Chapter 1:

Champion's way (part1)

Hit wicket

(# is for dialouges that are said out loud Bookmark here

* Is for when a person speaks to himself. Bookmark here

Except for a few references of the past famous players and different famous Cricket matches or Cricket instances, everything else is fictional.) Bookmark here

Date: 25th June 1983
#John (commentator): Well It's the end of 1st Innings, India has posted a low scoring total of 183 on the board, they were all-out at 55.4 overs. Keeping the Brilliant form of west Indies batting line up in mind, I would say that the outcome of this match is pretty clear.......well! looks
like this may be it for Team India. Bookmark here

#Mike (commentator) : Well! we can't say that yet, As you know, India has suprised everyone with their performance in this world cup so far. Actually nobody even expected this team to make it to the finals, cuz up until this world cup India was never considered as a strong team by anyone. Even though this team consists of many upcoming Individual players, none of them were noticed, as none of them are as highly famed and reputed as the players of different power house natons in cricket......
You know what? Considering all odds that were against them, this team has pulled off a great feat by coming to the finals, The way all of the players have come together and have shown us an incredible team effort in all the matches until now makes me think that they can still handle this. Bookmark here

#John: You think so?,..... Huh Bookmark here

#Mike: Yeah! I mean come on, the match is not decided yet, the Indians still have a chance to turn this around by using their awesome bowling attack just like in previous matches. Bookmark here

#John: well even if we take that into consideration, I think It's gonna be pretty tough for the Indians to turn this around. I mean, against a rookie or a developing team this total would have been enough to defend, but against a team like west indies, who, FYI, are the current defending champions of the men's cricket prudential cup, it's almost impossible to defend such a score. I mean, just look at their batting line-up, they have the legendary Chris Lloyd and the great Bob Richards, also in addition to those guys they have the 2 explosive openers, Steve Greenidge and Mark Haynes. It's almost an impossible task for the Indian bowlers to take wickets while keeping these guys from scoring. Bookmark here

#Mike: well! let's Just wait and see
What happens. In second innings will it be the underdog team (Indians) or the will it be the defending champions (west Indians), that plays well and takes the 3rd prodential cup? Bookmark here

#John: well! You already know my answer Bookmark here

#Mike: Yeah but, Lets see what happens Bookmark here

"Back in the Indian dressing room"
Every player of the Indian team had their lunch. Everyone ate very little as they had no apetite (after what had happened) and were back in the dressing room, Everyone had their spirits down, the mood of the dressing room was totally dull and gloomy. A lot of stuff was going on in everyone's mind, since just a few hours ago no one would have thought that India would be shut down for such a low scoring total.
Even though everyone was aware that the 2nd innings was about to start, roughly in 2 hours, no one wanted to get out of the dressing room, Everyone were a little scared of how badly they might lose. Everyone was mad with their own performance in the First innings. Bookmark here

The only one who played a decent game
was, govind krishna (Nickname: gopi). He was the only one who scored above 30 in the 1st innings.
Gopi was sitting in the corner of the dressing room and was feeling irritated for being able to defend his wicket only for 38 runs. As an opening batsmien He felt that it was his responsibility, to give the team the good start it needed. Throughout the world cup Gopi's form was not that good, so atleast in the finals of the tournament he wanted to contribute his best to the team. He was frustated with himself, for not fulfilling his role in the team. Bookmark here

Parminder singh (Indian vice captain, nickname: Jimmy) was sitting right next to Gopi, resting his chin on his hand (both of them were fully dressed up and were ready for the next innings). Noticing that there was absolute Pindrop silence in the dressing room, Jimmy looks around at the dressing room and observes that everyone were lost in their own thoughts, He had a good idea on what was going on in their minds as he was also having the same thoughts. He could tell that the team was in serious need of some motivational words and he knew that the only people who could boost their spirits were the coach and the captain, who were nowhere to be found in the dressing room. Bookmark here

*Jimmy: where the hell are these guys ? Bookmark here

After 10 minutes of racking his brain on what to do and where the coach and captain were, Jimmy decides to go and search for them before it was too late. He turns to Gopi to ask him to come with him, but finds him deep in his thoughts. He had put on a very serious expression on his face. Usually gopi was a completely cheerful and a lively person, seeing him in such a serious mood, made Jimmy feel a little concerned. He had never seen Gopi being that serious throughout the tournment. He puts his hand on Gopi's shoulder, to draw his attention to him. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: Dude you ok? Bookmark here

Gopi gets a little startled, and looks towards Jimmy. Bookmark here

#Gopi:Huh?!... Yeah! Bookmark here

from seeing his face, Jimmy could tell that he was feeling pretty worried. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: It's just that you seem a little down than usual. Bookmark here

Gopi hesitates to tell jimmy about what he was thinking and stares at him for a short while, After a second or two he slowly turns away from Jimmy and looks down on the floor with a dull look on his face. Bookmark here

#Gopi: It's..... It's just that I wanted to contribute a lot more to the team,... especially in this final match. If I had given a more Solid start to our batting then the team wouldn't have been in such a state. Bookmark here

Jimmy knew what Gopi was talking about. He was sure that most of the batsmen in their team were feeling the same as he was also one of them. Even though he was maintaining calmness on the outside, he too was feeling the same way on th inside, But he couldn't vent out his emotions in front of the team as he was the vice captain it wouldn't improve the team's morale in any way. He didn't know what to say to Gopi and to the others who were feeling down. Even though he was hoping that the captain would adress everyone's worries, he had a little doubt that even Kamal (kamal dev ramlal) won't be able to lift their spirits, as he himself did not play that well in the 1st innings hence he himself would be a little dejected. Bookmark here

