Chapter 1:

Chapter 1


What is that what you refer to as a flying chimpanzee?

It would be correct to say that a flying chimpanzee is not something that could exist.

Here’s the thing though—how would you react if I were to tell you there’s a world they could exist.

If so, it would be extremely interesting, would you not say?

So, with that in mind, imagine you’re there at a zoo and then a chimpanzee flies out of its enclosure. Then what?

I suppose—I think in my case I would probably report it to the zookeepers.

When you think about it though, telling someone you saw a flying chimpanzee would make you seem absolutely insane. Then what?

Perhaps—if that was to be the case for me, then running is perhaps best.

However, then again, running away from the flying chimpanzee though would also be admitting to the fact that they exist in the first place. You’d be running from it; therefore, you can agree it is something—not nothing—what actually exists; and that it is something that can be ran away from.

So, in such a case, would that mean the only way would be to ignore them entirely?

No, that would be incorrect. Ignoring something means you acknowledge its presence as something with an existence worth being ignored.

How troubling.

An issue to take to the heavens. Along with the chimpanzee flying to heaven.

Wait, so they do exist.

Wait, do they?


What cover