Chapter 0:

Prologue: The Tale Introduced

Tales Of The Chosen "Heroes"

The room could best be described as strange. It felt large, but how large one could not say, there presumably were walls and a ceiling but it was difficult to gauge how far away they were. It felt as if the walls and ceiling went on forever, and the room could be as large as it needed. The room itself was dark, no, black is more appropriate word. The entire room seemed to be painted completely black, but there was still plenty of light inside the room, though there didn’t appear to be a source of light for this vision.Bookmark here

What could be considered as the center of this room was littered with chairs and tables scattered rather randomly around the area. Surrounding the furniture were several spheres of varying sizes. The spheres felt as if they were just beyond an arms reach away, yet at the same time the spheres also felt as if they reached all the way to the ends of the room.Bookmark here

Within this area, the majority of the chairs and tables were empty, however some of these seats were filled with figures of various shapes and sizes.Bookmark here

“So, why have we been gathered here? Not simply to catch up I hope.”Bookmark here

Suddenly one of the figures spoke, his back leaning on his chair head, with his hands behind his head, sounding rather bored.Bookmark here

A long-haired lady resting her head on her left hand opened her mouth, “That bard has something to show us.”Bookmark here

“Well then where is he?” snapped a larger broader figure, getting more and more agitated. Bookmark here

“I am here!”Bookmark here

All the figures suddenly turn to the source of the noise. Seemingly out of nowhere a long, thin figure appears holding a large sheaf of paper. Grinning broadly from ear to ear, waving to all as he walks into the center.Bookmark here

“Why have you gathered us?” A figure with glasses asked, “Have you finally come up with a halfway decent tale to regal us?”Bookmark here

“Rude, and yes, just not quite my story.”Bookmark here

Another more portly figure looked over, “Then who’s?”Bookmark here

His.” The thin man whispered out. Suddenly everyone all in the room gave the thin man their complete attention. The figure with glasses prodded, “Go on.”Bookmark here

“Well, he decided to make things a bit more entertaining, and decided to cause a few things to occur in a certain world.” The thin man sang out, “A whole, new complete adventure, with heroes fighting the forces of evil, and so many fun little twists and turns. With his own personal flair!”Bookmark here

“Which planet?” The long-haired figure asked before turning over to peer and the various spheres floating around them.Bookmark here

“Setera.” Bookmark here

Upon hearing that an older looking figure suddenly stood up and extended his hand. One of the many spheres then proceeded to float over and hover above the palm of his hand.Bookmark here

“Ah, this one, nothing exciting has happened here for a little while now, has it?” The old man stated, “Should be rather interesting.”Bookmark here

“Well, are you all interested?” The thin man asked as he twirled around the center.Bookmark here

“Of course, what’s it about?” Asked the broad man.Bookmark here

“See for yourself.” The thin man then proceeds to throw the sheaf of papers he was holding into air. Pages scatter around, yet they all manage to fall neatly onto each of the occupied tables. Each sheet of paper contained on them photos of people, along with names and information of them.Bookmark here

“So, these are our adventurers?” A short female figure asked.Bookmark here

“Who should we pay attention to? There’s quite a few people here” The portly figure asked.Bookmark here

“Look for the one with dark black hair and those eyes you’ll find it.” A regal figure said.Bookmark here

“And who would that? There a few with that hair and none with those eyes.” The portly figure asked again this time directing his attention to the thin man.Bookmark here

“Uh-uh. No spoilers. Now it’s time for our story to begin, sit down and enjoy the show!” With an exclamation, the thin man plopped himself on to an empty chair and gazed the table intently. Suddenly appearing on every occupied table was what looked to be map of an unknown land with hills, mountains, prairies and bodies of water scattered around. But more importantly small figures appeared and were moving around the map.Bookmark here

All the figures present have all gone silent, simply staring at their tables and watching. Watching as a new story unfolds, and as new players enter the world. A voice rings out.Bookmark here

This is a story, a simple story. A story about world of adventure. In whichBookmark here

adventures try and achieve glory and fortune, to be heroes in their veryBookmark here

own stories. Here we will witness the stories of a few of these adventurers.Bookmark here

There backgrounds might be different, but they will follow the same story,Bookmark here

no matter how it may look, none of their fates are set, they will make theirBookmark here

own. But what happens around them all will be inevitable, and will shapeBookmark here

their decisions. Will they have any lasting effect the course on their world?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Only time will tell. Now, let the adventure begin.Bookmark here

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