After thinking about the captain's situation and the pressure he could be feeling, Jimmy feels little concerned about him. He had known Kamal for a few years now, he knew that Kamal was not the kind of person who would crumble under pressure and chicken out, But in a high pressure situation where all the odds were against them, that too on the day of finals of the world tournnament, Jimmy doubted that even Kamal would feel low spirited. Bookmark here

#Gopi: JIMMY!! (Shouts)
Jimmy gets little startled on that. He was so lost in his thoughts that he forgets that he was talking to Gopi. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: Yeah!? (He looks at Gopi and realizes that he was trying to pep him up) Bookmark here

#Gopi: What happened?.... You were totally phased out. Bookmark here

#Jimmys: Sorry, I was just thinking about our skip. Bookmark here

#Gopi: (frowns) what about him ? Bookmark here

Jimmy hesitates a little to tell him about what he was thinking. He couldn't say that he was thinking that their captain was too scared to play the 2nd innings and was too embarrased to show himself to the team. Jimmy felt that, that would make Gopi more worried than before. Bookmark here

# Jimmy: Nothing I'm just wondering where Kamal and our coach are. Bookmark here

Gopi looks around and realises that he was
right, kamal and the coach were nowhere in the dressing room. Bookmark here

# Gopi: Yeah! (Little surprised) Now that you've mentioned it, I wonder where they are. Bookmark here

# Jimmy (sighs and speaks in a frustrated tone) Yeah!........ Where can they go at a time like this, especially when the team needs them. Bookmark here

#Gopi: hmm..... Bookmark here

Jimmy, feeling little impatient, gets up and turns to Gopi
#Jimmy: I'm gonna go and look for them, wanna come? Bookmark here

Even though Gopi didn't want to move and wanted to be alone for a little while, He gets up. Bookmark here

#Gopi: (sighs) Alright! let's go. Bookmark here

Before going they decided to let someone know to avoid confusion so, They go to the most senior player among them, sunil
Gaikwad, and tell him that they were going to search for both the coach and the captain (Judging from his expression they
understood that he too didn't notice that they were missing ) Jimmy tells him to keep an eye on the team for a little while and to handle the situation if something happens. Handing over the responsibility of the team to sunil, they come out of dressing room thinking about where to start searching for both of them. They come walking straight into the common hall where a lot of executives and other big shots were there. From the corner of the hall they quickly scan the room for both of them. Seeing that they they were nowhere
there, they search for them in different places on the same floor but couldn't find them. A few minutes later, After running arross the lord's building and Searching for them in different floors, they stop in a hall infront of the entrance of the famous lord's balcony to catch their breaths.
Jimmy looks at the Giant clock on the
middle of the wall, opposite to them, he realizes that they were running out of time there was only an hour and a half left for the start of 2nd Innings. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: Damn! Where the hell are these guys?! (Looks here and there out of frustration, hoping to find them) We are running out of time. Bookmark here

#Gopi: we have checked everywhere except the cafe area and the whole ground floor. Bookmark here

# Jimmy: Hmm... Bookmark here

#Gopi : Maybe they went back to the dressing room. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: Yeah,... maybe, but I think if that were the case someone would have come to us by now to inform us about it. Bookmark here

#Gopi: Hmm.... True... Bookmark here

#Jimmy: Searching, all the remaining places one by one may take a lot of time, I think it's better to search for them by splitting up, that way we cover more ground. Bookmark here

#Gopi: Yeah, that would be better. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: ok then, you search for them in the Cafeteria and also see whether they went back to the dressing room, I will search for them in the ground floor. Tell me if you find them. This is worst case scenario but if you can't find them and you don't hear it from me in an hour, you go back to the team. I'll be there by the time match starts. Bookmark here

#Gopi: ok! Bookmark here

After that both Gopi and Jimmy go down the stairs... In the first floor Gopi goes back the way they come, to go back to the dressing room, Jimmy continues down the stairs to the ground floor. After reaching the ground floor, he notices that there were a lot of people in the common hall infront of him, they all looked like VIPs, Reporters, photographers normal audience who had snuck into the building. Realizing that neither kamal nor the coach were there amongst all those people, He decides to look for them from the washrooms and all the other places in that floor. As the washrooms were to the right of the
Common hall, and since he had to pass through the common hall to go there, he decides to go quietly and yet quickly, to avoid any kind of attention. He quickly looks for them in common hall area while going from there and gets out of there. He then walks along the corridor that runs behind the audience stands. While walking through the corridor he hears lot of noise coming from the stands, a few moments later he realizes that It was due to all of the cheering, discussions and the other stuff going on in the crowd. Ignoring all of that Jimmy checks all the rooms that he comes across, but doesn't find any of the two. He then looks for them in the washrooms which were at the end of the corridor but doesn't find them there too, After a lot of searching for them in that corridor and not finding them, he decides to go and look for them in the remaining places. He comes back to the common hall of the ground floor and looks at the giant clock on the wall to his left, and realises that he was running out of both time and places for searching them.

