Chapter 42:

Left Behind

How I (Accidently) Became a Demon Lord

Pelone reached the main Harpie group after far too long. She had not kept track of time but the sun was now well gone and the moon was rearing its head. She left the children with the others and bolted for the middle group, finding Nekra and Nasui walking alongside each other.

“Why are you?” Nasui asked quickly, his eyes darting towards the back.

“Fenrin.” She said, out of breath. “He's fighting alone. Need Rath.”

Nasui and Nekra shot looks at each other. “Get a harpy to report to Malphis.” Nasui said, his voice even and calm. “We can't leave the line though, they might try to flank us.”

“So we just leave Fenrin alone!” Pelone yelled out so loudly that all nearby harpies turned towards her. “I'll go help him then!” As she turned to leave Nekra suddenly flew up in front of her, sporting wings that weren't there before.

“Don't run off on your own.” Nekra said quickly. “I'll go with you, we can support him together. I'm sure he's fine.”

“You don't understand!” Pelone yelled out. “There were at least a thousand of them! We struggled as a group against a couple hundred but a thousand versus one! He's going to die! And they can fly! They will just pick him off from the air!”

“Pelone!” Nekra yelled out, Pelone quieting quickly. “You don't do any good panicking. Lets go support him, he is fine trust me.”

The two shot through the cold night air. It felt so bitter on Pelone’s face as she shot like an arrow back the way she came. She didn't even bother checking if Nekra was keeping up, her focus was on getting back to Malphis, if he died protecting her she wouldn't know what to do with herself.

Pelone’s wings beat hard, she shot over all the other Harpies, ignoring their gazes. Between wing beats her body would continue on pure momentum, not losing an inch of height. She was to far away, she wouldnt make it, she should have had someone else send word to Nekra and Nasui. Because she went herself Fenrin would be dead, it was her fault he would be dead because of her.

She saw his corpse on the ground. Blood red snow, his intestines pulled out by the Augurials, hollow eyes. She blinked away the image, she would fail, too late. She felt her eyes water, was it from the speed? He was willing to die for her people, it was impossible for him to have survived for this long, he would be gone.

Pelone stopped abruptly, her eyes in disbelief. She was back where she had left Fenrin, yet it looked completely different. The ground was littered with the corpses of Augurials, they were pushed back. Standing between the field of corpses and the lines of living Augurials, was Fenrin.

His shield was shattered, and he had been cut up by the spears and talons, but he still was breathing. It was more then breathing, he was slaughtering. Fenrin dropped his hammer down hard on the skull of an Augurial, crushing its skull on the stone beneath the snow. Several Augurials tried to sneak past Fenrin, who then grabbed a spear from a fallen Augurial and thrust it into the air, piercing into those that tried to evade him in the air.

It was beautiful in a way, he kept a rhythm, smash or slice with his weapon, grab a spear, throw it. He spun around, his body in a constant movement, his head being his guide. Fenrin’s body was leaning, allowing his top heavy body to spin with ease. Those that got to close would feel Fenrin’s horns dig into them, followed by being thrown back into the crowd. He was holding them back, his eyes in a blood rage.

“I told you.” Nekra said. Pelone just realized he was there. “Now, why don't we help him.” He took off, joining the fray. Nekra released a cascade of fire on several Augurials, avoiding Fenrin’s attack range.

Pelone felt her body descending in the air, she was frozen in disbelief. He was alive, and she was happy about it. Her vision blurred as the tears began to build up again, she allowed herself to sob in joy for just a moment. Pelone rushed in, shooting like an arrow again. Grabbing hold of a fallen spear with her talons Pelone thrust herself into battle. Instead of using the spear as a piercing weapon, she used it to slash the Augurials down.

She fought, keeping Fenrin in her peripherals, making sure not to get in the way of his attacks. In the dark it would be easy to mix up her and the Augurials, not to mention he had wanted to attack her before. They tore through their ranks, not letting a single Augurial escape. Before she knew it, the sun had risen.

The Augurials fled, their numbers dwindled so low they could not hope to beat these three threats. Pelone let herself hit the ground in exhaustion. She felt the blood from her wounds warm her.

“You came back.” Fenrin said, standing above her.

“I did.” She said, a smile creeping across her face.

“You shouldn't have, I didn't even hit a thousand cause of you.” Fenrin said, annoyed.

Pelone got up to her feet. “I'm sorry! You would have died!” Pelone yelled out.

“Doubt it.” Fenrin said, his wounds shallow.

“Don't be dumb!” Pelone yelled out. “Lords above to think I was worried about you!”

“I didn't ask you to be worried about me.” Fenrin said, turning away from her.

“You don't get the right to ask that!” Pelone yelled out. “Jerk.” she fell back into the snow, she felt so warm. Not from her blood though.

Rath stood over her, he breathed in and out as if he ran a marathon. “Glad you're alive.” he said.

“When did you get here?” She asked, unable to move.

“Just now, I'm sorry it took so long, we had to get your people safe. They got attacked at the castle, Malphis and Nasui held them off while I got your people safe. I came as soon as I could.”

“Everyone is okay?” Pelone asked.

“A few injured but nothing too bad, we should have healers taking care of them now.” Rath said. “Everyone made it, well except you three.”

Pelone would cry if she wasn't completely dry. “I'm so happy.”

“Thank you.” Rath said, holding out a hand for her to grab. “You kept Fenrin alive, thank you.”

Pelone let herself be pulled up, her wings and legs feeling numb. “I just didn't want him to die.” She lied.

Rath smiled. “Sure, well go with that.” He said with a laugh. “Nekra you good?”

“No injuries here!” Pelone heard from Nekra, he had a large tarp that he was filling with the Augurials spears.

“What is he doing?” Pelone asked.

“I brought it in case I needed to carry you guys back.” Rath said. “I think I have the strength to carry Malphis with these powers, maybe? But since you're all okay enough to move, I'm having Nekra gather their weapons, a tool for Criss.”

Pelone took a step forward, then dropped to her knees. “Looks like im not quite able to move.” she said weakly.

Rath smiled at her. “Hey Fenrin, can you carry Pelone?”

“Why me!” Fenrin yelled out.

“Cause I said so.” Rath said, looking back at Pelone and giving a sly smile. “She needs your support.”

“I'm injured too!” Fenrin yelled out.

“Oh, is the Great Fenrin too weak to carry this girl?” Rath egged him on. “I guess I can do it.”

“Don't you insult me!” Fenrin yelled out, appearing over Pelone, lifting her onto his back. “Wrap your arm around me, don't want you falling.”

Pelone felt her face get hot but wrapped her wings around him. Rath dragged the tarp of weapons across the ground, Nekra following behind Rath’s trail. They were all so tired, and yet they made it to the castle in a great time. She looked at the castle, she called this place home for a long time, she hasnt accepted Rath as her Master, but she would do what she needed to inorder to protect her people. Besides, some of these people weren't that bad. She thought that, as she drifted, nuzzling herself into Fenrin’s fur. It was the warmest thing she felt. 

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