Chapter 0:



Bunny. Ears and tail. While not unheard of in the likes of books and games, I still have to wonder... Why? Why is it that my ears are perking up like this? Why is there fur down my back, near the waistline? Actually, it isn't all that's wrong. I feel a weight near my heart. Looking down, two mounds of flesh are bulging. Am I still myself...?!

This may well be a case of what people call a lucid dream. When you're aware that things that are logically incoherent are part of your surroundings, and when you're still able to think and feel, as clear as day. That's what a lucid dream is: your inner spacetime is that of a dream, while your true body is sleeping. Yes, I must be dreaming I'm a bunny girl.

As for the scent of warm coffee down my nostrils, they must be an illusion formed both by the scenario in my head and the recollections of my daily life. I'm holding a tray, with atop of it two cups of coffee, along just as many spoons and sugar cubes. And I now feel in my mind the birth of an impetus.

I must deliver the tray to a girl. She has catlike ears, and orange hair falling down in a cute bob, with a rebellious bang of hair stretching up. She is a regular, though this memory I have no trace of. Her name, that I have never heard uttered, is Juice."Thanks as always, Pawn!"

This voice I never met feels incredibly warm and familiar. At this point, I wonder if this is a sort of afterlife, or a reincarnation. Still, I have to grasp the luck to formulate my incomprehension...

"This one is on the house, my dearest."

Where comes this confidence from? How could I feel such love for an unknown person? And why is a cat girl my dearest regular? At this point, I should just pinch myself and hope to wake, because I am starting to feel oppressed and alienated in this café made up by my own mind. However, no matter how much effort I put to it, this body doesn't obey me. Could I be... a ghost?

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