Chapter 31:

Chapter 31: Shock.

The Master and The Slave

The fear and nausea rush to her head as the elf hold both of her hands, preventing her from escape. She struggles to escape, but it pointless, the elf only tightens his grips around her hands. The moment she blinks her eyes, one of the maid let out a scream when she opens her eyes, she sees that one of the maids is thrown back into the wall.Bookmark here

Neya looks to the person who threw the maid and saw Nesto standing with his eyes glare at the others while clenching his teeth together.Bookmark here

"Let her go!" Nesto demand.Bookmark here

"Get him!" The student order.Bookmark here

The other maid run and kick Nesto in the chest, he was thrown back by the kick, but he uses his feet to recover and start charging toward the maid. The maid raises her hands waiting for Nesto attack.Bookmark here

Nesto launches a couple punch, but the maid blocks it all using her hand. The maid returns a few punches at Nesto, and he did the same thing by blocking the punch. They both exchange punches until Nesto tries to roundhouse kick the maid, but she catches his leg before it comes in contact with her head.Bookmark here

Nesto was distracted by the stinging pain around his neck that he forget about the other maid. He let out a groan when a dagger suddenly stabs him on his back. Nesto turns his head to see the other maid, he took out the dagger and wanted to use it on the maid.Bookmark here

But he was kicked by the maid from behind forcing him to stumble forward. Nesto uses that momentum to dash toward the maid in front of him and lunge on top her. The maid was surprised and didn't manage to block the dagger that was heading straight toward her jaw. Nesto jams the knife through the maid's jaw and into her skull, killing her.Bookmark here

He was kicked by the other butler causing him to roll off the maid. Nesto clenches his teeth tight as the pain around his neck intensifies causing his mind to lose focus and to drop the dagger. His body is raised off the ground by the butler and held in place while the maid lay out a couple punch to his gut and face.Bookmark here

Nesto let out haunting screams as the pain around his neck became unbearable, this cause confusion for both of the attacker.Bookmark here

Neya looks closely and realizes it the slave collar that is hurting him. It is shocking his neck because he disobeys the order. She tries to yell out a new order to cancel the old one, but only a muffled noise come outs from her gag mouth.Bookmark here

Smoke began to rise coming from the collar as it starts to burn Nesto neck. The other two attackers are still stunned by the scream, giving Nesto a chance to free one of his hand.Bookmark here

"What is going on!?" The maid asked.Bookmark here

"I open the first gate 'Firio'," Nesto mutters.Bookmark here

"Incernium."Bookmark here

A silver ball of fire appears and hover on Nesto's palms that surprised everyone in the hallways even Neya. She looks at the ball of fire and was tantalized by it, she has never seen a spell like this before. It so beautiful thought Neya before Nesto free his hand used it to blast the maid's face with a stream of fire.Bookmark here

The maid screams in pain as the stream of fire begin to burn her face alive. The fat under her skin boils while her hairs burn into crisp letting out a terrible smell in the hallways.Bookmark here

Neya eyes widen in horror while she remembers her lecturer words.Bookmark here

'Magic is not your friend'.Bookmark here

The maid fell to the floor, rolling and screaming in agony while trying to put out the fire. The butler that was holding Nesto was shocked that he accidentally let Nesto go. He uses that chance to turn his body and lunge on to the butler, taking him down while he is on top of him.Bookmark here

The elf butler falls backward on the floor with Nesto on top of him. Nesto then plunges both of his thumbs into the elf eyes. The elf screams and wails his arm trying to get Nesto off, but Nesto grip was too strong. The elf begs Nesto let him go, but he couldn't hear anything as a loud ringing in his ears block any sound from coming in.Bookmark here

Nesto turns the elf head with force, breaking his neck and killing him. He then took out both of his thumbs and raise his own head to find the next enemy, but he found none. The student and the butler that was holding Neya has fled the scene.Bookmark here

Neya was so horrified that she didn't realize that nobody is holding her hands and preventing her from running away. Nesto stands up from the dead elf body and turns to face Neya, both of his glove soaked in blood.Bookmark here

She was scared when she saw his eyes, it's the same uncaring, cold eyes that her father, mother, and her torture had. This was not the man that save and took care of her. This was the monster that Nesto wanted to hide from her.Bookmark here

Nesto tries to reach her with his blood-soaked hand, but Neya back away. Scared and terrified of him. Her slave scream in pain as electricity can be seen jumping out from the collar while burning his neck. Nesto fell to his knee while trying to pry the collar off his neckBookmark here

Neya shakes her fear away and removes the gags out of her mouth.Bookmark here

"I retract my order from before!" Neya command.Bookmark here

And the shocking stops, Nesto let go of the collar and both hands fall to his lap while a wheezing noise escapes his mouth. His eyes widen as he looks down at his trembling blood-soaked hands. Some of the smoke rise up into the ceiling and the smell of awful acrid odor linger.Bookmark here

"I'm... Sorry..." Every long pause is accompanied by a wheezing noise.Bookmark here

Then a sudden silence falls in the hallways, Neya carefully crawls to Nesto. She sees that his eyes are still wide open, but when she waves her hand in front of them. There was no response.Bookmark here

"Nesto!? Wake up!!" Neya said aloud, but still not respond.Bookmark here

"Help!! SOMEBODY!! HELP!!!!" She screams for help.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

