Chapter 5:

Chapter 2: Leading by Example Part II

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1

Chapter 2: Leading by Example Part IIBookmark here

I found Sasuke trying to sneak out with the crowd of students leaving when I pulled him to the side of the classroom. Bookmark here

“The answer is no.” Sasuke said, avoiding my gaze.Bookmark here

“Come on, please.” I held my hands together, begging.Bookmark here

“I have things to do.”Bookmark here

“Like what?”Bookmark here

“Anything that isn’t this.” Sasuke was being more adamant than usual. I was sure he wanted to train some more, but he needed a break, as did I. My hand grazed the cut on my cheek, then his stomach rumbled.Bookmark here

“How about we just go and get something to eat. My treat.” I said, dangling a pouch filled with Ryo.Bookmark here

“How do you have so much?” Bookmark here

“With the power of saving.” I smiled.Bookmark here

“Fine.” He said, finally giving in. “But if those two go at it, I’m leaving.”Bookmark here

“You heard him ladies. Play nice.” I said, looking at Sakura and Ino, who were listening in on us the whole time. Bookmark here

“Ok so we each get one shoulder.” Ino said, creating a compromise.Bookmark here

“Sounds fair.” Sakura nodded.Bookmark here

For the first time since the Uchiha massacre, I saw Sasuke’s eyes darken with fear. I patted him on the back and whispered in his ear. “Don’t worry, we’ll go to your favorite spot Yakiniku Q.” That seemed to relax him a bit. Good. “Ok ladies, he’s all yours. Try not to kill him please.” I walked off, ignoring my brother’s whimper. He needed this. I don’t think we’ll have much time to goof off once we’re assigned to teams. Bookmark here

“I’ll be coming too.” Sui said with a smile. Bookmark here

“Good, so that’s five—”Bookmark here

“Munch! Munch! Munch!”Bookmark here

Who the hell is chewing in my ear… oh. I turned and saw fumes shoot from the kid’s nose. Bookmark here

“Yakiniku Q is my favorite.” Was all he said before he went back to eating a bag of chips. That was Chōji Akimichi, a red-headed round kid who seemed to be a better ninja than both Ino and Sakura. I had whispered where we were going, but it seemed he could hear everything when it came to food.Bookmark here

“Well, I did say everyone… but please don’t break my wallet.” I opened my pouch there was a ton of gold coins inside. “I should still have some leftover. Even with 6 people.” I muttered.Bookmark here

“Make that seven.” A kid with a sunken look walked up. I was so sure Shikamaru Nara was still asleep or had left to go home, but I guess not.Bookmark here

“I thought you hated going out places?” I knew him as lazy but smart since he seemed to somehow pass class with his eyes closed.Bookmark here

“Social situations are a drag… but the moment I go home and tell my parents I’m a Genin, they’ll probably take me out anyway. Yakiniku Q is right next to my house, so we’ll end up there.” He let out a sigh. “Once there, my dad will see you guys and ask why I didn’t go out with you. I would try to make up some excuse only to eventually be forced to hang out with you guys anyway. It’s going to be a drag either way, so this just saves me time… and money.” Bookmark here

“…Y-you really thought of everything.” I did not like how Shikamaru added the money part, but I guess so. “Ok, so that’s seven. I think that’s everyone—” I felt a tap on my shoulder, and I looked at Sui. “Please don’t tell me.” Bookmark here

Before I could turn around, a body leaned on me. It was all fuzzy and smelled like dog. Only one person in class fit the bill. He had his arm around my neck and his face super close to mine as if we were best friends.Bookmark here

“Hey! I heard ya were having a party. So I decided I could use some fresh barbeque after hearing you insult one of my clansmen.” I heard the growl come from both Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru. “You called him a mutt, right?” Bookmark here

“Ha-ha yeah, that was my bad. I didn’t mean any offense to the Inuzuka clan.” Why do I feel like I’m being threatened? Bookmark here

“It’s fine. I barely even know the guy. But packs stick together, so I’ll take your apology for him.” Kiba gave me a toothy grin, and Akamaru barked in agreement. Then, with a hard pat on my back, knocking the wind out of me, he let me go.Bookmark here

Note to self: minimal interaction with the Inuzuka clan from now on. I saw Akamaru lift his leg next to my foot. Hell no! I jumped back, and it felt as if I knocked something over… well, I guess someone since I heard a soft cry. I turned around, and there was a girl with short dark hair: Hinata Hyūga. She was rubbing her head from the fall. Bookmark here

