Chapter 1:

Finding the way


     His name was Jackson. He was wondering, his eyes dyilated at the light the shown from the forest. Slowly but carefully he looked through the trees, the owls called in the night. The deer scrambled away to go to the sleeping place.  All he saw was darkness. He looked for his phone. Damn, I must have dropped it. He though to himself. He looked back at he growling city lights and slowly disappeared into the dark, dense forest. His brain pounded, his eyes were sore.

      After 20 minutes of waking he collapsed, he smelled something, like rotten meat. He turned his head, he saw something that would haunt him. He saw a dead body. The flesh melting off the skin. It’s bones were burning, it looks like someone burnt it with acid. He scrambled up, his nose burned of the death like smell. His feet wouldn’t move. He stared at the body. He felt a hand touch his shoulder. “AHHHHHHHHHHH.” He screamed, he hit the thing and stared. He saw a girl on her knees grabbing her stomach. “Oh shit I’m so sorry.” He reached out his hand, the girl took it and got up. He looked at the girl. Her eyes shimmered with tears. He hugged her. 

     After 1 hour of walking he noticed a shimmer from the trees. He walked towards it. The light blinds him. He passes out. 


     3 hours after he passes out he is faced with death. It was a wolf like creature. It’s chest heaves, it’s hands wrap around his neck. The feeling of its claws were like a needle poking into your skin. He looks behind the wolf. He sees bodies, more then 100 of them. The meat picked clean off the bone. The wolf’s nails dug into his neck. The bodies behind the wolf seem to be possessed by demons. He stares in horror as the demons attack each other. They grab at each other’s throats. Blood was everywhere. He blacked out. His time was up. He died.

Riri R. Palette
Stella Procella


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