The dry blood stains the elf girl hands, it was not the first time Neya had seen blood, but it the first she ever saw someone else blood. She doesn't even know if the blood comes from the one who tried to hurt her or it comes from Nesto.Bookmark here

She was terrified, not because of the blood, but because she saw Nesto other self. It scares her, and her mind wanders what if Nesto doesn't return back to normal. She shakes the thought away and looks up to see the mirror in front of her.Bookmark here

Neya sees the stool underneath her butt and the bowl of clean water on the floor with a clean towel on the side. She also sees her messy hairs, the few blood stains on her cheek, and the swollen eyes from crying earlier.Bookmark here

"You know it's your fault," Her reflection suddenly spoke to her.Bookmark here

"No, it's not," Neya denied.Bookmark here

"It's because you are weak and useless. You always fail to protect the one you love, and you turn to a child the moment someone starts to take care of you," her reflection mock.Bookmark here

"No," Neya said.Bookmark here

"The Princess was right, you are doing more harm than good!" Her reflection said.Bookmark here

"I'm not harming anyone," Neya argued.Bookmark here

"Oh yeah? How many time does Nesto get hurt just because he tries to save you?" Her reflection asks.Bookmark here

Neya tongue is tied when she remembers the time that Nesto gets hurt because of her. Her reflection let out a laugh at Neya inability to answer the question.Bookmark here

"You're weak!" Her reflection said.Bookmark here

"I'm not!" Neya response.Bookmark here

"You are! Nesto lied to you because he knows you are too weak to handle the truth, and it was your fault, but you blame it on him. Poor Nesto, he only wanted to help you, but now because of you. He is in the other room and on his deathbed," her reflection said.Bookmark here

Neya ears are filled with a loud ringing noise that begins to hurt her. She stands up and uses the stool to smash the mirror in front of her. With no strength left Neya fall to her knees on the floor and start to sob.Bookmark here

The door to the room open.Bookmark here

"Neya?!" Neya glance to see Caretena standing in the doorway.Bookmark here

"It's my fault that Nesto is dying, I didn't listen to you," Neya said then continue sobbing.Bookmark here

Caretena rushes to Neya and slaps her on the face. The slap was out of nowhere and it manages to stop the elf girl from crying.Bookmark here

"He's not dying! He's hurt, he's very hurt right now, but my brother is strong, and he will get through this," Caretena said as she glares at the pathetic girls on her knees.Bookmark here

"What should I do?" Neya asks as she sniffs her nose.Bookmark here

"Stand up, wipe your tears, and become strong for him," Caretena said then she left the room.Bookmark here

Neya turns her head to look at the bowl of clean water, she wipes her tear away with her arms and walks toward it to clean her self.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

Underneath the academy.Bookmark here

The young elf runs toward a secret entrance that leads to the sewer with his butler following behind him. Someone whistled to the student causing him to stop on his track, but his butler continues on running toward the bar sewer entrance.Bookmark here

A light reflects something in the hallway, but it's too small to notice. The moment the butler reach a certain point in the hallway, his head suddenly separate from his neck and fall to the floor. The head rolls to the student's feet causing him to scream when he sees the surprised expression etched into his butler's head.Bookmark here

The blood drips down to the floor from a line of metallic string that hangs in the air above where the butler's headless body lay. Then the metallic string unlatches itself from the wall and slides on the floor toward something.Bookmark here

The students look at where strings went and see the metallic string gathers back to a glove with a spool on the center. The one who wears the glove is an elf that's is wearing a black military coat with a hand holding a dagger pin on his collar.Bookmark here

The student tries to run, but before he knows it, his entire body suddenly wraps by a metallic string. Then his body is raised up into the air like a chandelier. He stops struggling when the strings begin to dig into his skinBookmark here

"Let me go!" the student shouts.Bookmark here

"I have a few questions for you," 167 said.Bookmark here

"I won't tell you anything," the student raise his voice.Bookmark here

"I'm not a big fan of torture, too gory for me, but if push comes to shove," 167 let out a smile as he tightens his grip.Bookmark here

The strings wrap around the student body begins to move, tightening it coils like a snake until it broke the skin and letting out blood drip down. The student realizes the more his struggle the more the string start to tighten.Bookmark here

"Okay! I'll tell you everything!" The student yells.Bookmark here

"I like the change of attitude there, my first question why Neya?" 167 ask.Bookmark here

"I don't know, I swear, the queen just wanted her alive," the student said.Bookmark here

"Not good enough, tell me more," 167 said.Bookmark here

The student feels the string dig around his leg into his muscle mass. He screams as he felt something like a dagger slowly stabbing his leg.Bookmark here

"I heard a rumor about an artifact name 'The Lock', and it somehow connected to Neya because she is the key to open it, but it just a rumor. I don't know if it true or not," the student said.Bookmark here

"How do you know who Neya was?" 167 ask.Bookmark here

"I overhead a conversation between the princess and her during the dance, I was lucky," the student said.Bookmark here

"I didn't know that she had a monster on a leash, I thought it was going to be a simple job. I just wanted to raise my family reputation with the queen, please I don't want to die," the student pleads.Bookmark here

"No one does," 167 said calmly.Bookmark here

"Wait!" The student yells.Bookmark here

He gestures his glove and the metallic string dig into his body, cutting it apart easily while the young elf still alive and screams in horror. A massive amount of blood drops down to the floors, making a huge mess.Bookmark here

The body piece falls to the floor one by one, and 167 just smile while he watches it happens.Bookmark here

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