*Jimmy: (sighs) Maybe they're somewhere near the ground. Bookmark here

He felt that it was a long shot, As no-one in their right minds would be strategising in such a nick of time leaving their team in such a dull state. In that situation the first thing that the team needed was a moral boost. Feeling that way, he heads towards the ground to look for them near it, even though he didn't expect to see them there, he wanted to search there just to make sure. Bookmark here

He walks out of the pavilion, ensuring that no-one sees him. After coming out of the pavilion, he looks for them near the boundaryline and everywhere else near the ground, but as he expected they were no where to be found. Bookmark here

He was about to go back into the pavilion when he unintendingly over hears a pair of 2 people talking to each other, he could tell immediately that they were news reporters, looking at their cameras and their Id cards. Both of them appeared to be foreigners. Bookmark here

#Nick : Well..... Disappointing.... I thought.... Indians..... better.....this. Bookmark here

Jimmy couldn't hear them properly from a distance, due to all the noise. Normally he wouldn't have bothered to listen but the
words "Indians" and "was better" made him feel little curious. He Silently walks towards the reporters and quietly stands at a 2-3 feet distance from the reporters and tries to listen their conversation. Bookmark here

#Duke: Yeah! after watching the Indian team's performance in this tournament, until this match, I thought that this team could go all the way and win the cup (sighs) it looks like west indies will remain as the Defending champions for this year too, (speaks with a disappointed expression on his face). Bookmark here

#Nick: well!.... it was our mistake that we thought that a team like India, actually had a chance against a powerhouse team like west Indies. It would have been a different story if It had been England or pakistan Australia in the finals. Bookmark here

#Duke: Yeah! Then the match would have been more exciting. Bookmark here

#Nick: exactly! Bookmark here

Nick looks back at the empty ground with a
little disappointed look on his face. Bookmark here

#Nick : well! (sighs). I guess this was, as far as team India could go. Bookmark here

saying that he silently stares at the ground for few minutes (as if he was sorry for the Indians). After a while both of them, suddenly notice that the time for the 2nd innings was drawing near. Bookmark here

#Nick: well! lets go back to the front, later it will be difficult for us to even move
as this area will be even more packed with people. Bookmark here

#Duke: ya okay,.... I have to use the restroom, could you wait for little bit Bookmark here

Saying that he turns to walk towards the
entrance of the building, suddenly he freezes in his tracks,..... He feels totally horrified as was directly looking at Jimmy who was standing at a little distance and was staring at them. Duke gets totally panicked just looking at him as he didn't know how to react, he just stood there with his whole body sweating. He noticed that Jimmy had put on a very serious expression on his face.
Duke understood that he was really angry, he was quite sure that Jimmy had heard their conversation, thinking about it caused his heart rate to rise very quickly and made his hands totally cold, and also he felt like stregnth in his feet had totally faded. The long and serious stare from Jimmy started to cause Duke's legs shake terribly. A few seconds later his pants started to feel little wet, right then Jimmy suddenly looks down at his pants and the expression on his face Immediately changes, He then walks away without saying a word to Duke. He didn't get what had happened, what made Jimmy put on a weird expression and leave. Feeling little puzzled duke collapses into nearest chair next to Nick. Nick was unaware of a thing that had happened. After few seconds, he notices that his friend who had went to the toilet had come back. Bookmark here

Nick: Hey,.... finished? Bookmark here

Duke couldn't say a word, he had a stupor look on his face, Nick feels little puzzled.
Noticing that something was wrong, he tries to speak to duke. Bookmark here

#Nick: What happened?...... Is everything okay? Bookmark here

Not getting any reply from him, Nick feels little concerned about him. Bookmark here

#Nick: what happened man? (asks again) Bookmark here

Still not getting any reply, he decides to try a different approach. Bookmark here

#Nick: Dude!! ( Shouts in an alert voice ) don't tell me, you accidentally went into the ladies toilet and saw someone naked? (ends it with a giggle) Bookmark here

Suddenly duke turns towards Nick and looks at him with disgust. Bookmark here

#Nick: What?!.... Ofcourse not!! Bookmark here

#duke: oh!... ( Looks at Nick disappointedly) so then, what happened? Bookmark here

#Nick: (speaks with a tensed up expression on his face) I think Jimmy has heard our conversation we had before. Bookmark here

#Nick: Jimmy? Who is that? Bookmark here

#duke: what?! You don't know who the Indian vice captain is? Bookmark here

#Nick: oh! You mean that Jimmy,.... Ok, so what? (Speaks casually) Bookmark here

Duke looks at him with a surprised look. Bookmark here

#Duke: "so what?" ? He is a big figure, you know, he could make us loose our jobs, if he wants to. Bookmark here

#Nick: come on!!... You're just over thinking it, he's just a cricketer of some other country, he can't do anything to us, also I'm sure that he doesn't even know our names. Bookmark here

Hearing that Duke looks at Nick, in a thoughtful way for few seconds. Bookmark here

#Duke: yeah!....... Maybe you're right. Bookmark here

Saying that he looks back at the place where Jimmy was standing, feeling little relieved.
After few moments Nick notices that a disgusting smell was coming somewhere close from him. Feeling little curious he looks here and there to find out where the smell was coming from. Bookmark here

#nick: say, don't you smell something awful? Bookmark here

#duke: huh? ( Comes out of his deep thoughts and realises what Nick was talking about ).... Yeah! I do Bookmark here

