Chapter 1:


Swan Dive Riot

'where am I?'

A series of clinks resounded inside his head


The clinking sound increased its pace immediately

'what the hell is that?!'

The noise is becoming more intense, the sound has become unbearable, waking him in a daze.

“Oh you're awake, care for some coffee?”

“Huh? Who are you?”

As the questions slid out of his mouth his eyes immediately widened, his body automatically moved into a stance as he noticed the surroundings. They're in space he can see heavenly bodies spanning across his field of vision. He cupped his mouth checking for air then proceeded to looked at his feet he didn't dare move an inch.

“Don't be so tense, relax have some coffee, Its Arabica”

As the mysterious man gestured to a set of table and chairs

“What.. what do you mean? Answer me who are you? Why am I here?”

His instincts kicked in immediately making out this situation he's in, he knows that the person in front of him is someone he has to be cautious about. His eyes darted everywhere analyzing the surrounding while thinking of an escape plan.

“You've never seen a handsome god before? It seems you forgotten that you've died.”

Recollection of the event hit him, the moment of his death he remembers them clearly. The moment he got stabbed in the back by his partner while on a mission to assassinate a high profile individual. The mysterious man proceeded to talk.

“Where you are now is not really important. what's important is where you're going. I'm giving you another chance to live”

“Why me? Return me back, I have to kill that son of a bitch”

He acted like he didn't hear him, as he sips his cup of coffee. The conversation doesn't really help with his leisure behavior, as if his guard is down but at the same time, it's not.

“In due time you will, by the way, the world you are heading to is a world prosperous of magic, ruled by kings, where strength is authority, towering beasts roam the land and unpleasant weather. Enjoy!”

Without a moments notice a force immediately pulled his body, flying into the galaxies warping the light around him. The light creeping into his sights slowly till completely engulfed his vision.

Black Out