Chapter 3:

First-Hand Experience of Powerful Magic

The Unknown Magic Wielder [hiatus]

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they show everyone the dorms each room looks the same in every way but you are allowed to do what ever you may want to do with them. most of the other students which already have a dorm use their magic to help them with their daily activities such as laundry. Bookmark here

i go to my room which is 310 third floor and tenth room mine is the the one closest to the stairs which means i can easily sneak out without disturbing any other students. i try to sleep but i am woken up by a pressure in my chest the room looks crimson same with outside but as quickly as it started it stopped and everything went back to normal i lay there not able to go to sleep anymore i put my hand towards the ceiling i think of home and a purple ball formed on my hand kinda like a balloon but it doesn't want to fly away nor fall its as if its stuck to my hand but i go back to thinking of my childhood back when i would go into the forest by my house and hunt or do what ever i wanted i thought of my knife i used to use at home but when i opened my hand my knife was in my hand but it wasn't my knife it was the same shape but it wasn't the same color it looked like a rock. i set it on my dresser for now i can feel the magic of the other students in rooms around me i reach up again and try to practice the same method used at the gem test but i can feel the others powers and try grab for one like its a string in the air when i open my eyes my hand was on fire but it didn't hurt it was warm but not hot. i tried to see how to put it out so lowered the amount of magic going to my hand and the flame went out i started it again just by putting magic back into my hand. the sun starts to come up so i get up and practice what i can do with my power.Bookmark here

i walk down the stairs and go to the testing room they test me right away because there wasn't anyone else awake and they were just setting up so they had me test and i displayed my power the gem begins to glow red and float i showed them i could change how high the gem flew at will they said i have a better ability than most when they test they gave me points and told me i could go now.Bookmark here

i go outside to practice my power when i see Britney shes talking with people i presume to be her friends so i just wave to her and i start off by putting the flame in my hand i slowly increased the amount of magic into the flame it started to in gulf me in it i then condensed the flame back into my hand its now a different color i try to use it like a flamethrower but i end up launching it at mach 10 across the school grounds until it almost his another student practicing but good thing an instructor was there to stop the ball with his magic he put up a wall between the student and the flame ball but the ball blew up the wall he made the instructor tried again but this time he made the wall expand towards where the ball came from to try and stop it the fire ball managed to melt through 40 feet of the wall before it stopped. the instructor walked up to me and told me to go to the office and talk to the principal about what just happened.Bookmark here

he walks me to the principals office and sits me down in front of him.Bookmark here

"hello Mr.Presley this student was brought up because he attempted to attack another student"Bookmark here

"is that so well then Ryan why would you do that"Bookmark here

"i-i'm sorry but i wasn't trying to attack the student i was just practicing my power"Bookmark here

"is that so, well then some of the instructors could learn something from you even though you only just found your magic today"Bookmark here

i look at the instructor that walked me up here and watched his face change from anger to fear as he just realized that i only just got my powerBookmark here

"so i'm going to change your classes as you have showed that you already know how to use your power quite well. i'm going to put you in a forth year class because it is apparent that your magic skills are quite on par with them. i will also give you a note to class that excuses you from what happens outside and inside of class"Bookmark here

"t-thank you Mr.Presley"Bookmark here

"ok time for you to go to class"Bookmark here

i nod to him and leave to class. when i get there the instructor is explaining what should go on in the training room.Bookmark here

"s-sorry for interrupting but i just got a class change here's my note from Mr.Presley"Bookmark here

"its ok just go and sit down and listen to what i have to say"Bookmark here

i sit in the back of the class by myself when i look up to look at the instructor i see that they are all staring at me as if trying to see what type of person i am. we start to walk to the training room and some of the students are holding what look like sticks. its apparent that these are wands that allow the caster to output more magic and control it easier.Bookmark here

we get to the training room and the instructor has me use my magic first as he has seen the other students use theirs. i stand there and do the same thing that i did outside but not to the extreme extent that i did. the flame engulfed me and i compress it the same as i did outside but this time it didn't change colors it stayed red and i launched it at the dummies that were there the fireball blew up the dummy but didn't go much past it it seemed to explode on impact this time. Bookmark here

the instructor had me step aside and told me that i have the most control over my magic in this class. he then asked me how long i have had my power for i told him it was only for that day. the instructor had me try it again but this time have the flame only appear in my hand but instead of throwing it kind of push the ball with your magic. Bookmark here

i then try this back on the field and it worked. it was like a flame thrower the instructor then told me to step aside and watch the other students. the other students, well about 5 of them stood up and walked to the training platform and 2 of them had wands. the 2 with wands hit their target but weren't very strong because they were going for accuracy the other 3 students used their attack it. 2 of them missed but one hit and had been just as powerful as min but he was using earth magic.Bookmark here

a few moments later i feel the same feeling in my chest as i did from the morning. the room turned red and the students began to fall to the floor clenching their chests. when the door to the training room blew open. it felt like air magic, this feeling was very intense. the only people standing were the teacher and a few students including me. the guy that blew the doors down then struck me with a blast of air which threw me across the room into the wall. the teacher then throws an earth wall at the man. the man blows the wall up and proceeds to attack the teacher. the teacher was thrown to the ceiling then to the floor. i begin to reach out like i did this morning and grab at something that seemed like a string i begin to concentrate my magic into my hand like i did with the fire and i threw it at the man this seemed to knock him back. the pressure in my chest began to subside then everything went dark.Bookmark here

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