Chapter 1:

Beginning of the Journey

I've been kidnapped by a Witch!

"Wanted to sign me up as an adventurer, alright?""Welcome, are you from around here?""I came from the farm, this is my first time here.""As a Guild secretary, I need to introduce you to the environment, okay?""All right!"The protagonist in question, is called Blue and when he turned sixteen years old, he left the farm to fulfill his dreams of becoming a hero.To achieve his goals, young Blue bought the most expensive equipment he could manage, as well as a sword. He is still a newly formed Knight on the farm, but he seems to be skilled."My name is Erza, I'm just a secretary in the Guild. What's your name?""Blue Galaxy.""Powerful name, I like it."The Guild started to fill up, this is the biggest Guild in the Capital, so every adventurer wants to join this Guild."I need to explain the power divisions here, okay?""Yea!""Whoever joins the Guild, starts at the Bronze level. Only after completing twenty-five missions and passing a test will he reach the Porcelain level. In it, when he completes fifty missions and finishes with a B-rank monster, he will be able to reach the level Silver level. Here, things are more difficult as you need to complete one hundred missions and defeat two A-Rank monsters. After fulfilling these requirements, you will reach Gold level. You must complete five hundred missions in one year, or defeat ten S-rank monsters. There aren't many adventurers that pass this level, but there is still the Diamond level. We only have five of them here in the Guild and they end up training the Gold level adventurers.""The Diamond-level adventurers are those?"Blue looked delighted to ask the question. Erza quickly responded with a smile on her face."Yes, the five Diamond Adventurers are the most powerful people on the Continent and they defeated the Demon King fifteen years ago."Blue's eyes sparkled at Erza's explanation."Quests are stuck in morale back there. It has information like the value you will receive, the number of members I suggested to make your life easier and the suggested adventurer rank. Of course you can go to a quest Gold level, but it's your life that's at risk and not mine, right?"Can I form a team to fight?""Yes, as many members as you want, to be clearer, but the more people in the group, the less money you will have.""I understood."At this moment, a group of adventurers approaches the Guild's balcony."Sorry for the interruption, but we're leaving Ms. Erza."The small team that approached the counter was made up of three members, a young man older than Blue and two other girls slightly younger than him."We will defeat the Goblins of this cave."Erza glanced at the mission paper and had an idea."The ad says it would be nice to have four team members, why don't you bring Blue?"The team leader faced Blue, looked at his sword and the protagonist's simple robes, only to hold out his hand."My name is Red, what's your name?"