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Chapter 6: Shenanigans Part V

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Chapter 6: Shenanigans Part V

I had taken a shower, changed into my sleepwear, and was currently lying in bed staring at the ceiling. Hiruzen-sensei wasn't kidding when he said they took everything from our homes. My room had all my belongings, including the Masked Man's orange shard. It wasn't in its picture form, but I don't think the ninja who took it thought anything about it. I placed it into the dresser that I now had before picking up my sheets and a pillow.

I stepped outside my room door into the dark hallway. I assumed Hiruzen-sensei turned off the lights and cleaned up because I didn't step on anything along the way. Only stopping once I was in front of a door that read 'Sui Hyūga,' I knocked on it. I hope she's not asleep. There wasn't an answer, so I tried knocking on it harder. Until I heard a groan come from the other side.

"What do you want Yuki…" Sui's voice called out, exhausted.

"How did you know it was me?" I said as the door opened. Sui wore a white negligee that showed she indeed wore a bra. Nice.

"Because only you would knock on my door expecting me to be up just because you're not asleep," Sui said with a growing twitch from her eyes.

"You know I had almost forgotten how good you look with two eyes."

She closed the door in my face, and there was a click! from the other side. She locked me out!

"Wait-Sui-please. Just hear me out."

"What do you want, perv."

"Ok first, I'm not a pervert. Any man would have done the same thing given the circumstances. And second, I couldn't sleep. I guess I'm too used to having Sasuke around ha-ha." It was embarrassing to admit, but I had never slept alone in my life.

There was always someone else in the room with me growing up. My sister and I shared a room when she was around, and when she wasn't, I shared a room with Sasuke. Even in the hospital, I was comforted knowing that Tayuya and Sui were asleep in the same room.

"Ok. Fine." Sui unlocked the door and opened it. "But I'm still mad at you, so on the floor, you go."

"Way ahead of you." I showed her my blankets and pillow… "Wait a minute, if you weren't mad, we could sleep in the same bed?"

"Good night, Yuki." Sui was already back in bed by the time that realization kicked in.

Her room was the same size as mine along with the minimalist no decorations look. Nothing really stood out to me except for this picture on her dresser of her, Kai, Kurai, and a kid with a red streak in his hair who I assumed was Kasai. They were super young in the picture, which led me to believe that they had known each other for a very long time, but she never told me about them. Weird. And it didn't seem to be taken in a place I had ever seen in the Leaf Village. Are those tu—

Knock. Knock. Knock. Was the sound that interrupted me, and Sui rolled over, pressing her face together. She looked pissed, and I knew letting her get up would not be the best option. I ended up opening the door and was pleasantly surprised by another lovely sight. Tayuya was standing at the door without her cap on, just letting her crimson hair hang all the way down. Wearing a black camisole and black panties. Impressive.

"To what do I owe the pleasure—"

"Go to hell scum." Tayuya walked past me with her pillow and bedsheets in tow. She plopped down on an open space in the room and proceeded to get comfortable.

"And I thought we were getting off on a better foot."

"Go to hell Uchiha scum. Is that better?" She said as she rolled herself up into a wormlike cocoon.

Cute. "But why are you here?" I said, closing the door.

"Why are you here?" Tayuya shot back.

"Because she's my girlfriend and–"

"Yeah right, nice joke. I can only sleep so well because of you two going at it all the time."

"Oh, so you can't sleep without us?" I said, lying down in my spot. Next to me was Sui, who was in bed, and Tayuya was on the other side of me, sleeping on the floor.

"Screw you. It's only because I was trapped in a bed for a week with nothing to do! And I need my sleep!"

"I need my sleep too! So can you both zip it! or Leave!"

We both shut up after that since we were really poking a bear.

Some time passed, and I still hadn't gone to sleep yet, so I started thinking how strange this was. All of us sleeping together like one of those sleepovers I used to do at Sasuke's house. It was relaxing. "It would be me, Sasuke, Itachi and sometimes my sister Yukino would be there too. Oh, and Itachi even brought this half Uchiha girl over one time, well, more like she brought herself over, but it was hilarious. No one expected the genius to actually have a crush on anyone."

