. Back then he lost control of his emotions as well and his body moved completely on instinct. Now he was in a situation twice as dicey.

He wondered what reaction he would get from the both of them. Mentally preparing for a synchronized double slap in perfect coordination which would end up deforming his face, his hands started to move uninently with an urge he wasn't able to resist.

To his left side, his palm approached the thigh of Hanako. To his right side, his palm approached the thigh of Marin at the same time. It was exactly this point in time when he was most thankful about being born with two hands.

Praying that this school festival would end up being an unforgettable memory of his life, he was able to finally get the sensation he was longing for since such a long time. He placed his palms on both of the girls legs and his fingers were able to encompass even a little bit more distance around the inner side of their thighs.

The eyes of both girls suddenly opened wide with an even bigger startle than before.

"Alright! Break time is over!!" Marin shouted while jumping up from the bench out of reflex. Hanako followed quickly running after her.

Being surprised about the fact that he was still alive and not even hurt, Kouhei vowed to himself never to wash his hands again, "Not even a second, huh... Still better than just a fingertip."

After a stroll through the school yard, Marin and Hanako arrived back at their starting point. Quickly checking in at the new students who took over the outside stand, the girls decided to move to the cafe.

Since they were going to the classroom, they were given some crates to carry to the storage, which were previously filled with oranges. Because business was booming with the attractive first shift, the crates were already empty.

They each grabbed a crate, held it in front of them, and started their walk to the classroom. The boxes weren't big, but still not easy to carry one handedly. In front of the stairs leading to the school building they were called at by Kouhei again who was rushing over, "Wait, let me carry these". Now he acted like a gentleman after all.

Before transferring the crates to the just arriving assistant, the two girls were surprised by a sudden wind which was enough to slightly lift their maid dresses just enough for Seiji to see what was missing below. He was at the bottom of the short five-step stairs, similar to a previous incident, and now caught a glimpse of two maids on their totally ordinary school festival duty unable to move out of sheer perplexity.

"The girl from the library! And she is not wearing them... Again!?"

Both of the girls were unable to counter the suddenly blowing wind, because they were still holding the crates.

"Eh..-!?" Marin notices Seiji's stare being auto-locked on the very specific area below her lifted dress which was in plain sight for him. Even though it's just a brief moment it feels like an eternity for her and her face got hotter by the instant.

Blurring out all the other things in his field of vision, his gaze was completely focused on Marin's pure girliness, dropping his jaw as a result. In the meantime, she had the urgent desire to hide her face so he couldn't see her turning way too red.

Her hands were still occupied with the crate and thus unable to do so, but he didn't consider looking at her face for even the briefest moment in the first place. He was just too absorbed by that certain other attractive feature of her body.

After a second, his sight jumped over to Hanako and was now glued to the sight she would involuntarily offer him for the second time of his school life.

Following shortly, he once again switched back to Marin's for another subconscious comparison of the two. Noticing his line of sight changing, Marin let out a quiet shriek because her lower body was once again the focus of his intense stare.

This poor boy was obviously torn on which of the two to concentrate on longer. Especially since his time was ruthlessly limited by the breeze, he had to make it count. He selected to stick with Marin without having a feasible reason for his choice. This whole turn of events took just a few seconds but it was memorable for each of the involved students.

"Why does it have to be Seiji-kun!? Why not anyone else!" The flustered Marin was in distress while being confronted by her crush, "Why him!?"

"Why him!!" The exact same thought passed through Seiji's mind as well, "Why Kouhei!? Why does he know these kinds of girls but not meeeeee! And both of them are so perfectly tidy as well!!" His train of thought was off running at high speed and doomed to miss all the stops at the upcoming stations.

"..Let me take that!" Kouhei grabbed the crates just a little bit too late. The breeze was over. Kouhei was never able to spot anything from his position. Just Seiji at the bottom of the stone stairs got to see their secret.

Marin finally was able to cover her face with her now unobstructed hands and instantly did so.

Because of Marin's now tightly shut off defensive position, she was able to escape the gaze of Seiji. Instead, he exchanged an intense, lengthy look with the paralyzed Hanako, both of their widely opened eyes connecting to each other over the short distance, seemingly inseparable.

Noticing Seiji's agony and the sudden change of behaviour of his two very own no-pantie-maids, Kouhei was able to infer what must have happened. He was a quick thinker in these situations. Not being able to resist the temptation, he returned a vile smirk at the bewildered Seiji from above the stairs, adding to his frustration even more. This was his retaliation for Seiji's burger joint accident.

Full of motivation to show that he is an honorable student, Kouhei decided to leave the two girls behind while carrying the crates to the classroom as if nothing had happened.

"I think we should go as well. Maybe there are customers already waiting at the cafe", Hanako voiced her concern, still a bit perplexed and trying to get away from the boy at the stairs.

"You are right. Let's go", brushing off a tear, Marin agreed.

Seiji was left alone at the bottom of the stairs. He needed to seriously calm down, so he decided to take a short break. He sat down on the bottom step, slightly bent backwards. His elbows were resting on a higher step of the stairs.

After recovering for a bit, he was able to finally close his jaw, swallowing the saliva that was saved up.

With his face pointing towards the blue sky he thought once more, "Kouhei, you mongrel..."