Chapter 63:

Nun Legend – The Calii Mountains Adventurer Party

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

In the year 1357, just after the discovery of the Needaimus hidden across Resh, a party set out to explore and catalog the Calii Mountains. Up to this point, the range that almost cut across the No continent was primarily only renowned for disaster. The Aqueenian legends told tales of where the Nonpareil had met his final fate and where he was buried.

The party that set out was formed from the newly established guild known as Sideshow. They were a hearty crew that sought adventure and glory. They had picked up a Needaimus just on the edge of the mountains and suspected that more would be found within.

They set out during The Heating for their endeavor, at the point where the night sky was considered the brightest. Though the temperature was hot, they would not falter. The party consisted of four members whose names have long since been lost. An Aqueenian with a beautiful crystal complexion, a Hobusian with a crown said to double his height, a Bentulousian with brilliant orange and black striped fur, and a Zenotote who was said to have blue scales and breathe fire. They made up the best of Resh, the best of Sideshow, and no one thought they would fail.

They entered the mountains as the first of Resh’s moons disappeared in conjunction with its regular cycle. The promise was to return before the second moon vanished from the sky.

It is said they traversed the whole mountain range, learning all of the peaks and all of the valleys, in total discovering one hundred Needaimus hidden within the range. It was at that point that they decided to return. As they were stationed in a small encampment, which would later develop into a whole village, they made one final discovery.

The range had a heart, a core, something more to explore. The adventurers couldn’t help but be drawn close, similar to the way insects are attracted into the killing light of a zapper. They descended into the core of the Calii mountains, and they were lost forever.

A memorial was built within the Sideshow guildhall to remember the lost heroes, and it stands to this day. Many more have sought the core of the mountains, and they have been lost just as well.

Let this tale be told to all who are foolish enough to explore what they cannot hope to understand.

*Translation provided by Dr. Feilding of the Nun Institute of History.

Additional Notes by Dr. Feilding

This is one of the earliest pieces dating from the Needaimus Rush period in Resh’s history. Not much is known about the legend's origins, but it is believed to be a tale told between adventurers of that day. We believe that the story was meant to serve as a warning for the new danger-seeking professionals, which served to tell how much they ought to risk in their explorations. Many accounts from the time show that various superstitions kept quite a few adventures alive where mother nature, so to speak, would not have been so merciful. Needless to say, the Calli mountains, or any place spoken of in legends, does not hold a profound mystery, and any attempts to research it would only result in an inexperienced team dying in some deep, dark cave.