Chapter 8:

Moonlit Orange


In the night stands proudly a batgirl, alone. I smell on her the scent of a coffee unlike others, one you can only find at Pawn's Café. Which makes no sense, since at this somber hour, she's surely sleeping like a log. Now is not the time to get distracted! The girl is dressed like a doll, and plays an electric guitar. Seeing how the bats reacted, I guess the guitar has acoustic properties, maybe even playing ultrasonic overtones? Because her arrival caused the tide of the battle to drastically change, and since she smells like Pawn, I'll have to assume she's an ally.

Dealing with each case with appropriate means. Such is the deontology of the Guard of the Kingdom. If claws won't do, teeth will have to. As a matter of fact, cat bites can cause bacterial infections. Which is why I tend to refrain from using them. However, attacking a guard is a heinous crime, especially after having been caught red-handed, organizing illicit battles. A criminal association, at that!
"Moths, attack Moon! Bats, fight the guard by my side!"
Blood Mama, a big bat woman at least twice my body weight, is issuing those orders. In wrath, her features are marked by bulging veins. This so-called Moon must be popular with other bat folks, and she just saved me. I will have to talk with her after this fight.
Pouncing on the nearest bat, I bite her and scratch her neck, planning an offensive. The objective remains Blood Mama: she applies social pressure on her peers to get her ways! As I fend off a joint attack by two bats, I keep an eye on Moon, playing her guitar erratically. It appears that the ultrason waves are causing some of the bats to stagger, even as she opposes the moths with grace.
Maybe that moths are just as sensitive to noise as bats, since Moon is holding on her own. I just wonder, why is it that she isn't affected... I mean, she must hear the sound? Noise cancelling technology, perhaps.
"Rock and roll! Rock! And! Roll!"
Noticing me, she just one-upped herself, reaching sonic intensities I would never have dreamt of. Suddenly, a pungent hell surrounds me. My head hurts horribly as my nose seems to feed on the smell of death, coming from everywhere. Catching my breath, I look around... Only to see everyone on the floor, except for Moon, still standing. Every batgirls' and mothgirls' ears went bleeding.
Justice is a tricky thing. And sometimes, my job forces me to do things I don't want. Orange Juice is a tough cat woman, and a heroine of justice. She has to be for Juice to be a peaceful, playful girl. This is why, in the dead of night, even as this Moon helped me to survive, I have to proceed to arrest her. It is the bats' quarter, sure, but the music she performed reached well beyond this point. Nocturnal species have to cohabit in peace with diurnal species...
Also, I want to ask why she carries the smell of my best friend. Nothing personal at that! As I approach Moon, she beams a smile at me, until she notices the handcuffs clenched around her hands...