Chapter 0:


The Gate prime

The blood was still dripping on the floor as he was taken away.
The dark, almost demonic eyes turned and looked around the room one last time. What they saw only loosely resembled a living room. The only thing still standing in its original place was the desk.

Tony Wallace was thirty-four years old, overweight, and single. He lived in a dirty one-room apartment in the darkest part of New Jersey. He also was an alcoholic who loved spending his free time stalking his neighbor's daughter. In short, Tony was a fat, pedophile asshole.

Originally Tony had planned to go on a night shift later that evening. But unfortunately, he wouldn't be able to make it to work today, or matter of fact, ever again. Because Tony laid dead on his desk, his strangely twisted head was located at the exact spot where a C64, that had shown pictures of young girls, was standing just a couple of minutes ago. He didn't understand. people should be thankful that he was removing this kind of scum from society so why was he being taken away by two police officers? 

The first one, bald and equipped with an impressive mustache, was pushing him forward violently, while the other younger officer was pointing his gun at him. Both of them were pale and had a strange look of terror on their faces. What did he miss?
Why was he caught? He carefully planned everything. He selected an evening when all neighbors weren't home and even put together an Alibi just in case anyone suspected him. So what did he miss? As he was pushed out of the house he realized what happened. A boy, no older than ten looked at him with big eyes, filled with curiosity. Next to the boy stood a woman, holding a stroller with her right arm. As she saw him her eyes widened in shock and she gasped, probably because he was covered in blood. They must have seen him breaking into the house. He scoffed. Why couldn't they just mind their business?
While he was pushed into the police car his eyes fixated on the family. His memory was his most lethal weapon. Not only back in school or in the office. After a short glance he had already memorized every detail. The dirty clothes, Brown eyes, high cheekbones, narrow mouth, and the black eyes, filled with fear.

Like the apartment the whole district was shabby. Even the police car needed multiple attempts by the bald officer to get the engine going. While the car raced through a tangle of run-down motels with flickering lights and dirty apartments his thoughts still circled the family. Uncontrollable anger rose in him, his vision turned blood red. They would pay, he would make sure of that. A single thought manifested in his mind. It was still there when he was convicted in court. 

Nobody would go unpunished.

Abraham B. A.

The Gate prime