Chapter 1:

the changing town

the town of death

the small quite town was in the middle of nowhere trees surrounding it no exit no entrance.
in our small town we only have 1 super market well that are open anyway. 2 chapels that are open anyway. another thing is last month an entire street was closed down some of the residents of the town say its haunted hens all the places closing down. personal i don`t believe in that bullshit but others do. All i do is play video games with my friends shin and Ryukyu my name is zeroshiki. i`v got a more than avridge life. But one day. something. happened. my. mother died or was rather murdered by someone or something. my life changed for the worst i decided in the dead of night i would investigate the closed of street when the police are not at the only way to get in there. i snuck in there and went to the center of the street the mall i went in and i saw monsters not just any monsters they looked different to monsters in games they had 4 arms 2 where blades for hacking through people and other monsters, i hid sneaking along until i got to the floor vent it was loose no screws where in the vent so i moved the vent cover and got in to see what was going on from a (fairly) safe

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