Chapter 1:


Freelance Knight

"I'm off, mom."

"*Sniff*, I'm so proud that my son will be going to Leo Knight School... Take care!"

I entered the the two big gates of the school that has a sitting lion emblem on each gate.

Today, is the first day of knight school.

Knight are honorable warriors that serve the country. They are gallant figures that will give anyone who gaze upon them the feeling of loyalty and security.

Knights are not only soldiers whose purpose is to win wars, and they are not adventurers whose sole purpose is to make money through violence. They are warriors who take pride on their principles and value morality. They would always pick the right choice throughout their lives.

Knights are warriors people look up upon, and as such, knights must meet their expectations and stay loyal to the country. Disgrace is not acceptable to knights, if disgraced, a knight must stand up tall and atone for it.

My name is Zaaz Well, and today, will be the start of the three years of towards knighthood, from 15-17 years old. It is said that only 10% out of all the participants are able to graduate as battle skill is not the only requirement, but also morality and righteousness.

Yes... I will be an honorable knight once I finish knight school. I swear upon my sword.

Three years later.

"Zaaz! when will you start working!?"

I rolled around in my bed to face away from mom who is at the door while reading a book. Mom approached me and removed the book from my hands. I had no choice but to look upon her angry face again. She does this almost every day for the past months.

"Ugh... mom, I just finished knight school three months ago. Can't I take a break?"

"Your schoolmates have already been working since they graduated! There was one who was even rewarded for the accomplishment of a dungeon exploration, when will you start!?"

"Why would they reward someone for that? Couldn't they just let adventurers just handle those kinds of stuff? And why do they give honors to knights but not adventurers when they accomplish something?"

"It is because adventurers are paid to do such things! A knight does it for the country, and not for money! Adventurers are like convenient mercenaries!"

"If that is the case... I prefer to be an adventurer than a knight."

"W-What!? Was that your plan all along!? Is that why you rejected the offers from the military and from the nobles who wanted you to be one of their knights!?"

"Actually, their offers are pretty good money wise, but I don't like living in the barracks, what's the difference from soldiers?"

"That's only for the start! Once you prove yourself, you'll be given a proper room!"

"Meh, I like our comfy humble home compared to those uselessly extravagant mansions. Why do I need to walk for five minutes just to go to the toilet?"

"Ugh... you're wasting a rare opportunity. People who graduated from Leo Knight School are very rare. Just where did the little child from three years ago full of motivation go?"

"You realize things as they give you more hardships in school. Actually, it's a miracle that I actually graduated from that hellhole. You wouldn't believe how stiff people there were with their honor and stuff. I think I would be more entertained if I talk to a wall."

"*Sigh*... I give up... then, what do you want to do? Do you plan to be a bum your entire life?"

"No, I have a plan. I'm actually thinking of being a freelancer."

"So you're just going to live without a stable job? *Sigh*... okay, what do you plan on doing?"

"A freelance knight! I'll do requests for people or they can rent me to become their knight for a day or something."

"Isn't that just being an adventurer?"

"...N-No, there is a difference!"

A few days later, a poster was posted on the adventurer's guild quest board, "Freelance Knight Service Available now! Just knock on the house on top of the small hill at the northeast of town!"

Adventurers wondered what kind of idiot would post something like this in the adventurer's guild.


Freelance Knight