Chapter 5:

(1/2) “Into the eternal darkness, into fire and into ice.”

The thorn of flowers

The days after that hell in the hospital were almost ecstatic.

I awoke many mornings and many nights to my beloveds, laughing, bathing in the light from the heavens, and ultimately slumbering like newborn pups.

Utter ecstasy doesn't last for all eternity. Neither do dreams or hope. 

But my love will, will, will.

Idra, our firstborn son grew into a healthy young boy but by the age of five Sora grew distant and cold and joined the army in order to start “his fight to free the world.”

I wept, and wept and wept. But Idra was with me, my baby boy became my world soon after.

Is he really my world?


It aches, through the night and days when the bed is lonely. I await his return. I await his return.