"Who are you talking to, Uchiha Trash?"

"W-was I thinking out loud?"

"Yes, you were. It's keeping me up." Tayuya had her back turned to me, so I couldn't see her face. I thought she was asleep. Unlucky.

"Are you sure it's not the monster in the bed?" I said as a loud snore erupted from Sui. I never knew she snored. It was going to take some getting used to. Especially if we ever decided to live together. Aren't we already living together? Considering I was in the same room as her, I assumed we were. Cool.

"Ok fine, you're not the one keeping me up this time, Uchiha Trash."

"You know you can call me Yuki, right? My name is fairly easy."

"It's pointless for me to know the name of garbage. Knowing you're an Uchiha is enough for me."

"Is that right? Was that what Danzō told you to do?"

She turned onto her back and glanced at me, then Sui. "Are you two really together?"

"Nice change of subject, but sure I'll bite. I don't need to know what you have to do with Danzō to know you're more than his dog." I stared up at the ceiling and took a deep breath. "We don't look like it, but we are. Officially since a week ago. But in my mind, and I'm sure in hers too, we've been together for five years now. About to be six in the coming months." I said, counting the fingers on my hand.

"That doesn't explain the bickering. Or you being a piece of shit who can't stop looking at other girls. I saw you eyeing me with the Hokage, that old fart."

I started to laugh. "You're right. I do look at other girls a lot, don't I? I can't help it. It's just how I deal with stress. Just like Sui deals with her stress by hanging out with me. Besides, she knows I only have eyes for her." I covered my left eye and activated my Sharingan. Literally.

Ever since that day, I hated looking at those blood-red eyes, but the moment I saw Sui's, it made me feel better about them. Even though they scared me at times. It took a while, but I slowly grew used to them and their look. I just needed to get over the cold feeling they gave me.

"Does she know that? Because I feel like you're just a pest that stresses her out even more."

"She does now."

Tayuya looked at me as if I was crazy, but there was a shuffle from Sui as she turned over and faced us. Her eye gleamed red. "How'd you know I wasn't sleeping?"

I pointed to her Sharingan eye. "Our eyes are connected, remember." I laughed as she turned off her Sharingan in a flustered fit.

"Th-that's not true… Sharingans don't work like that."

"No, they don't, but I didn't take you to be someone who snores. So really, it was just a guess until you showed yourself."

Sui laid back down with rose-colored cheeks and pulled the covers over her head.

"So how does it feel knowing I'm all yours—" A pillow came crashing into my face.

"That's how I feel. Now go to bed. You already got Tayuya sleeping. Now you need your rest." She was right; I hadn't heard Tayuya's voice in a while.

I turned my head, and she was indeed asleep in her cocoon. She looked harmless for a change. Very different from the muzzle-mouthed crazy person strapped to the bed look, that's for sure. A cute teenager for a change that even mumbled in her sleep. "St-sta… b-ba…ck"

Tayuya always said the same thing. Every night without fail. Sui and I figured that wherever she was from, it wasn't a good place. She had fought something or someone to get as strong as she was, and it seemed to haunt her. I placed my hand on her head for a change and stroked her forehead to comfort her. I couldn't do that in the hospital since we were further apart, but here it was easier.

"L-lo… Oro… maru…" Tayuya had mumbled something different for a change, and her body stopped fidgeting. She actually seemed to be relaxing.

Lord Oromaru? Weird boyfriend, you got there. Makes you call him Lord. Poor taste, to be honest. Once she settled down, I decided to take Sui's advice before asking one more question.

"Did I do well?" My voice came out softly. So soft, I was sure no one heard it.

"Of course. I almost wish today didn't end." Sui's words were the last I heard before I drifted off. I got the answer I was looking for, leading me to not have nightmares for a change.

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