Chapter 19:

Arc two side story: Lizze's journey to Snowy mountains

From Assassin to Demon lord

After leaving the city I set my course to the west where Snowy mountains were located. I had to go through three towns and few small villages. This part of Frost dragon mountain range, which was called snowy mountains, was heavily populated by elves, dwarfs and their mix-breeds. The name of the Mix-breeds is Dullar. Their numbers are small, but they have some villages with them only.

Truth to be told, their small numbers are product of mix-breed hunts in the past. Yet they survived to this day. Also, they are skilled swordsman and craftsman.

After few days I got to little village under snowy mountains. At the guild building was a commotion.

"Did he said a demon lord?"

"Nah, new generation should apear in two houndread years so it's not possible."

"Then it means that a demon lord lived there for at least three houdread years and they didn't notice. If no one heard about him to this day... I can't even think what kind of monster he would be."

"Yeah, he definitely waited for right time to strike, your village was just the first that got hit kid. Sorry to say, but you should just lower your head and beg for mercy."

"T-that monster already killed my father and uncle. And he did that with bow so I don't think that he would be strong with swords. You are brave adventurers of Gagarita village, I know that you are strong enough to beat some young demon lord!"

I looked at the boy, he had red aura. Red karma... well he didn't kill someone, but it seems like he was close to it... did someone stopped him? No... I don't think so.

"Boy! Tell me what is the name of the demon lord?"

"I don't know. I went to pick up ores from our mine and when I came back I found a gigantic wall around our village. My grandfather, the village cheif told me to came here for help. He said that the demon lord wants all children in village as payment."

"Then why didn't you give them to him? I don't think that demon lord would ask for kids just to kill them. And us elves live for thousand years at least so I don't think that in sending him someone as retainer would be a bad thing. You could get strong guardian."

"And what do you know about us azure elf?"

"Not much to be honest. But will you let me acompany you?"

"I need all hands I can get co yes."

I helped persued some more people, who all had red karma. Except one dullar, that saw through my plan.

What plan you may think? Simple one really. We collect all the red karma adventurers in town and head wit them to the village. If we met demon lord, and he would kill them, we wouldn't lost anything. Still I hope that Zaru is okay...

With the adventurers we formed group of fifty three people and headed to the village.

The moment we walked in, I felt weirdly familiar aura. In that very moment army of zombies has risen from rubbles of the village. The boy was frighten, because some of them looked like people he knew.

It wasn't a long battle, the zombies took everyone who didn't fight as hostige. What was weird was that no one could use magic. When I and the boy gave up I learnt why. Crystal spider was the leader of the zombies. Crystals on crystal spiders have ability to absorb mana from living beings and plants as well.

It used its threads to immobilize us and then it took us on it's backs to the cave that as we learnt was a dungeon. A Tomb with a lot of undead inside it. The spider walked through the dungeon and went in the throne room.

What I saw was a king sitting on his throne with powerful subordinates around him. I also saw a Snow elf as well as forest elf. With me, an azure elf there were only two elvish tribes missing. Those were Shadow elves and Drows, also known as Dark elves.

"What brings you to my domain elves?" The demon lord said with intimidaiting voice, but I instantly know who he was and tears apeared on my face.

Tony Raven