Chapter 1:


The One-Man Army

In the times of old, there lived a hero so powerful that made even the natural forces heed its call. From earthquakes to volcanic eruptions, terrorizing both citizens and enemies alike.

Alongside the hero, a dragon dwelled into the affairs of all. From spewing flames, melting armies into rivers of silver and gold which spread for miles on end.

Battles that went on for centuries, dragged on by the humans with their greed leading them on a war they had no hope of winning. The hero merely toyed with them; running circles around, destroying food supplies, contaminating water supplies.

Humans, who are led astray by greed, pride, and jealousy, recklessly waging war on their brothers of old only to gain a false sense of power to fall deeper into their drunken abyss.

But not only humans are bound to these negative emotions. Our hero, many times, had succumbed to anger and jealousy with its companion. Burning and pillaging, plundering villages, both wealthy and disease-ridden. Not thing stopped the two walking calamities.

In the end, our fiendish hero settled down in a town, creating connections and enjoying the ecosystem that the inferior had set up for their own survival.