Chapter 4:

Family (2)

Don't Die, Will

The supermarket was located in the exact opposite side of their destination. The east. As they were heading for that direction, they began to notice people passing them by to the west. Few of them were crying and injured. Surely there were bitten people too.

"Where are ya people going?" A guy with a red car coming from ahead asked looking at David.

"Supermarket, we have some missing people to look for."

"No good man. Don't go there. The supermarket is overrun."

David stood still. He looked at his family and Lucas. They all looked hopeless and terrified. David turned to the stranger.

"But we'll still look."

"You sure? I mean I can give ya a ride if ya want."

"No. But thanks for your concern."

"Alight, be safe out there." said the stranger and got lost out of sight with his vehicle.

The family kept moving on.

The supermarket was a mess. It was overrun with monsters. Corpses everywhere, which were spreading a disgusting smell. The smell of death. But the only good thing about was that the parking lot was clear with few vehicles. They could find a car to use.

They hid behind a hatchback car.

"Listen carefully, Will and I will go see if we can find the Millers. You guys stay here and try to find a usable car."

Everyone nodded to David's order.

"Lucas, you can fire a rifle, right?"

"Y-yeah, my dad taught me a little."

"Okay, take it. Guard my family."

Lucas nodded hesitantly.

"Good," He looked at Ruth and Julia, "Stay on guard." 

David kissed Ruth and carried on with the plan.

The entrance of the building was a bit clear so David and Will sneaked in without any trouble. It was a bit dark because of short circuit. But they got adjusted with it in no time. Broken glasses and cans were all over the floor so it was difficult to move.

They hid in a corner and stayed still. David counted and found there were more than a dozen "things" roaming around in the produce department.

"Don't make a sound and keep way from the broken glasses and cans," David whispered to Will, "And try to look for the Millers."

As they moved, they slowly discovered that these monsters don't attack unless someone makes a sudden move.

David went ahead and passed the produce section. The center of the market was the grocery department.

"Dad, wait for me. You're too fast" Will tried to call out his father while whispering.

"Come on, hurry. We don't have time."

"But dad Wai-"


A sound came from the right side of Will. He froze. He slowly turned his head and saw the "thing" was right next to him. It was trying to sniff Will. He then turned his head and looked at his father.

David mouthed, "DON'T. MOVE."

Will started to tremble. He closed his eyes tightly. The monster sniffed his neck and ear. Will felt the warm steam on his neck that gave him cold shivers. Losing interest, the monster moved away from him. He took a deep breath in and breathed out. 

After passing the produce section, they reached the grocery section. There were no monsters. For now. But the section was filled with dead bodies, blood and groceries rolling around. They began to search the bodies, maybe the Millers are under the piles of the dead bodies. Injured. Maybe. Will covered his mouth and nose with his right hand.

"See if you can find something that will come in hand later."

"Okay." It was a bit unclear as Will was covering his mouth.

David went around tossing bodies with his legs, pointing the flashlight he had on corpses faces. 

No, Not this one.

That very moment, he noticed something. He carefully put his step between corpses and went ahead a few steps and stopped. He crouched and tossed a body.

"Oh, Jesus." David put his left hand on his head.

"What happened?" Will came to look.

"It's Bill. He's dead," He also tossed the body beside him, "Amy, she's dead too."

"W-what are we gonna tell Lucas?"

David stood up, "Is that his parents are no more."

Will was against it. He at least wanted to take their bodies to their son so he could see his parents for the last time. But that's not possible.

How would anyone carry two bodies away from a place like this?

"Let's go, we gotta move" David turned to went back. So did Will.

"Help me..."

What's that voice?! 

David turned around instantly. It came from behind. 


The person lying down beside Lucas's parents. He's alive.

"D-dad, we gotta help him."

"Shut up, we don't know him. Look at his right leg. It's brutally bitten. He won't survive."

Will said nothing. It was true. He will be dead by no time. They again turned around was about to start walking again. But the stranger grabbed David's leg.


David looked at his face. It was filled with anger.


"All right." He placed the guy's left arm across his shoulders and held it with one hand.

"Let's go, Wi-"


"It's an engine. The sound of a car's engine!" Will almost screamed.

"Ruth..." David mumbled. He hold the person tight and started to run, "Come on, Will! Run!"

They started to run as fast as they could. But it wasn't easy for David while carrying a dying person. All the monster were following the engine's noise. Some of them were chasing David and Will. Will killed a few of them with his knife by stabbing them in the face and head. They managed to escape the building shortly.

