Chapter 6:

Idolatrize The Moon


After having proclaimed myself Praline's first barista, I have to make up for my pride wih hard work... Leading the bat girl in, I psych myself up. Still, because the shop was close until now, the chairs and tables are unprepared to suit a guest. Feeling at a loss, I ask for the doll-like girl to wait a bit, as I hurry to prepare a proper seat. Oh, but first I have to put the maid outfit on!

... Watching me run about and move here and there, the bat girl seems amused. Eventually, I come back to her with a tray, proposing a cup of coffee and a few cookies, hoping for them to be at her liking.

"You definitely have a sense of service, alright."

"Thanks! Uh... May I know your name?"

"Moon. You can call me that way."

"Moon, how poetic, and... fitting?"

"True enough. And you must be Pawn, as it's written on the entrance?"


Without words, time goes on. She dips a cookie in the coffee, then bites on it. Waiting to see how she feels after tasting it, I realize how ironic it is for a lost soul like mine to worry that much about the taste of a mere bunch of cookies... And still, if I am to live on as a proud barista, this has great importance! After all, can I confidently say I can pick up another craft and earn my bread?

"Moon, is it to your... liking?"

"A bit on the sweet side, but it's fine as is."

"So, may I know why you were feeling down, a little bit ago?""... You don't recognize me?"

Come again? I should recognize her?!
"Sorry, I must be out of it... it doesn't feel like I know you."
"And this is what is wrong! My fate is to be popular!"

Moon, as she talks to me, now has much more enthusiasm than before. Her bright crimson eyes are now fully dilated, and her voice rings higher. Two signs a girl is excited about something. Source: a psychological book from another world. And thus, I want to let her go on like this, when she feels more alive and talkative.
"Your fate? To be popular?"
"Idolatrized, you mean! An idol!"
"Can you... sing and dance and stuff?"
"I am known throughout the night life of Pastelove!"
Pastelove. I've heard that name here and there, so I'm guessing it's like, the name of the town?
"Isn't that good enough?"
"As a bat, it has always been my lot to live the night and sleep the day. But this stops now! I will be a star of the day! Like the mighty sun!"

... Here I went and picked up a bat idol. Still, couldn't it solve the problem of looking for a musician for Pawn's Café? After all, both Nuts and Cheese were left at a loss by my request a few moments ago...
"Moon. If you are fine with starting out in a dim place, with a few customers... Do you want to perform here, sometimes? Though I would prefer it if you could play an instrument."
"My! Pawn, thank you so much! Yes, I do play an instrument! A guitar whose ultrasonic nuances are exquisite! When am I to start? Now?! There's nobody... Tomorrow, maybe?!"
Just thinking about how electrified she became... it leaves me doubtful. However, this might be worthwhile to try. And if it can brighten up her day...