After few seconds Duke gets a feeling that the smell was coming from him. Feeling little anxious he looks at himself and discovers his wet pants. He stares, horror struck, at his pants. Noticing that duke was staring at his pants with a weird expression put on, Nick also looks at his pants,...... Seeing them he suddenly bursts out into loud laughter. Duke, with an embarrased red face, tries to rub off the wetness with his hands. Bookmark here

#Nick: OMG!!!!! You've peed in your pants? (Shouts out with amusement) Bookmark here

Duke grabs Nick around his neck, with his arm and closes his mouth with his other other hand, preventing him from shouting out loud. Immediately Nick jerks his hands off of him with disgust. Bookmark here

#Nick: thu! ( spits with disgust ) gross!!!....
Take off your hands, you aashole. Bookmark here

#Duke: S-Sorry!!
Saying that he wipes his hands to his shirt. Bookmark here

#Nick: god! I can't believe it. You have actually peed in your pants. (Chuckles to himself) Bookmark here

#duke: shut up! (speaks while feeling totally embarrassed) ....... i couldn't help it okay, Even you would have been scared in that situation. Bookmark here

#Nick: maybe! But I'm sure that I wouldn't pee in my pants.(ends it with a sarcastic giggle) Bookmark here

#duke: well, I have a problem okay.. Bookmark here

#Nick: yeah? Well, tell that to our friends, who are about to hear about this...( Speaks while getting up, with a mischevous grin on his face.) Bookmark here

#duke: ( speaks with a horrified face )..... You wouldn't.. Bookmark here

#nick:(speaks grinning at duke mischevously while slowly walking backwards, away from Duke) Maybe I will! Bookmark here

Duke gets up to stop him and seeing him get up, Nick runs away into the crowd towards the other reporters who were at the front side of the stands. Seeing him running towards the others, duke dashes off immediately and chases him........ Bookmark here

Jimmy comes back to the ground floor common hall, little frustrated and angry about the conversation between the reporters. He dwells on it, standing near a wall in the common hall, only for few seconds after which he suddenly notices the time on the wall clock on the opposite to the entrance of the pavillion, there was only about 1 hour left for the start of the 2nd innings. Bookmark here

*Jimmy: Aaah!..... thinking about this kind of stuff now is just a waste of time. Finding both of them is more important now. Bookmark here

He looks for both of them again in the hall, but just as before he couldn't find them. Bookmark here

*Jimmy: Tch! (Feels Frustrated) where the hell are these guys?.....It's almost time for the 2nd Innings to start. Bookmark here

Thinking so he dashes off towards the other corridor which was the only place remaining for him to search.
He enters the corridor and starts searching for them in every room, he even looks for them in the closet where the brooms, mop
2s and other cleaning stuff were kept. But to his dismay he couldn't find them there either.
He slam's the closet door shut with frustration and runs to other rooms in that corridor. Bookmark here

*Jimmy : Dammit! I am running out of both places and time to search for them. Bookmark here

lost deep in his thoughts, Jimmy runs across the corridor, searching for the 2 of them in every room that he sees. There were only 2 to 3 rooms remaining. His head was going crazy due to the match pressure, his teammates conditions, the dissappearence of their coach and captain and all of other stuff. He runs blindy across the corridor with his mind totally fixated on finding those two. Bookmark here

As he was nearing the next room, that was on the left side of the corridor, He notices that a person was leisurely coming out of
the room, which was on the right side of the corridor. Before he could clearly see who it was, suddenly another person hurriedly comes out of the room (on the left) carrying 4 magnum champagne bottles in his hands. Jimmy's eyes were still on the other person who had casually come out of room on the left side, before he could even notice the person holding the champagne bottles he crashes into him, both of them loose their balance and fall down with Jimmy on top and the champagne guy below him, and both of them on their chest, Both of them groan in pain. Bookmark here

# Champagne guy and Jimmy: (shout) OUCH!! Bookmark here

The champagne guy immediately realizes that the champagne bottles were no longer in his hands, he quickly looks up and to his horror find the bottles high up above them and falling away from them. Bookmark here

#champagne guy: SHIT... Bookmark here

Jimmy also looks up and finds that the bottles were 6 to 7 feet above the floor and were falling, two of the bottles were closer. He immediately Jumps up onto his feet, crouches down a little and dives forward to catch the bottles that were closer to him, his timing of the dive was spot on, he could place both his hands under the bottles and catch them just in time as they were about to hit the floor. The champagne guy immediately looks for the other 2 bottles and notices that a man (kamal) near the opposite room was already holding one bottle in his left hand and was about to act on catching the next one, the champagne guy notices that the other bottle was about to fall short of him, as it was not too high above ground. Bookmark here

*Champagne guy: crap! He won't be able to catch it. Bookmark here

As the bottle sails just above the ground kamal immediately dives to his front, holding the bottle, he had caught, close to his chest. As both the bottle and kamal were about fall onto the floor, kamal extends his hands and gets a hold of the bottle, he then turns over and falls onto his back, while holding the bottle above his hand, as to avoid the bottle from hitting the ground, and As he tries to lessen the impact of the fall, he continues his motion into a somersault on the ground and lands on his feet, in a crouched down, with both the bottles safely held in his hands. Bookmark here

# Kamal: phew!.... that was close! Bookmark here

The champagne guy feels a lot relieved and also amazed at the reflexes of both Jimmy and kamal. He slowly stands up and jogs towards Jimmy and takes the bottles and then goes to kamal, who was holding the remaining bottles and takes the bottles. Bookmark here