“You, ok?” I reached out to her. She bolted up and scurried away from me. Bookmark here

“Yes! I’m fine.” Hinata blurted out, nodding her head. I was going to walk away, but she started to talk or rather mumble. “C-can I… I… I um… Never–”Bookmark here

“She wants to come.” Sui spoke up beside me.Bookmark here

“Can’t she tell me— ow!” I saw Sui’s glare, and I wasn’t sure who it was directed at. “Sure. Of course, she can come.”Bookmark here

Hinata mumbled some thanks before standing a little bit away from the group staring at her hands. Bookmark here

Man, I thought she hated the main branch. Then I felt another strike against my shoulder. “What did I do this time?” Bookmark here

“You thought of something you shouldn’t have.” Sui said, walking away.Bookmark here

“What your eyes let your read minds now or what?” Bookmark here

Sui just ignored me completely. Bookmark here

“You can’t read minds… right?” I started to walk after her, but there was a buzzing in my ear. A very annoying fly took the liberty of zooming around me until it landed on a kid’s finger who wore black shades. Shino Aburame. Bookmark here

“You know some species of hornets are attracted to the smell of barbeque.” Shino barely spoke, but somehow whenever I heard him, he seemed to always talk about his insects.Bookmark here

“Ok…? I guess that’s your way of saying you want to come.” Bookmark here

He didn’t respond. All he did was stand with the rest of the group.Bookmark here

“All aboard the Yuki express, I guess.” I noticed Iruka-sensei had this big goofy grin on his face. “You want to come too, Sensei? I could use someone else to help with the budget.”Bookmark here

“Ha-ha. No, I’m broke.” Iruka-sensei opened his wallet, and I could have sword a fly flew out of it.Bookmark here

I did not think I could be any more disappointed in you, Sensei. “Then what are you so happy about?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know too much about the Uchiha, but from what I remember, none of them ever did anything like this.” Bookmark here

“Are you saying I’m not an Uchiha?”Bookmark here

“I’m saying you’re Yuki Uchiha, and it’s fine to be different. Which reminded me why I wanted to teach in the first place.” He walked past the rest of the class, who said their goodbyes to their beloved Iruka-sensei. “Hopefully, I’ll see you guys at Yakiniku Q.” Then he muttered something as he left. “With another one of your classmates if possible.” Bookmark here

What a guy he still thought Naruto could become a shinobi. Welp, that wasn’t my problem since I’m already doing my good deed for the day. I looked at the cast of ninjas that were classmates. Bookmark here

We were technically all Genin right now. What a weird feeling. I glanced at Sasuke, who looked as if he could die. It made me chuckle to myself. See, we did need this. There was just one last thing I needed to do before leaving. I needed to tuck those feelings of mine even deeper. I needed to forget my goals, forget about the masked man and what happened earlier today. I needed to control them even more so that I didn’t ruin, today. Once they were locked away, I took a deep breath and had a broad smile.Bookmark here

“Who’s ready to celebrate finally becoming ninja!” Bookmark here

There was a cheer…or at least what I considered to be a cheer since the only ones with any kind of spirit were Kiba and Akamaru. But it was close enough. We all started to walk as a group towards the barbeque restaurant, and I knew I’d be bankrupt by the time we finished. I felt a tug at the collar of my shirt as I was about to walk with Ino and maybe save Sasuke. Bookmark here

“For once, you looked cool back there.” Sui smiled. “Even though I know you’re only doing this for yourself.” That was the same smile she gave when we first met. It was a smile that carried all the innocence in the world that reminded me we were still children and that it was ok to live a little. She tapped against my cheek. “Try not to blow our first date, ok.” Bookmark here

“You know I pictured our first date to be a moonlit dinner, just you and me.” I looked at the class that was getting further away all laughing and talking. “Not a barbeque party.”Bookmark here

“Ah, so you thought of dating me?” Bookmark here

“I’ve thought of dating every girl.” Bookmark here

Her eye narrowed. “You’re blowing it.” Bookmark here

“Isn’t that the point. I tell a lot of jokes.” Bookmark here

“Jokes to us. Truth to you.” Sui took my hand and lifted her eyepatch, activating both her Byakugan and Sharingan. I winced within her grasp. A shade of white in one eye and a shade of red in the other. Bookmark here

“Now who’s blowing it?” I said with a smile.Bookmark here

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She relaxed her eyes and lowered her eye patch. “Joke of the Uchiha.” Bookmark here

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