Chapter 18:

Among Us (2)

Don't Die, Will

David never liked to attract much attention. So last time when he went to Arnold's place, he suggested Jack to take an early trip. The advantage about this was that, they would get more time to travel and would be able to get back quickly. That was what he did this time too. He notified Ren beforehand that they would start their journey 5 am in the morning. Ren didn't show any disinterestedness.

Only two people were going in this mission. When David was asked why he didn't want to bring more men, he answered that two people were enough and he also added that he didn't want to make his hands dirty with unnecessary bloods more than it already was. This leaded them to another problem. None of them knew how to ride a horse. So, their only option was to travel with Ren's motorbike. The problem was that, a horse makes lesser sound than a bike. As a result, there were some risks of attracting deads attention. But in the end, they couldn't help it and were unable to come up with a solution.

"Well, some risks have to be taken." That was what David replied with at the time.

It was exactly 5 am in the morning. Everyone was still sleeping. The weather was really cold and foggy. They had to put on some warm clothes to escape the chilly feeling. David predicted that it would start to snow in a few days.

"Marco, when do you even sleep?" David asked.

"Haha, I don't sleep." He said from up his post.

"Seems like that. You should take some rest once in a while. Every time I look at the gate, I see you guarding it. Don't you feel tired or anything?"

"I do, sometimes. But nobody likes to become a guard. So, I always end up being guarding the gate."

Ren took out his bike and pushed it without starting the engine. Marco opened the gate as quietly as possible.

"It would be a bit dangerous out there with all these fogs.They might appear from anywhere so be careful." Marco warned.

"Don't worry, we'll be alert. And if someone asks about our whereabouts, tell them we already left."


David started to walk and Ren was pushing his bike along the way. He would start the engine after reaching a safe distance to avoid from waking up.

"You need help?" David asked.

"No. I am fine."

"All right, if you say so."

They shortly faded away with the fogs. Marco heard a faint engine's noise after a while. The sound melted away in no time. When it got completely silent again, Marco got ready to close the gate again. He grabbed the gate's handle and pushed to close the door.

"Wait." A voice came from behind.

Marco turned his head and looked behind, "Oh, it's you again. Going on another jogging of yours?"

The person scratched the back of the head and smiled awkwardly, "I'll come back in no time."

"All right, all right." Marco said, "Go now."

The person left through the gate.

"Hey, you dropped something." Marco noticed. He picked up a folded paper from the ground.

"No, gimme that!" The person snatched it right away.

It shocked Marco. He froze for a moment.

"A-ah...sorry about that. I-it's a story I've been trying to write. It's not finished yet. So, I am embarrassed to show it to anyone."

"Why...are you even carrying it with you right now?"

"Oh, it's because...I have to clear up my mind. So, I am taking it with me. I will write it along the way so I am taking it with me."

"Hmm..." He looked at the person as it was kind of hard to believe, "Okay then. Be back in time."

"I will."


It was lunch time. Everyone was gathering at the school cafeteria. Today they brought the special sandwich, not to mention it was also expensive. Students always rush at the cafeteria for that special meal when it gets available. Today wasn't also different. It was 1st of the month, the special sandwich day. One problem was that they get sold quickly. So, one had to hurry to get one of those. 

Will never had a special sandwich before as they were expensive. But he always saw the amount of craziness among the students for this food.

What is so special about that? He always thought.

He had a habit of spending his money and not saving them. So, by the end of a month, he never had the money to afford the sandwich. So one day he made up his mind started to save some money. At the end of the month, he finally had the money to buy it. 

Today was the day. He jumped and ran for the cafeteria as soon as the bell rung. Otherwise, they would get sold out. When he reached the cafeteria, the place was already filled with people. He never pushed through a crowd and bought lunch. He always found himself waiting for the crowd to go away before he could buy his meal properly. So seeing all those people, he was a bit hesitated, not like he wasn't expecting that. But in his mind, he knew that today wasn't the day to sit back and wait for the crowd to go away. He gathered all his courage and melted with the crowd. After struggling his way through, he was finally able to buy the special sandwich.

I've waited so long for you!

Will decided to take his time and eat it slowly. Because, it would be the first and last time he would be able to experience the taste of this sandwich. Only he knew that how hard it was for him to come out of his comfort zone and save all the money.

For this day. For you.