#Champagne guy: (speaks with a totally Impressed expression) Man! that was awesome. Thanks to you guys I won't be yelled at by my seniors, you guys are real life savers. Bookmark here

#Kapil: (grins at him) Don't mention it! Bookmark here

The Champagne guy smiles back at him. Suddenly he notices that upon a closer look that the guy he was talking to, seemed kind of familiar, he felt that he had seen him somewhere before. After thinking for few seconds, it suddenly strikes him. Bookmark here

#champagne guy: (shouts) Oooo....!(Points his finger at him) oh my god....! You're the Indian captain The "Kamal dev" Aren't you?! Bookmark here

#kapil: Yup, that's me (grins) Bookmark here

#champagne guy: (looks at him with a dazed expression) I can't believe this!...(Shakes with excitement) I am standing in front of the most amazing alrounder and one of the most famous captains ever? Bookmark here

He just stands there without speaking word
Staring at kamal, with a look of total admiration on his face, for a while. Seeing that he had totally phased out Kamal waves his hand in front of his face. Bookmark here

#kapil: uh... Helloooo? Bookmark here

The champagne guy comes back to his senses. Bookmark here

#champagne guy: Huh...?!,Oh....! Sorry sir. I just couldn't help staring at you,...It's just that you look way more cooler and awesome than I thought you had be. Bookmark here

# Kapil: well! glad to hear that (smiles at him) Bookmark here

Jimmy walks towards them Bookmark here

#Jimmy: Those are a lot of bottles, who are
they for?.. Bookmark here

The champagne guy turns to Jimmy. Bookmark here

#champagne guy: (looks at Jimmy with a totally bewildered face) Oh my God! I can't believe this I get to see 2 legendary players in the Indian cricket on the same day. I must be really lucky or something. Bookmark here

Jimmy gets a little flattered, but at the same time he feels a little puzzled,Jimmy noticed that he was wearing a players uniform. He could tell that he belonged to the opposite team. Bookmark here

* Jimmy: That's strange ? I know every player in the West Indian team, but I have no clue about who this guy is..... Maybe he has never been a part of the playing 11. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: umm... who are you, by the way? Bookmark here

# Champagne guy : Huh?......oh! .......(giggles), Sorry for that sir. My name is Eric lensher and I'm the 12th main of the west Indian team. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: oh! Bookmark here

Eric turns to Kamal dev. Bookmark here

#Eric: sir If you don't mind, can I shake hands with you? (Asks with a lot of excitement) Bookmark here

#Kamal: (lets out a chuckle) sure! Bookmark here

Saying that Kamal holds out his right hand,
Eric holds all the bottles in his in left hand and wipes his right hand to his shirt and then shakes Kamal's hand. Bookmark here

#Eric: Haaaa.......! (exclaims with excitement) I can't believe this, I am shaking hands with the "Kamal dev" himself , I'm not going to wash this hand, ever. Listening to that kamal laughs awkwardly. Eric keeps on shaking his hand vigorously. Bookmark here

#Eric: sir, I am a big fan of yours , I totally admire your batting style and your fast bowling, and your knock of 175 runs against Zimbabwe in this tournment... Oh god!.... that literally gave me goosebumpse! I wish I could've seen you play at that time. You really are an inspiration to many cricketers like me. Bookmark here

#kamal: (Smiles at him) glad to hear it. It
really is an honour for me to know that I'm one of those people to whom young and talented men like you look up to. Bookmark here

Hearing to those words Eric blushes a little he forgets that he was holding champagne bottles and lifts his hand to stroke the back of his own head, Immediately the bottles slip out of his hands and start to fall down Bookmark here

*Eric: oh crap! (Just realises what had happened) Bookmark here

*kamal and jimmy: Idiot!! (Both of them
Instantly get alert) Bookmark here

Both of them Instantly crouch down at the same time and catch the bottles before they could hits the ground. Seeing the bottles safe again Eric feels relieved again and laughs awkwardly, Kamal and Jimmy get up, each of them holding 2 bottles and hand them over to Eric. Bookmark here

#kamal: (Frowns a little) come on man! that's the second time in just 2 minutes, be a little more careful, will ya? Bookmark here

#Eric : (giggles awkwardly) sorry sir! My bad. Bookmark here

# Jimmy. By the way, what are these for? Bookmark here

#Eric : Oh....uh (hesitates to Reply) these are for..... after match..... celebrations. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: (feels little curious)..... After match celebrations? You guys are planning for the after match celebrations already?....... But the match is not over yet, Right? Bookmark here

#Eric: Well!.........(Avoids eye contact with both Jimmy and Kamal) Bookmark here

He stays quiet for few seconds. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: well, what?(Asks enquiringly) Bookmark here

From eric's face expressions Kamal understood what was going on. Bookmark here

#kamal: (speaks calmly) you guys feel that
this game is as good as over, don't you? Bookmark here

Eric gets taken by surprise by that question, he looks at kamal silently without giving any reply. Bookmark here

#kamal: Thought so!! Bookmark here

After listening to kamal and understanding what was going on, Jimmy didn't know how to react, he just stood there just staring at both of them who were also just standing there without uttering a single word. Eric felt that the situation had become pretty awkward .
After a while Eric breaks the silence by taking his leave out of sheer awkwardness. Bookmark here

