Chapter 6:




I jolted awake.Bookmark here

My eyes were painted with the sight of dancing snow.Bookmark here

I found myself laying on the cold decaying floor, with the roof obliterated.Bookmark here

For a moment, I thought I heard a familiar voice. But after sitting up and grumbling from having a sore back, it was just a red herring.Bookmark here

Time stood still. I have no recollection.Bookmark here

The snow tickled my nose. Ironically, they were the only things that comforted me in this desolate and creepy cottage.Bookmark here

Wood from the broken roof dangled and swung along with the howling winds, beckoning me to exit.Bookmark here

I was wearing a jacket, but it was one where the unforgiving winter penetrated its layers and seeped its chilling air into my skin. My pleas to know as to why the heck I was stuck in here out of all random places were somewhat relieved when I noticed a mysterious trail was spotted at a distance.Bookmark here

A glimpse of a city.Bookmark here

Ah, that's right.Bookmark here

Was it some city that I hated?Bookmark here

It was the dead of winter when I ran the distance between some cottage and the city I'd renounced a while back. And yet, this was a memory with missing pieces. Bookmark here

It was just a sense of deja vu, together with the urge to follow this ominous trail.Bookmark here

And so, I ran.Bookmark here

My legs were stiff from soreness and my arm quivered from the cold, but I did not stop. Bookmark here

I ran until the snow gradually faded and I was welcomed by the warmth of the rising sun. I witnessed in awe as the rays of sunshine glimmered across several towering buildings surrounded by rows of evenly structured homes.Bookmark here

I blinked and staggered back when my mind experienced a flash of scenes being played like video compilations. A scene of a school, then kids eating grilled cheese sandwiches.Bookmark here

Must have been memories of a nightmare. Bookmark here

I was rubbing my eyes when a squeaky voice greeted me with friendliness.Bookmark here

"SALUTATIONS."Bookmark here

I jumped, turning my head to gaze in the direction where the voice came from.Bookmark here

"SALUTATIONS."Bookmark here

A man's voice that's intimidating enough for me to head back the way I came from. But I froze while I watched two individuals dressed like greeters for Santa approach me.Bookmark here

The girl, with her presence carrying the sounds of a requiem, displayed her set of black teeth so confidently I nearly gagged. I turned away to glance at the man next to her, who nodded his head excitedly as his puffy black curls bounced with his movements.Bookmark here

"WELCOME HOME, #22," the girl rested her bony fingers on my shoulder, "WE HAVE MISSED YOU."Bookmark here

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