Chapter 3:

An Adventurer's New Journey

Tales Of The Chosen "Heroes"

It was a bright and sunny morning when the adventurer entered the Adventurer’s Guild. He was covered in armour that wasn’t commonly seen in this area of the world. He wore a helmet that was made up of several metal and leather plates all riveted together, hanging from that was a neck guard with layers and layer of overlapping lame. His shoulders were protected by rectangular plates of armour. These plates were also attached to around his waist and covered his thighs. In addition, a chest piece with a similarly unique construction adorned his chest. On his hip was a sheathed curved sword, and his entire outfit was adorned in a purple and red pattern. Bookmark here

As he walked through the door a young man with messy hair and a cheap looking sword stared at him, transfixed on the unique design of his equipment.Bookmark here

Paying the onlooker, no mind the man strode past him and headed to the reception area. As he walked past a trio of adventurers, he saw the main hall in where several adventurers milled about and a massive reception desk.Bookmark here

Vaguely aware that the adventurer with black hair and eyes was still staring at him as he walked towards the desk, he didn’t mind. He was accustomed to the stares he received through wearing such unique set of armour. That adventurer didn’t have any malicious intent, so he felt no harm with him staring.Bookmark here

As the strangely armoured adventurer approached the reception desk he was met by a dark gray haired half-elf, with small round glasses and hair tied into a ponytail. She seemed to be focused on the sheets of paper in front of her, seeming rather out of depth.Bookmark here

As she heard movement, she looked upwards, in front of her was a figure clad in strange ornate armour, a human male. From the helmet poked out some raven black hair and black lifeless eyes. For someone new to the job like her, it was quite the sight.Bookmark here

“Oh! Uh, Hello there.” The half elf reception girl stammered out, “M-My name is Angeline Winters, how may I help you today?”Bookmark here

“I’m hear for a transfer.” He replied simply.Bookmark here

“Yes, of course. Uh, identification please.” She said as she stuck out an open hand.Bookmark here

From his satchel he pulled out his adventurer’s ID card, tag, and a couple sheets of folded paper and handed it over to Angeline. Taking them, she began to read through it.Bookmark here

“Ah, okay… thank you Mr. Kuran.”Bookmark here

“Unmei.”Bookmark here

“Huh-uh, pardon?”Bookmark here

“It’s Unmei, Unmei is my last name, Kūran is my first name.”Bookmark here

“Oh, so-sorry.”Bookmark here

“It’s fine.”Bookmark here

Angeline looked at the ID card some more, “Right, okay so Mr. Unmei you come from the nation of Shue, at age seventeen, you are a level four adventurer, and your main class is swordsman.”Bookmark here

Moving on she began to read through the papers that he had handed her. “The official seals are here… no warnings, no mention of misconduct. So why did you travel all the way to Acrary?”Bookmark here

“Just wanted some change.”Bookmark here

Angeline nodded, “Alright, these transfer papers are valid, but we will still have to contact your previous guild to do a background check. Will that be alright.”Bookmark here

Kuran gave a nod for his reply.Bookmark here

“Alright then, please wait a moment.” With that she got up from her seat, ID card and tag in hand and wandered over to a device with runes and various symbols and began to fiddle with it. Bookmark here

She stood there, her back facing Kuran, pressing various buttons on the machine. Kuran waited, a couple minutes passed, he waited some more, a few more minutes passed. He looked over at Angeline and noticed that she was hunched over the machine, her body language seemed to be more frantic as she was fiddling with the device. Bookmark here

A minute later another receptionist, a beautiful blonde lady walked over to Angeline, snatched the tag and card from her and nudged her to the side. A few seconds later and the device activated, and she handed back both items to her and seemed to say something before leaving.Bookmark here

Angeline returned to Kuran, face now a twinge of pink from embarrassment handed back the device back to Kuran before sitting down.Bookmark here

She took a deep breath before speaking, “… So… you are now an official member of this guild, you can now accept any quests that the guild post here and are allowed to rent out a room in the guild if you want. Please be aware that in a few days the background check will be completed, and if nothing comes up we will not mention it.”Bookmark here

Kuran once more gave a nod as his reply, stashing away his identification.Bookmark here

“How much for a room?”Bookmark here

“Uh, let’s see here, for a single room inside the guild it will cost three Pence, for a double it would be a single Gil for a night. There are also inns and hotels around the city, the prices for those will vary, and they are not affiliated with the guild, which has its own positives and negatives.” Angeline explained while opening a booklet.Bookmark here