#Eric: I'm Really sorry about that sir, but I have to go now, so if you'll excuse me... Bookmark here

#Kamal: (speaks casually, with a hand in this pocket) Yeah, sure!....... but just one thing before you go. Bookmark here

#Eric: (speaks while feeling little worried) yes sir? Bookmark here

#kamal: (speaks with a confident smile on his face) Just tell your captain that the match is far from over, and if he's thinking that out playing us in the 2nd innings will be a piece of cake, just because you guys managed to shake us up a little bit in the first innings then he is in for a big surprise. Just remember this that looking down on us will surely come back and bite you on your ass. Bookmark here

Saying so he just simply turns and heads towards the common hall leaving Eric behind in the corridor, who was staring at him in awe! As kamal walked towards the hall. Jimmy looks at Eric for few moments, to see his reaction..... Not understanding what was going on in his mind, Jimmy turns and jogs towards kamal to catch up with him and then Together they walk out of the corridor..... Bookmark here

Jimmy follows kamal into the hall, for few
minutes he didn't speak anything and kept on following him, he was feeling curious about what was going on in Kamal's mind. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: (looks at Kamal's back and speaks while following him) Do you really believe that we can defeat them? Bookmark here

Hearing his voice kamal stops walking and
turns his head towards him. Bookmark here

#kapil: Huh?.. Bookmark here

Jimmy slowly walks upto him, while looking at him and stops beside him.

#Jimmy: Do you really think that we can still beat them? Even after the way things have ended up after the 1st innings. Bookmark here

#kamal: (speaks with a straight face) Hmm...... It's not that I think we can win, I just know that we will win. Bookmark here

Jimmy looks at him with a lot of worry
and a little surprise at his mental strength
and confidence levels. He was standing on kamal's left, facing kamal, he was staring at him, when he suddenly he notices the time on the giant wall clock on the wall opposite to them. Looking at the clock Jimmy realises that there were only 30 minutes remaining in the start of the 2nd innings and remembers that he still had to find the coach. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: (speaks in total Panic) Crap! We are totally running out of time. Bookmark here

#Kamal: (turns towards the clock and looks at the time and speaks out casually) huh!......didn't realise that this much time had passed. Bookmark here

He turns towards Jimmy Bookmark here

#kamal: and here I was planning to go
around the building once more to check out this legendary Lord's building before we go back to our dressing room. Bookmark here

Jimmy gets totally surprised on hearing
Kamal's words. He stares at kamal, with a bizzare expression on his face, for few seconds. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: "Check out the building"?
Aren't there more important concerns than
that? Bookmark here

# Kapil: Huh?......... More important?, like what? Bookmark here

Jimmy looks at him, with a look of total disbelief on his face, for few moments. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: (speaks sarcastically) well!..... I don't know,... let's see,.... how about the thing that you should do before the start of the second innings? Bookmark here

#kamal: (strokes his chin and looks at jimmy thoughtfully for few seconds) Oh yeah! I wanted to go to the mess again and get some of all of my favourite food for later. The food here is really awesome.(saying that he grins at Jimmy). Bookmark here

This was enough to completely infuriate Jimmy, his face turns into boiling red in colour. He lifts his right clenched fist high up in the air and smacks Kamal very hard on his head..... Bookmark here

A few minutes later, Jimmy hurriedly climbs up the stairs with kamal following him, with a big lump on his head. Jimmy was totally disappointed by kamal's attitude. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: because of you we've wasted enough time. We've to hurry and go back to the dressing room without any further delay and you have to talk to the guys. Bookmark here

#kamal: talk to the guys? Why? what's wrong with them? (Asks casually) Bookmark here

#Jimmy: "what's wrong" ?!... They're bummed out, you idiot, Unlike you, normal players like us tend to get depressed when we don't play well (shouts loudly)......, and since You're the Captain it's your (stops climbing the stairs and turns and thrusts his finger onto Kamal's chest) responsibility to give them a pep talk. Bookmark here

#kamal: Ok Ok !, I get it,.... you don't have to shout out so loudly. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: I am "shouting" ?(shouts out of Irritation) your Irresponsible attitude is what is making me shout, you Idiot, I can't believe that you were roaming around carelessly while everyone else back in the dressing room are feeling seriously bummed out and I don't know, with what confidence you went ahead, and challenged those giants…....(continues to ramble) Bookmark here

Jimmy lets all of his frustrations and worries out at once. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: (still rambling).......and would you
care to enlighten me on what you were
doing in that room? (Finally stops). Bookmark here

#kamal: Huh? (Just then he realises that Jimmy had stopped talking).... What? Bookmark here

# Jimmy: What were you doing in that room?(repeats himself feeling pretty irritated) Bookmark here

#kapil:(looks at Jimmy with a clueless expression) what room? Bookmark here

The room that you were in, a short while ago (gives him an obvious look and starts speaking again before kamal could even reply)...... Well! I don't know what business you had in there, but was it more important than the team?....(starts rambling again) Bookmark here

#kamal: (shouts out impatiently) SHUT UP!!!! Bookmark here

Jimmy gets a little startled and stares at kamal with a blank face. Bookmark here

#kapil: Calm down okay! I know what my
responsibilities are, you don't have to lecture me about them, I wasn't made the Indian team captain just on someone's whim. (Speaks irritatedly) Bookmark here

Jimmy Stares at him silently with a serious
expression on his face. Bookmark here

#kamal: (Sighs) Come on now, we can do this later. Bookmark here

Jimmy climbs down the stairs to where Kamal was standing and stares at him. Kamal looks back at Jimmy with a chilled out look on his face. Jimmy couldn't understand that how could Kamal be so relaxed and chilled out in such a situation. It looked as if the fact that there is a good chance for them to lose the match in a humiliating way didn't seem to bother him at all, this made Jimmy feel a lot more frustrated and concerned.