Ruth, Julia and Lucas were in a car. They saw David and Will running towards them.

"W-where's my mom and dad?" Lucas seemed a bit frightened, "Who is this man?"

"Keep the car running!" David screamed. Will was on guard. He was killing the monsters chasing them.

By the time they all gathered around, the whole crowd was on to them.

"Get in the car!" David put the dying man in the car and took the steers.

"W-who is he? Wh-where are my parents?"

"I said get in the car!!"

They barely managed to get in the car and closed the doors. The monsters surrounded the car and were trying to break in. David pushed the accelerator as hard as he could. The car pushed down the monsters in front of them and headed for the streets.


It had been couple of hours since they were driving. They left the town. They saw a few people on the way but didn't stop the car. Well, David didn't stop the car. He was silenced since the time they got in the car. He was waiting for the perfect time to talk.

They just entered a forest. The forest road was almost empty with a few abandoned vehicles. A few monsters were also seen. 

Everyone was quiet. Will sat beside David in front. The stranger went to sleep. Lucas was beside him, then Julia and Ruth. Lucas was crying silently and was trying to hide it. Julia and Ruth was trying to comfort him. Will didn't pay much attention. He kept looking out of the window the whole time. David looked at Lucas through the rear view mirror.

"Lucas..." David said while keeping his eyes on the road, "I know, deep down you already know that. When we found your mom and dad...they..." David couldn't talk, "Th-they were already dead."

Hearing that Lucas burst into tears. Tears were floating like a river. 

"Ahh!" Ruth put her hand on Lucas's shoulder, "David!"

"What did you suppose me to do?! Not telling him the truth?!"

"N-no, but he was already crying. You made it worse."

David sighed. He tried to say something to comfort Lucas but couldn't say anything.

"Y-you're lying." Lucas stopped crying and said.

"Wh-what?" David was a bit confused if he heard it right.

"My mom and dad aren't dead. You're lying."

"Listen, Lucas. I know you're upset. We all are. But we just gotta accept the fact." David's voice got soft.

"No no no no, they aren't dead, they are alive. They are alive They are alive. ThEy ArE AllIvE. They Are NOT DEAd. No, NO, nO... it CAn't b-"

"Ahh, Lucas?" Julia's voice.

"Mommy, *sniff* DAddY, WHyyy *sniff*, %$! MoOOmmy, DDAd, It CANT be, PleAse2#@-"

"Ahh, mom? I don't think Lucas is okay." Julia moved a little from him.

"No nO no NNNOOO noN no On no no NO NO" Lucas grabbed his hair and started pull.

"Lucas, stop. Now." It was Will this time.

"Ruth, stop him. He's in shock. He's not in his right mind."

"Lucas dear, please stop, please." Ruth tried hugging Lucas.

"YOU KILLED THEM!!" He suddenly jumped on to David and started to pull his hair.

"Oh my GOD! Lucas, stop for fuck's sake!!" Will grabbed his left arm and tried to pull.

"God Dammit! Pull him off!!" David tried to keep his eyes on the road.

Everyone was trying their best pull Lucas off David. But he was surprisingly strong.

David was losing control of the car. He kept steering it left and right. 


Oh my God! Now what?!

The sound was coming from the back. David tried to look at the rear view mirror. It was that dying guy. He turned into one of those.

"Mom! H-he's making weird noises!" Julia freaked out and started to panic.

"Oh shit, dad! He's turned!"


"It" tried to attack Julia. Ruth moved away Julia and held it. David completely lost control of the car. It got off the road and hit a giant rock. It tripped way and rolled a couple of times.


Will tried to open his eyes.

Where am I?

When his vision got a bit cleared, he discovered himself lying on the road. He tried to move but couldn't. His whole body hurt. He looked around. His father was lying a bit far unconsciously.

Where's Julia? Mom?

Then he saw the car. Upside down. It was completely destroyed. He could see a body came out a bit of the car window.


When his vision got completely cleared, he saw that the thing was feeding on his mother. She was covered with blood and her own guts.

Mom, no no no, NO MOM!

He tried to move again but he's body wouldn't listen.

"M-mom wait, I am coming." He mumbled.

He moved with his hands. Kept crawling a little. But his body couldn't take it in the end.


He started crying and then advanced his hand to his mother, "Mom, I am sorry."

Ruth tried to reach his son's hand with her last strength but couldn't.

She smiled with her tears falling down and said with a soft voice,

"Don't die, Will."