Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

I want to know

I don’t know how many times I have been in this world. Sometimes I’m in a city, last week I was in beach and maybe next week this place can be a forest, everything around me is changing, the only thing that doesn’t change it’s me.Bookmark here

My hair is always black and long my skin white and pale, and my eyes brown as always. It doesn’t matter how much I eat or how many days I can spent without eat anything my weigh is always the same. I never change in a word full of changes. Bookmark here

“But why is that?”Bookmark here

“Where am I?”Bookmark here

“How I ended up here?”Bookmark here

There is another thing that I don’t know:Bookmark here

“Who Am I?”Bookmark here

I don’t know my name, where I was born, and neither when. I don’t know if everything around me is real even me, but the only thing that I know is that I want to find out the answers.Bookmark here

Everything is a forest right now. Trees with delicious fruits are everything around me.Bookmark here

I took one apple, its taste it’s like nothing, no taste.Bookmark here

I took a grape, the same happened.Bookmark here

It’s always the same.Bookmark here

I went to sleep.Bookmark here

I woke up, it’s hot. Since it can becomes night or day from one minute to another I can’t be sure how long I was sleeping but right now the sun is in the middle of the sky maybe it’s noon.Bookmark here

Sand is everywhere; well it’s the only thing that I can see. Bookmark here

Despite the fact that is really hot I’m not thirsty.Bookmark here

I turn around, seems that some cactus are having a picnic. Three of them are smaller than the rest and they are playing with a coconut. They are their kids maybe. They are having fun. Bookmark here

A little thing came running to me, a dog? He wants to play. I pet him but I ended with my hand full of thorns. I’m bleeding but I don’t feel pain.Bookmark here

He lost the interest and came back with his owners. I turned my eyes to the other side.Bookmark here

“Do you want...?”Bookmark here

My heart stops and I freeze, I heard a voice, one that’s not mine. Bookmark here

“Do you want to know?”Bookmark here

There’s something that I can call a rule in this world. It’s doesn’t matter what appears in front of me even if it is a living thing, I’m the only one that can talk but now that rule has been broken.Bookmark here

I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find anyone, even the cactus were gone, wait a minute, even the sand it’s gone, the sun it’s now gone.Bookmark here

Pitch black it’s the only thing around me right now.Bookmark here

A light appears. It was too shiny that I had to cover my eyes. Bookmark here

A voice came from the light.Bookmark here

“Do you want to know?”Bookmark here

Even if I didn’t know what was happening I knew my answer.Bookmark here

“I want, I want to know what is to feel”Bookmark here

I woke up.Bookmark here

A forest.Bookmark here

Every part of my body hurt. A strong pain went through my bones.Bookmark here

I was starving.Bookmark here

My hand was bleeding and the pain was indescribable.Bookmark here

I smiled.Bookmark here

I can feel again.Bookmark here

“How can you smile? It doesn’t hurt you?”Bookmark here

I heard the voice again.Bookmark here

Despite the pain I feel alive.Bookmark here

“You can know everything but the answers can be too much for you”Bookmark here

I don’t care, I want to know.Bookmark here

“I want to know where I’m”Bookmark here

I woke up.Bookmark here

A bed.Bookmark here

A headache hit me. My hands were really thin and I was thirsty.Bookmark here

The room where I was seemed to be abandoned.Bookmark here

I looked through the window. I was in an abandoned city.Bookmark here

The days passed and I feel like dying and now the days use to last 24 hours.Bookmark here

After days I heard the voice one more time.Bookmark here

“What do you want to know?”Bookmark here

I hesitated a little, but I gave my answer.Bookmark here

“I want to know, who I am”Bookmark here

I remembered everything my family, my friends, this world that was full of people and also my name.Bookmark here

Clare.Bookmark here

But where is everyone?Bookmark here

“Do you want to know?”Bookmark here

I knew, that this question was different, I could feel and understand what this voice meant about the answers being too much for me, but I wanted to know.Bookmark here

“Where is everyone? And why am I alive?”Bookmark here

Pitch black surround me again but this time was different this time was really cold.Bookmark here

“Despite everything you wanted to know” Bookmark here


I want to know

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