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Chapter 4: Mistakes Were Made Part I

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Chapter 4: Mistakes Were Made Part I

I once again stumbled into the classroom; all of the Jōnin seemed to ignore me entirely until I was stopped. A hand placed on my head, and I noted how much pressure they applied.

“I heard there was another clown in this year’s graduating class.” The man said.

Clown. That’s a new one. I looked up at the guy who still hadn’t let go of my head. His grey hair and covered face told me everything. “You’re messing up my hair, One-eyed pervert.”

He loosened his grip and I got away from him. That was my sister’s mentor Kakashi Hatake and the spy that would watch over Sasuke. I glared at him as he casually looked over me.

“It seems that time hasn’t done you any favors with that mouth of yours.” He closed his book with a slight blush.

“Yeah, and your taste in books have gotten worst.” I noticed the book cover: Icha Icha Vol. 3. “Seriously, Jiraiya? He writes like he’s never been with anyone in his life.”

Kakashi’s uncovered eye narrowed, and he stuffed his romance novel in his pocket stepping forward. I could feel the lightning between us clash in our glares. “It’s a best seller.”

“Yeah, for desperate people.”

“I remember when you used to read these with me.”

“Yeah, that was before she died, in case you forgot.”

“I haven’t.” Kakashi let out a sigh and went back to leaning against the classroom podium, shaking his head. The other two Jōnin stared at him, and the woman in specific chuckled.

“I didn’t know you already had a favorite Kakashi.” She said, looking between the both of us. Her name was Kurenai Yūhi, famous for being the village’s number one Genjutsu user with her top-tier illusions.

Red eyes, long black hair, her dress looked like wrapped bandages. Yup, she was easily a 9/10 in looks if she were ten years younger… I might have a weird thing for bandages. Then again, I think it’s a kunoichi style…

“I’m more concerned that you read the kid those books of yours.” The tall man that resembled a gorilla with his beard blew out a puff of smoke. That was Asuma Sarutobi, the son of the Third Hokage. I didn’t know what he was good at, but him being the Third’s son and a Jōnin meant he was at least a formidable ninja.

“Asuma, can you not smoke while in the building.” Iruka-sensei said, tapping on his clipboard.

“You sound just like my old man.” Asuma reluctantly put out his cigarette. Where Kurenai nodded in approval.

“Could you also not refer to the Third Hokage as ‘old man’?” Iruka-sensei really seemed to be pushing his luck. Until he added, “At least not in front of the kids.”

Asuma seemed to not care about the rules at all, but he didn’t argue. Instead, he just gave Iruka a word of advice. “They’re not children anymore. They’re ninja.”

On that note, I started to walk to my seat and noticed that not only did Sakura take my spot next to Sasuke, but Naruto was also face to face with him. What the hell?

I thought they were too close to each other, but when the entire class went silent. I noticed something strange, Ino and Sakura both looked dead inside. I couldn’t tell from my angle at first, but when I heard someone say, “Sasuke’s first kiss… stolen.” I saw it, their lips locked, followed by the two gagging and spitting onto the floor.

“Bwahahaha!” I couldn’t hold back my laughter even as all the girls in class glared at me. I didn’t care. After seeing Kakashi again, I needed this. Tears flowed from my eyes. “Sorry ladies, it looks like Sasuke’s taken.”

“Don’t mind him. He’s an idiot with no filter for his shitty jokes.” Sui said, guiding me forward while I continued to laugh. The girls continued to give me death glares blocking the way until Sui reminded them of someone more important. “But I can’t believe Naruto took Sasuke’s first kiss. Unlucky, I really thought one of you had a chance. Such a shame.”

“She’s right.” One of the girls said.


“Wait. Sakura. It was an accident. You have to believe me. You have to believe me!” There followed the screams of Naruto, receiving the full fury of girls in love.

I kept laughing until it started to hurt, and I had no choice but to stop. Sitting down next to Sui, she stared at me with her one eye narrowed. I might be in trouble.

“You finished?” Sui said, tapping her finger against the desk.

“Hah… I think so.” I tried calming down, still chuckling to myself. “I can’t wait to tease Sasuke about this at home.”

“You could have told me you knew Kakashi already.”

Oh, so that’s what this is about. I took a deep breath and calmed down, returning her glare. “You could have told me Kai was an ANBU.”

Sui had no physical reaction, but she did confirm she knew. “How did you find that out?”

“His teammate, some kid named Kasai.” She stopped tapping on the desk. She knows him.

I took her hand in mine and pulled her close. I felt her heartbeat quicken. A nice pace like a drum. Badum badum badum. “He also compared me to Itachi.” Her white eye widened, her face a lovely shade of pink. She was the only one who would actually compare me to Itachi. A praise I never took lightly. Badum badum badum. “You know him, don’t you?” Her lips quivered as if she was about to tell me, but there was a hesitation. I needed something else. An idea came to mind, and it was perfect. “Since I’m your boyfriend now, you should tell me.”

And just like that, her heartbeat slowed the magic gone. Sui pushed herself away from me, slipping out of my grasp, muttering as she went back to tapping on the desk. She didn’t look at me; the blue streak in her hair covered her eye.

“What was that?” My voice came out a whisper, almost like a snake’s.

“Don’t do that. Ever. Again.”

I reached out to her. She didn’t stop me, and I moved her hair aside. Where there should’ve been tears instead, her Byakugan was active. The veins on her face pulsating. I had never seen her so angry before, but even then, I didn’t sense any blood lust come from her. She had hidden it well, probably to not cause a scene.

“Me being a ninja and your girlfriend are separate. Never use that as a card with me.” Within her eye, I saw myself… The face I made… I had a wicked smile, and it disgusted me. I pulled my hand away from her. I couldn’t bear to see myself anymore.

“Promise me.” Sui said. I didn’t have to see her face to know she was staring at me. Seeing through me for an answer. I hated those eyes at times like this. It prevented me from hiding from the truth.

“I promise.” I said, slumping in my seat, defeated.

“Good. Now let’s go meet our sensei.” She said with a smile, her hand outstretched, the tensed veins no longer visible.

I didn’t smile, but I gladly took the hand that reached out to me. I just wasn’t sure if I smiled again if I’d have one that inspired trust. Or disgust. 

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