Chapter 0:


I Want You to Be Real with Me

Readme.msg >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hello, world. I’m the author of this program, Tensain Michito, alias ****(part corrupted). For coding reasons, you may call me ‘SHALLOW’ because that’s all who I am.

Please don’t be too surprised at this sudden introduction. It will be short, so please be patient as well.

I would like to thank Renka Mirimi, my childhood friend— no, my sister who has ************************************(part corrupted)

And also… I’m ************************(part corrupted)ve done.

Please *****************************(part corrupted)ce again, at least this time.

Ah, also don’t worry. This message won’t show up in the*******(part corrupted)ild. As you can see, this is a build made fo******(part corrupted)



But if you’re not Mirimi-san here, I will hack you from my grave! If I***********(part corrupted)

Anyway, you should be more scar**********(part corrupted)

Renka, just in case you *****************(part corrupted)want to reminisce, I shall tell you who I am again. I mean, why not take advantage of this? This message will never be******!(part corrupted) I technically have written myself into history—

Ah, speaking of history, please don’t look through my computers. You already have the ****(part corrupted), so there’s no need.

Anyways, you know me. I’m the typical lonely high school and college student but I was an energetic child.

Remember the park? The one that had a side of just sand and one just of dirt? Oh, how many times have we played and many different games too!

Tug-of-war, Conquer the base, Two Kingdoms… just to name a few…

To be honest, I’ve forgotten some, but I know it was ***(part corrupted).

Oh, remember Tokihiro-chan— well, Tokihiro-san? He is ***********(part corrupted)me now. We used to *********************************(part corrupted)! >_<

Man, I do regret it now… I do regret it.

Tell me, have I done something wrong to everyone? Did I unconsciously become too proud? Did I **************(part corrupted)?

Tera-cha— ah, sorry. Tera-san, Yamaga-san, Nuuta-kun, Marinaya-san —— what did I do to them?

I mean, can I call it fun when it seemed like everyone hated it?

I was going to ***(part corrupted) that those days were fun but…

Ha, what am I saying? I already typed it up there —— five lines ago.

Silly me! I’m such a ****(part corrupted)fish.

Pardon me, I seem to be avoiding the subject.

I always take things too lightly and end up in a**************(part corrupted).

Alright, let’s move on.

Well… I guess not.

It’s even worse in high school… even college.

I’m sorry, Renka, I just don’t find *********(part corrupted) memorable to share, at least ones that are happy and uplifting.

I mean, you already know my troubles, and I don’t ********************** (part corrupted) ************* (part corrupted)en enough. From here*******(part corrupted), I***********(part corrupted) myself.

I’ll be the most rel***************(part corrupted)gine! And that’s a promise*(part corrupted) feature!

But thanks anyway, even though I went dark in my delusions. Delusions that if I creat*****************(part corrupted), that I’d be the best person.

It we*************(part corrupted)’t it?

I regret it all. How I wish I could go back in time and punch myself.

But, hey, it’s a contr*******(part corrupted) to the world—

No, I can’t say it. It’s going to ruin the world.

I’d like to*******(part corrupted) as much as possible.

And for that reason, I created *********** (corrupted)

That’s the end of this message

At this point, this message will be for the**********(part corrupted), so you may just skip the entire thing.

>insert welcomemessage.msg

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>666 File not found

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Running null.prg

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>run ********************(file name not found).prg

Program running…


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Decompressing failed



>execute ************.rrlsf


Error: has been successfully decompressed and the following auto-commands has been executed:

>run dream.prg

>execute vgfmnca.frlsf


“Tensai. Tensai!”

Ugh, morning already?

“Tensai! Are you stupid? Goodness, even if your name means ‘genius,’ you are still a lazy head!”

That’s not even my name… and the kanji’s different.

Moreover, whose voice is this? I’ve never heard her before…

Did I get drunk? No way, I don’t drink.

Then he slowly opens his eyes, and on top of him sat a beautiful red-haired woman whose white shirt is carelessly unbuttoned. It seems that she had known him for a long time, and yet—

W—who is this!?

The drowsy man suddenly becomes alert and pushes the woman off of him.

“Hey! What’s the big idea? Is that the way to treat your wife?” she pouts and glares at him with her matching red eyes.

M—my wife? Wife!?

Then, the man nervously looks upon his surroundings.

This room. It is my room, but quite different! M—my computer isn’t supposed to be there… It should be there!

“W—who are you!?” the man rudely points at her.

“Pointing at another person is rude. Isn’t that what you taught me?”

“I didn’t or do teach anyone!”

The man takes another look around ‘his room.’

Wait, where’s my manga boo— wait… my voice sounded different, didn’t it?

“Geez, what’s up with you? Is this a joke because this isn’t funny!” the woman bounces back on his stomach.

“Urgh! You’re heavy!”

“How rude! I shall punish you with kisses.”

“Huh!? No! Stop! Stoppu!”

But, her lips close as her face draws near his.

Is this a dream!? It’s a dream!!

“Waghaug!!” the man somersaults out of his bed and lands on his back. “Gihagh!”

The woman quickly rushes to his rescue, “Love, are you okay? You shouldn’t be making sudden movements in the morning.”


My heart feels like it’s going to break out of my chest!

But what is this!? Why does this dream feel so real!


The woman once again sits atop him, but this time on his waist, “Jeez! You could have asked me!”


The man has grown into a state of frozen fantasy.

I—if this is a dream, nothing consequential will happen, right? T—therefore… maybe I could kiss this lady! Even if it’s from a dream!

Then, he puckered his mouth out.

“Oh? You’re really asking for it— ah!”

But, something else puckered out.

“How are you so energetic this morning?”

Ah, crap! My puberty!

“I—i—i—it’s nothing! Nothing!”

The woman has grown quite impatient with him and pins him down with her slender arms. She is now making heavy breaths with every movement. Then, she closed his lips for a kiss.

“Mmmmmmmm,” is the weird expectant sound from the man, who is acting very much like a child.

Yes! I’m finally going to lose my virginity, even if it’s just in a dream!!

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