Chapter 1:

Pawn's Café


A reincarnation as a bunny girl, as a ghost, or just a lucid dream. One more hypothesis: I may be a second personality...? After all, a few hours ago I could feel the body act at my surprise, when the feeling of having a chest first struck me as unnatural. No matter the special case of my presence here, it would be good to accumulate intel.

Juice is the name of a regular Pawn feels affection towards. Pawn's Café is the name this place goes by. Though she (and me as well, I guess) is wearing a maid outfit, a dress with an elegant black and white pattern, she doesn't strike me as an employee. Clearly, she is the proprietor. And she holds memories I am starting to feel like my own ones, like the know-how of recipes, the locations of silverware...

Pawn's Café, not unlike the title suggests, is a shop hoping to grant its visitors a warm welcome. It is themed after fluffiness, cute and small animals, and a savory use of black, white, and wood textures. Kind of spacious, it can easily receive at least twenty customers. Speaking of the customers, some are regulars just like Juice. They all have human traits, but with animal elements. And from what I recall from my past self, the customers seem to have inherited personality traits proper to those very animals...

Pawn, in order to welcome her regulars and customers, work very diligently. Earnest and kind, she employs two twin sisters as part-timers. Both have traits you'd expect from a mice, and their names are Cheese and Nuts. Nuts has green eyes and Cheese has eyes of a more golden tinge. Other than that, their white hairstyles are striking. They almost feel ghostly.

"Miss Pawn, a praline parfait order coming up for seats 3 and 4!"

I shouldn't know about the recipe for such an order, nor the tastes of the regulars used to sitting at those very seats. But before my mind flashes the strawberry atop the icing, the creaminess... And the glee a squirrel girl will beam at me with.

Praline... This should be the name of the Kingdom I now find myself in. It's a good thing I am not in control of the body, because I might commit a crime just by holding democratic values as a result of my modern education. Would be a shame to have my reincarnation be beheaded the very first day...