“Just a single room then. Thirty days.”Bookmark here

“Then ninety pence please. The equivalent value of ninety pence will also be accepted by the guild.” Angeline replied as she flipped to a page with an open slot and began to fill out Kuran’s information in it.Bookmark here

Kuran from his satchel pulled out a single coin, glinting in gold and slid it onto the table. “Thank you.” She said with a nod before taking the coin and returning a single silver coin. She then pulled a key with a numbered tag attached to it and handed over to the armored adventurer.Bookmark here

“Thank you for joining the adventurer’s guild. We look forward to witnessing your adventures and exploits. We wish you luck.” Angeline said with a lovely smile on her face.Bookmark here

Nodding his reply, he took his key and headed of to his room. As he moved towards the housing area, he walked past other adventurers all varying shapes and sizes, here with all the different beings around him didn’t seem to out of place. Opening the door to his new home he entered and waled in.Bookmark here

Closing the door behind him he looked around his room. It was a simple room, a double single bed with a thin mattress with a small bedstand next to it. A large wooden closet placed in a corner; a drawer and a table lined across the wall with a mirror paired with a single wooden chair.Bookmark here

Sitting down on the bed he contemplated his next course of action. Far from home now. Kuran mused, he wasn’t quite sure when or if he would ever return to Shue. Not sure if he even wanted to go back. Here at least he’ll only be known as some adventurer, no need for him to worry about anything else. He could do what he wanted, he could practice his swordsmanship and figure out his path. Somewhere far away isn’t bad, however. After thinking that he began to unpack his things.Bookmark here

A few hours later Kuran walked out of his room and into the main reception hall. He had sorted out his items and had a light meal, now he was looking for something to do. He had enough money on him to last for a little while, but money wasn’t the issue, he needed to train.Bookmark here

Approaching the quest board, he began to read through the different quests, looking for a suitable one. Maybe something simple, a level two quest maybe?Bookmark here

“Hey, bud?”Bookmark here

A voice from behind him spoke out. Kuran turned to look at the source. Two friendly looking adventurers stood before him, one a human roughly the same age as him and the other a dwarf. Bookmark here

The human wore a layer of chainmail and had a longsword on his belt with a small triangular shield on his back, some type of fighter. The dwarf was dressed in a padded cloak, seemed to be some sort of caster.Bookmark here

After giving the two a quick look over Kuran replied, “Yes?”Bookmark here

“You just arrived here earlier right, we’re looking to go goblin hunting, but we would like a third member, you want in?” The human askedBookmark here

“No thank you, unless it’s a big job, I would rather work alone.”Bookmark here

“Alright then.” The human replied turning to leave, then the dwarf spoke out.Bookmark here

“Hey what’s your level anyway?”Bookmark here

“Hey Helm, don’t.” The human warned.Bookmark here

“What? I don’t mean anything I just want to know.” The dwarf replied nonchalantly.Bookmark here

“Sorry man, Helm’s a bit brash at times.” The human replied apologetically.Bookmark here

“It’s fine. I’m level four.”Bookmark here

“Four? See Darin? Told you he was higher level then us, why else would he be able to come all the way to another country?” said the dwarf named Helm.Bookmark here

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to have him part of the team.” Darin the human replied. Turning back to Kuran he said, “Sorry for bothering you. Thought you were a level two like us.”Bookmark here

“No issue, good luck on finding a teammate.” Darin said simply.Bookmark here

Suddenly from the reception desk came bursting out the blonde receptionist lady, followed by a senior official with a monocle and another staff member who seemed to be out of breath. Bookmark here

“A new high priority quest has been posted!” She yelled.Bookmark here

“This morning several caravans have been attacked by chaos warriors! These caravans contain important supplies along with several citizens. The chaos warriors have attacked along several areas of the main trail leading to the city. All available adventurers are recommended to aid in this quest! Talk to the staff members for more details!”Bookmark here

All the adventurers that were idling now had their attention focused onto the receptionist. Many began to prep their items and prepare to head of, talking to the staff and leaving the building.Bookmark here

Darin turned to Kuran, “So, is this job big enough that you’re willing to take part of, even if you have to work with others?” he said with a grin.Bookmark here

“Yes. Yes, I believe it is.” Kuran nodded, as he approached the blonde receptionist, when she turned to face him all he said was.Bookmark here

“Details?”Bookmark here

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