#Jimmy: (speaks furiously) How can you be so chilled out and relaxed in a situation like this. Don't you feel atleast a little bit worried about this match. Bookmark here

Kamal: (with a straight face) what's there to
be worried about, It's pretty obvious who's going to win this match, isn't it? (smiles confidently) Bookmark here

#Jimmy: So you truly believe we can win, huh? (asks curiously) Bookmark here

Kamal Shakes his head in disagreement. Bookmark here

#kapil: (sighs)As I said ....I don't believe we can win,.....(looks at Jimmy with intense determination) I 'KNOW'... that we can win. Bookmark here

Jimmy looks at him with a mixed look of curiosity, admiration and worry on his face. Bookmark here

#Jimmy. (frowns) How can you be so sure?... Do you have some sort of perfect plan which won't fail at any cost? Bookmark here

Kamal grins at him silently Bookmark here

#Jimmy: well?! (asks impatiently) Bookmark here

#kamal: Kind of! (Grins again) but that's not the main reason of my confidence. Bookmark here

Jimmy stares at him, not knowing what to say. He really admired his guts and his optimism and he too wanted to think that way but he couldn't shake off his inferrior feeling. After staring at kamal for few moments, he speaks to him with a concerned look on his face. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: then what is it?! Cuz no matter how I look at it, the only possibility I can see is our humiliating defeat. Bookmark here

#Kamal: well, my gut tells me that we are gonna win no matter what, and let me tell you this my gut is never wrong. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: (looks at kamal with total disbelief) You're feeling confident about winning the Prudential cup final, Just because of a gut feeling?! Bookmark here

# Kamal: Mhmm..(Confidently smiles at Jimmy) Bookmark here

#Jimmy: I can't believe this, Do you even
remember who our opponents are? Bookmark here

Looking at Jimmy, kamal could tell that he was in a total panic. Bookmark here

#kamal: (sighs) come on now !...... you are over-reacting and worrying way too much. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: what?! I am 'over-reacting? For your Kind information this happens to be the prudential cup finals which players of every country dream of playing. It's not some normal galli cricket that people play back at home, we're playing against the defending champions. So it's not me who's over- reacting, it's you who is too chilled out and relaxed, when you must be acting serious instead... (starts to ramble again) Bookmark here

#Kamal: (understanding that prolonging the conversation further will won't do anything good, kamal Speaks Impatiently) Ok,Ok!! I get it,.... now... can we go? Bookmark here

saying that he walks away from Jimmy and starts climbing up the stairs (to avoid anymore lecture). Bookmark here

#Jimmy: (talks in a threatning tone, while watching kamal going up the stairs) seriously Kamal, if we lose this game in a humiliating way I swear I'm Going to Kill you. Bookmark here

#kamal: (speaks reluctantly) Fine, Fine!! Bookmark here

Not giving any heed to Jimmy's words, kamal climbs up the stairs and walks into the 1st floor common hall and turns right and walks into the corridor that led to dressing room with Jimmy following him. Before going into the corridor Jimmy looks at the giant clock on the middle of the wall right above the stairs, He notices that there were only 30 minutes remaining. Feeling totally worried he immediately runs to Kamal and rushes him into the dressing room.... Bookmark here

After entering the room, Jimmy notices that the atmosphere of the dressing room was different from before, all of them were still gloomy but there was something different. Bookmark here

#Kamal: What the hell is going on here?!.... Bookmark here

No one in the dressing room was fully dressed, some players only had their tracks on and were bare chested, some of them were in their shorts and were wearing jersies, some of them were only wearing shorts and some guys were smoking in one of the corners of the room, lost deep in their thoughts. All of them were totally phased out. Bookmark here

Kamal chuckles to himself and looks at Jimmy and speaks to him. Bookmark here

#kamal: what are they doing? Bookmark here

#Jimmy: (looks at them, feeling little down, he lets out a sigh) I don't know! Bookmark here

#Kamal: (giggles, to himself) Maybe they're trying to entice someone....! Bookmark here

saying that he lets out a sharp snort and laughs out loudly.......,Jimmy gives him a ferocious look. Bookmark here

# Kapili ( stops laughing immediately)..sorry!! Bookmark here

Before they could go into the room and talk to them, they heard loud voices from the end of the corridor behind them, both kamal and Jimmy could tell that it was the coach and Gopi, who were arguing. Bookmark here

#Gopi:(speaks Impatiently) Come on coach, don't be such a baby,...... We're already getting late. Bookmark here

#Coach: (speaks lazily) quiet down will you?, You are rushing for no reason. Bookmark here

#Gopi: Come ON! You're our coach aren't
you?, why don't you act like it then. Bookmark here

#Coach (speaks in an Irritated tone) Just shutup , ok? Bookmark here

both Kapil and Jimmy turn to look at them, they see that Gopi was pulling the coach by his hand towards the dressing room Bookmark here