Will was walking through the hallway to his class, was holding the packet of the sandwich. It was warm. But he didn't start eating it, not yet. First, he would make his way to his classroom, sit down comfortably and put the first bite. His mouth got all watery just from thinking that. He was so lost in his little fantasy that he didn't notice someone was coming from the front. Will bumped with the person and fell on the ground with his sandwich.

N-no no. M-my sandwich. He picked up the packet and looked inside, Phew, you're alright.


T-this v-voice. He looked up at the person he bumped with, A-Arthur.

Arthur was standing in front of him all mighty with his whole gang.

"Whatcha got there?" His voice was as scary as always.

"I-it's nothing." Will stood up and started to walk away.


Will froze.

Arthur inhaled deeply, "That smell."

Will slowly turned around and looked at Arthur. He knew what was coming. All his hard work for this meal, everything was about to go to vain.

"Arthur!" One of his gang member came running from the direction of the cafeteria, "T-they...they all are sold out."

Arthur looked at the guy with cold eyes but didn't said anything. He turned his head and looked at Will with a smile on his face.

"Don't worry about that. I already got what I wanted." He mumbled.

"Arthur, stop." Nolan said.

But Arthur wasn't one to listen.

Just then, Will woke up from his sleep and sat down quickly. His breathing was unstable and was sweating a lot even in this cold weather.

Another one of those nightmares. He covered his face.

He looked outside the window. The sunlight was filling the room through the window shades.

It's morning already?

He got up and washed his face, spent a couple of minutes stretching his body. Then went outside. Just like any other day, his day started. 

Olivia was practicing her arrow shooting along with Emma.

"You're up at last, late riser." Olivia said.

"Umm...what time is it?" He scratched the back of his head.

"Probably 11." She replied.

He yawned and sat on a chair next to him.

"Ahh, it's freezing." He said.

"Well, winter is almost here." Emma replied.

"Where's Ethan?"

"Must be asleep."

Olivia shot an arrow, "Tch, missed by a centimetre or so."

"Let me show you how it's done." Emma pulled the bow string and shot, "Haha, see that?"

"Sorry, something got in my eyes. What were you talking about again?" Olivia acted like she didn't see the shoot.

"Yeah, very funny."

Their conversation was going on and Will was listening to them without saying anything.

"Hola." Julia came out of the center house with Himari, "What are you guys doing?"

"Practicing shooting." Olivia answered, "You wanna give it a try?"

"R-really? Well, I am not that good."

"Take mine." Emma advanced her arrows, "Show Olivia what I taught you."


"Good luck, Julia nee chan!" Said Himari.

"Oh my, who is this cutie?" Emma tapped her cheek.

"Ummh! Why does everybody do this to Himari?" She backed off a bit.

"She's a daughter of the new comer, Himari." Olivia said.

"Oh, I didn't notice actually, my bad." Emma said back.

"Where's dad, Julia?" Will asked.

"I didn't see him either. Maybe he already left."

He did again, left without saying a word. Why does he even do that?

"Did he left alone?" Olivia asked.

"Nah, Himari's father is with him." Will replied.

"God knows where's Jack and the others." Emma said.

The mood got a bit dark with no one speaking. Will stood up from his sit and started walking away.

"Where are you going now?"

"I am gonna go check out Nolan for a bit."


Nolan tried to get up from his bed. But the wounded area was still itching and was hurting.

Tsk, I don't have the time to lie down.

The patient's room was empty. Juan also went outside. He was all alone in that room, bored. It was almost 1 week since he was shot. Everything was back to normal but him. Juan mentioned before that it would take a few more days to be able to walk. But he found himself in hurry.

Suddenly, the door got open and a head peeked the room.


"Nolan, how are you doing now?"

"Ehh...the wound is basically healed. But, it's still itching a little."

Will got closer to him.

"Will, what I said you the other day...did you do it?"

"Ah-ah, n-no. Not yet." He scratched his head.

Nolan let out a deep breath, "I feel like...we are running out of time for some reason."

"Why...are you thinking that?"

"Think, Will." He said, "Ruby could be dead by now."

Will didn't respond but stood there with an awkward pose.

"Huh, why didn't you do it yet?"

"Don't blame me." He replied, "They never left their room. I tried my best, but I can't do it alone."

"Yeah, figured it." Nolan got up and sat on the bed at last.

"Nolan, easy. Don't get up yet."

"You can't do it alone." Nolan said, "But we can."

"What do you mean? How are you supposed to help? You're still on the bed."

Nolan softly touched the wounded area and pushed himself off the bed with his right hand.

"Not anymore."