Chapter 11:

Chapter 4: Mistakes Were Made Part II

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1

Chapter 4: Mistakes Were Made Part IIBookmark here

When we got to the front of the classroom, I noticed everyone was gone except for Iruka-sensei. I assumed they all had formed their teams while I was busy being a dick… Bookmark here

I glanced at Sui, who seemed to have already brushed it aside as she kept messing around with her forehead protector, which extended lower to cover her Sharingan eye. It reminded me of Kakashi’s. I hope Sasuke’s ok. Bookmark here

Iruka-sensei ended up breaking the silence once he had found us on his clipboard.Bookmark here

“Yuki Uchiha and Sui Hyūga.” Iruka-sensei took a pause as if he was building up suspense. Sui didn’t look worried, so I relaxed. “You two will now be known as Team 9.” Bookmark here

“See, told you.” Sui said with her eye studying me once more. “If we’re going to be stuck together, we might as well trust each other. Completely.” Bookmark here

That was her way of saying I should probably trust her reasoning as to why she didn’t tell me about Kasai. Yet wasn’t she also the one who questioned me about Kakashi? “Wait. Aren’t we supposed to be a four-man-cell? There’s only two of us.”Bookmark here

“Well, three if you count Iruka-sensei.” Sui replied nonchalantly as if there was nothing wrong with what she just said. Bookmark here

“You don’t mean…” Bookmark here

“Yup.” She had a devilish smile on her face. Bookmark here

I could feel myself shrink at the thought of Iruka-sensei leading the team. I would one hundred percent learn nothing from him. I mean, he wasn’t even a Jōnin… unless he was recently promoted, but even then, what Jutsus could he even use? I had never seen him fight before, but I was certain even Naruto outclassed him in a fight. Bookmark here

“No!” I huddled up in a ball. “I refuse to accept Iruka-sensei as the highly trained ninja fit to lead our team as the mentor.” Bookmark here

“Ahahaha.” Sui burst out laughing. She held onto her sides and everything. I probably would have found her laughter entertaining if I wasn’t in so much emotional pain. But this was no laughing matter. I needed to figure out a way off this team. Bookmark here

“You–you really thought… You really thought… he was going to lead us. Ahahaha. Iruka is a Chūnin… hah… Still in his thirties… hah… He can’t lead us.” Bookmark here

“But-but you said.”Bookmark here

“I was just paying you back for earlier.” She said, wiping a tear from her eye. “I’m pretty funny too, you know.” Bookmark here

“He’s not on our team either right?” I stood up slowly, still trying to fish out for the truth.Bookmark here

“Nope. It’s just you and me.” Sui said, leaning against my shoulder.Bookmark here

“Phew. Thank god—” Bookmark here

The vein on Iruka’s face looked as if they would burst at any moment. Even the clipboard he held snapped from his rage. “I’m standing… Right… Here!” Smack! Smack! Bookmark here

We both received, hopefully, our final cases of knuckle sandwiches from Iruka-sensei. “I take back what I said yesterday. You two will probably be the worst ninja in the history of the Leaf village!” Bookmark here

Sniff. Sniff. “That’s a pretty mean thing to say Iruka-sensei.” I said, rubbing the fat lump on my head.Bookmark here

Sniff. Sniff. “Agreed. I didn’t even think Iruka had it in him.” Sui said, rubbing the fat lump on her head as well.Bookmark here

Iruka sighed after seeing us like that. “I’m sorry. What I meant to say is that you two should watch what you say. It could hurt a person’s feelings.” He kneeled down and ran his hands through our hair, only to stop once he heard our snickering.Bookmark here

“Bwhahaha.” We both couldn’t help ourselves and started laughing, only to once again receive two blows to our noggins.Bookmark here

“Man, my hand is starting to hurt.” Iruka waved his swollen hand back and forth. Bookmark here

“Yeah, sorry about that Iruka-sensei. It’s just…” I looked at Sui, who I knew had the same thing in mind. Bookmark here

“You’re too nice for a ninja.” Sui said, finishing my sentence. Bookmark here

I watched him just stare at us. It looked like he was going to ask a question but then shook his head. I was so sure he’d ask us the stupid question of ‘what does that mean?’ or ‘how did we know?’ but he showed me that he really was a great teacher that knew his students well.Bookmark here