# Jimmy: (sighs) Thank god! Bookmark here

He runs upto them and looks at the coach very seriously. Bookmark here

#Jimmy: where the hell did a you go?! Bookmark here

#Gopi: he was in the canteen,... packing lots of food, I had to drag him from there.Bookmark here

#Jimmy, what?! Bookmark here

Jimmy stares at the coach, with an serious expression on his face. Bookmark here

#Coach: what? (asks casually) Bookmark here

Jimmy continues to seriously stare at him
for few moments, giving him the guilty looks Bookmark here

#coach: (speaks with a casual look on his face) Do me a favour and wipe that "how can you be so carefree?" Kind of crapy look, off your face. Bookmark here

Jimmy gets taken aback by his words Bookmark here

#coach: why should I even bother worrying, when you guys are not serious enough to even try to put up a good fight? Bookmark here

Both Gopi and jimmy remain Silent, due
to the coach's words they started feeling
more guilty and responsible for what had happened in first innings. Bookmark here

Gopi musters up little courage and speaks
back in a low voice Bookmark here

#Gopi (in a low voice): That's not true coach, we tried really hard, but it was west Indies, we were playing against, so no matter how hard we try, the result will be the same Bookmark here

#Coach:(speaks furiously) You tried? Have you seen yourself play? even the lowest ranking teams could have bowled you guys out easily, if you had played the same way as you did now. It looked as if you guys were trying your best to lose. Bookmark here

Jimmy and Gopi remain Silent, they couldn't think of a way to defend themselves against the coach. Bookmark here

#Coach: well, I don't have anything to say
you guys, all I can do is to hope for the best. Bookmark here

saying that he walks towards the dressing room door where Kamal was standing and looking at him. Bookmark here

The coach enters the room and looks at the rest of the team. Looking at their appearances, the coach feels little surprised and amused. Looking at everyone in that state, the coach lets out a snort. Even though, at first, for few seconds, he found it amusing, their demotivated faces made him feel a little concerned. He contemplates at them for few seconds, and then as the rest of the team members enter the room, he decides to speak to them. Bookmark here

#coach: YOO.. JACKASSES!! (shouts out loudly) Bookmark here

Everyone get little startled, their attention
turns towards their coach everyone including Kamal, Jimmy and cheeka look at him. Bookmark here

#Coach: what the hell is going on here? Bookmark here

Except for kamal, Jimmy and Gopi, everyone else didn't know what he was talking about, They look at each other with puzzled looks on their faces. Seeing each other half naked, everyone feels little amused for few seconds, and then they realise that most of them, including themselves, were wearing
any proper clothes. Feeling totally embarrassed, everyone puts on their clothes. Bookmark here

#coach: What the hell are you guys doing?.....(speaks with a mischevous grin on his face) are you guys trying to open up a strip club?....(Tries to speak while stopping his laughter)...., Cuz if you are.... Then I would like to let you know.... that I only take lap dances from women,.....,(Snorts trying to stop his laughter)....., But definitely not from guys like you. Bookmark here

Saying that he giggles sarcastically, Immediately everyone's faces (who were half naked) turn into bright red in colour out of embarrassment, and looking at them the guys who were smoking, immediately put off their cigerettes and throw them away and then look at the coach in an embarrased way. seeing everyone in that state, coach feels a little sorry for them. Bookmark here

#coach: (sighs) Alright! (claps his hand)..... gather around everybody,...... I wanna talk to you guys.

Everyone slowly gathers around him in a semicircle, with kamal, Gopi and Jimmy being the last ones to join. For few moments the coach looks at everyone, standing around him. Bookmark here

#coach: So 183.........,Quiet an easy target to defend, right? (asks calmly) Bookmark here

Everyone looks at him with gloomy faces. Bookmark here

#coach: (sighs) well atleast now we know why they are the defending champions. Even though we're not considered as a power house team by most people, they faced us with their best plays, which was possible due to their strong intent to win, whereas you guys totally messed up, due to lack of that intent, Somewhere deep in your minds you were satisfied with just playing the finals. Bookmark here

Hearing that no-one felt any better rather, they started feeling more frustrated, as they started feeling that what the coach said was true. Bookmark here

#coach: well! all we can do now is to prevent a humiliating defeat against them, cuz Turning this match around, at this stage, is almost impossible against a strong batting line up such as that of west indies. Bookmark here

Even though everyone were having same
thoughts running in their mind, they felt frustrated, when they heard the same words from their coach. Even though they knew the fact that they weren't a part of some powerhouse team, the pride that they had as world class cricketers was hurt on hearing coach's words Bookmark here

The coach observes that, many of them were looking at him seriously. Bookmark here

#coach: feeling angry, are we? (speaks to
everyone).....It hurts when someone puts it like that, doesn't it? (asks them casually) Bookmark here

Everyone in the team except for kamal were still seriously staring at their coach. Bookmark here

#Coach: Well?......What are you gonna do about it? Bookmark here

No one gives any reply to him, all of the team members just silently stare at him. Bookmark here

The coach could detect a lot of mixed feelings from the looks on their faces, some of them appeared to be scared about What would happen next and were also angry on him, while the rest of them were feeling little discouraged and confused about what to do next. Bookmark here

#coachs well!.... what are you gonna do? Bookmark here

suddenly he hears someone speak from somewhere behind everyone. Bookmark here

#kamal: How about winning this match........ and leaving everyone dumbfounded?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Hit wicket

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