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I'm male, in my early 20s

English is not my first language so it bit hard for me to write but I love writing in English

I writing this novel because my friend encourage me, he is a writer but he write in our first language
he encourages me because I have a lot of idea for a story and I was wasting it keeping it lock inside my head.

I hesitate at first, whether to write or not, but as time passed by and I just follow the same routine in my life not doing anything special or worthwhile.

then I look closely at my life, my life becoming dull and I want something to happen so much just like in the manga or anime, it just didn't happen.

so now instead of waiting, I'm gonna create a new world, at first I want to draw a manga but I suck at drawing really bad, so I pick up the next best thing writting. so here I am now.

why my name is MrZombie because I love zombie hahaha dealt with boii!!!


Felix Journey

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2017
Chapters: 17

In the city Named Marryvis, a person died in an alleyway trying to save a girl then that person was saved and given the power to destroy or protect what path will he choose destruction or savior? that person is this main protagonist follow his story as he tries to protect the one he cares.