“You’re right. I am too nice for a ninja.” He flicked both of our headbands and then straightened his own, giving us his signature warm-loving smile. “But that doesn’t mean you have to be mean to be a ninja.” He stood up after giving us his personal words of wisdom. Bookmark here

“Team 9, you two will be going to speak to the Third Hokage and find out who will be assigned as your team’s sensei. Got it?” Iruka-sensei said, giving us our first unofficial mission as a team. Bookmark here

“Yes sir!” We both saluted for some reason. Bookmark here

With that out of the way, I truly felt like a ninja. I decided I would do something fun. Our classroom was on the fourth floor, and I always wanted to jump out of the window. Never did it before because it would draw too much attention since I had to do it before Iruka-sensei caught me. He was still a Chūnin, so outrunning him would be too much for my class to see. Yet no one was around, and besides, even if he did see my wind style, I doubt he’d care. I started to do the hand signs.Bookmark here

“What are you–”Bookmark here

“You’re doing this now?”Bookmark here

“Wind Style: Whirlwind Sprint Jutsu!” I ignored them both and appeared before the sliding window, propping it open. I don’t know if the wind I felt came from myself or from outside, but I loved it. My clothes blew all around, and I thought about Iruka-sensei’s smile. How it warmed my heart. That’s the one. That’s the smile I want to give people. Not that other one... It scared even me. Bookmark here

I turned back to see Iruka’s jaw dropped. While Sui just shook her head as she walked towards me. I smiled at them, hoping it was just like Iruka’s: one of my beloved sensei’s. Bookmark here

“Next time you see us, we’ll be great ninjas. Alright!” Bookmark here

With that, I stepped out of the window, falling face first. I felt the breeze beat against my cheeks. It was… incredible. I wonder if I could learn to fly using wind style? I’d have to figure out how to practice it. Man, hiding my chakra natures is annoying. Bookmark here

As the ground came close, I flipped myself around and landed with ease. I ran my fingers through my hair and flicked out the tuft that stuck out, fixing its jaggedness. With the Jutsu dissipating, I stared at the window above, waiting for Sui. I was hoping to catch her bridal style. It would be pretty smooth, I thought, until I felt a tap on my shoulder.Bookmark here

“Are we going to stand here all day or?” Sui just stood next to me casually, as if she had been there the whole time.Bookmark here

“What–How–I mean.” I kept flicking back and forth from her to the window when she just laughed. “I was supposed to catch you and carry you like a bride.”Bookmark here

“In your dreams.” I felt her hand entwine with mine, and she began to pull me forward. Bookmark here

“How did you get so fast?” I said, letting her lead.Bookmark here

“Oh, if you think I’m fast, you should see my brother. He’s even faster than me.”Bookmark here

“Really? How come?” Bookmark here

“His lightning cloak is just better than mine.” Our pace slowed down, and Sui’s eye seemed to shift downward. I had a feeling I should move the conversation away from her brother.Bookmark here

“How about after we find our sensei…” I scratched my cheek, not really sure if she’d even say yes, considering what happened earlier. “We go on another date?” I felt her hand clench against mine. Shit too soon. “I mean, we don’t have—”Bookmark here

“Sure! That sounds good. No great actually.” She started to perk up, and we were well on our way again. “Except there’s one problem?”Bookmark here

“Which is?” Bookmark here

“With what money.”Bookmark here

Then it dawned on me. I was broke, and worst, Shikamaru still had my wallet. I’d have to ask for it back… Bookmark here

Almost like an echo in my head. I heard Shikamaru’s voice say, “This isn’t enough,” reminding me that he might have had to pay some of his own money for last night’s celebration. On second thought, I’ll just get a new one.Bookmark here

Sui must have seen my face because she just laughed. “Guess we’ll be doing missions until we have dating money.” Bookmark here

“Wait, you’re broke too?”Bookmark here

“You think I get paid enough to take care of you? Hell no. You’ll find out the higher-ups are cheapskates.”Bookmark here

“Who uses the word cheapskates anymore,” I said, laughing. Bookmark here

We stopped, and I noticed her glare. I stopped laughing, but that didn’t stop her from shoving me into the Hokage’s office.Bookmark here

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