Chapter 32:

Leaving A Work Stain

Red is the Color of You

     One day, Izumi would be able to quit his cat maid server job, but today wasn't the day. At the least, he put in his notice already. The article on Hodaira did better than he could ever have hoped, landing him a stable job at a distribution's freelance department. At long last, he could leave his two café jobs. Still, this day was in the future, not the present. Currently, he was tending to customers with his usual shame, the revealing skirt embarrassing him more than usual. And just when he couldn't believe it could get any more humiliating, the last person Izumi wanted to see while he was dressed like this appeared. Bursting through the doors came Wraith who looked like he fell down a flight of stairs and then was told his whole family was in the hospital.

“Wraith?!” Rushing over, Izumi tried to speak in a loud whisper to avoid the already garnered attention. “What are you doing here? I told you not to come by when I'm at work!” 

He completely ignored Izumi's protests and snatched his hand, leading him away to the bathroom. Izumi tried to free himself of Wraith's grasp, but their difference in strength was too great.

“Hey-wait-! It’s still my shift-” The words fell on deaf ears as they entered the closest stall, Wraith slamming the lock behind them.

“What’s up with y--mmnf-...”

A forceful press of Wraith’s lips against his own muffles the rest of his sentence. Still, Izumi tried to fight back, shoving Wraith’s chest away ineffectively. To prevent any further objections, Wraith pinned Izumi’s hands above his head and slid his heated tongue between Izumi’s lips, writhing in his mouth. Just like that, Izumi felt his defiance fade with the entry of the metallic taste, forgetting that he’s supposed to be working.



It was the first kiss they’ve exchanged in two weeks, and their longing for each other showed. Through the aggressive passing of their saturated endearments, Wraith snuck his free hand up Izumi’s skirt, coddling a cheek and ramming a thigh against his crotch. With the parting of their lips and subsequent heavy panting, Izumi saw the blaze of impassioned arousal in the shine of Wraith’s eyes. His fingers tread under the maid’s thin-strapped underwear, leisurely slithering to his entrance and only delicately outlining it.

“Hah-...You still owe me for Hodaira, you know..”

“Is this-mnh-f--what this is...about?” The fondling of both his rear and groin scramble his words.

“I would give you a breakdown, but you’re pretty busy right now.”

“Nmhh--..!” They finally penetrate, flowing inside and out.

“You once told me that my dress shirt turns you on.” A soft purr tickles Izumi’s face and sends a titillated shiver across his frame. “For me, I love seeing you in this.” Freeing Izumi’s hands, Wraith escalates a caress against his thighs. “Thigh-high stockings, a mini skirt, cat ears, and a tail.” A quick yet lustful peck from Wraith invigorates Izumi, restoring the energy once lost in his embrace. “Maybe I’ll get you one of those butt plug tails instead.”

The clutter of silverware and chatter of customers snaps Izumi out of his enchantment, remembering that he’s still at work.

“Wraith we-ssshhou-hhah-....”

“Shouldn’t? I can feel how hard you are, let alone how loose you are without any lube.” Closing in, Wraith whispered in his ear, “Did you masturbate?”

“N-no!” Izumi instantly objected, clasping onto Wraith’s shoulders.

“Don’t lie to me. We haven’t had sex in awhile, you’d be at least a little tighter. Or saw someone else?”

“Of course not-mnh~-”

A sudden wet sensation filled him along with Wraith’s fingers. At what point or even how that came to be, Izumi wasn't sure but it was far from the time to ask.

“I know you didn’t, so tell me you masturbated.”

“I-...ahh...” Wraith lifts Izumi’s legs, guiding them around his torso, now carrying him and allowing for easier insertion. The pleasure obscuring his more sane thoughts, he caves with little effort. “..I di-d…”

“To who?” His belt buckle echoed in the secluded stall. A proud and firm erection emerged, massaging Izumi’s own.

“...You...” Out poured a shame-filled mumble.

“Keep going. Tell me where you touched yourself. What did you picture, when did you do it?” Nibbling Izumi’s inflamed ear, he felt completely powerless under Wraith’s will.

“A-few da-ahh-ys ago--....From both sides-...”

“Like this?” Wraith kissed Izumi’s neck, stroking their shafts together and disarranging his insides, only able to mumble a response.


“Go on...”

“M-mnh-mmissionary- ahh~- I i-imagined us i-in-mn--my room-”

“Why missionary?”

“B-because I like s-seeing your ffaah~-f-face-...”

“Then look at me.”

Cupping his cheek, Wraith faced Izumi’s already melted expression towards him, giving him another kiss as his length finally entered him.

“Mnhf~! Fwahh- wait--...!”

     In the past, Wraith would start with being gentle before picking up the pace; however this time he didn't have the same patience. The violent thrusts inside rattled the bathroom stall’s loose door, creating more noise than already existed and only adding to the squelching and passioned breaths. One would imagine that he’d be less rough given the public setting, but it was clear that it only aroused him more. Izumi covered his mouth and etched his nails into Wraith’s shoulder, trying to suppress his moans. Even if he was already going to quit, he didn’t want to be known as the employee that got fired for bathroom sex.

“Wrai-th- mnhh-! Slow-er..”

“Let them...h-ear.”

“Ahh~-! Not- so ha-hhard--”

If it weren’t for Wraith’s keen ears, the approaching voices and shutter of the bathroom’s main door could almost be lost. With this, he stopped and Izumi held his heart in his throat. It was a collection of steps, and from the sounds of it, about three people.

“Where’d you wanna go after this?” Asked the first.

“Ehhh I’m not sure honestly,” responded a second, “I’ve got a lot of work to do so maybe I’ll just go home.”

“It’s only the afternoon! Plus, you didn’t even get to ask that maid you like for her number!” The third finally spoke. 

A faucet turned on, while one sounded like they entered a stall. Masked by the running water, Wraith continued to impel Izumi, albeit much slower. In his eyes, sitting still with his sick inside was more unbearable than light movements, so waiting for them to leave wasn't an option. Though Izumi didn't quite agree.

He yelled in a whisper, trying to get off of Wraith, “What are you doing?!! Mnh-”

“If you keep talking they’ll hear us, or would you rather go out there with an erection?” Wraith quietly barked back.

He pressed his lips together, realizing the alternative is much worse; thus, he resumed his subtle thrusts.

“Don’t even talk to me about her. You know I found out she was a guy?”


“Yes! I asked one of the other employees to see if they would think she’d be into me and then they were all oh, she’s a guy. How! She– he– looks so-”



“Mnhh-” Izumi sank his teeth into the back of his hand. It felt more agonizing for Wraith to go so slow, and at this point, he almost didn’t care if other people were with them. He just wanted Wraith. And he wanted Izumi more than he was aware of.

“Then we can go to a bar or something, cheer you up.”

“I think a bar would just make me more depressed, especially this early in the day…”

“Come onnnnn-”

“...fuck…” Wraith exhaled, some part of him just wanting to use magic to scare them off so he could drive himself into Izumi with full force.

“Oi, be quiet dude! Someone else is in here, let them take their shit in peace.”

Izumi glared at Wraith and he mouthed a half assed apology.

“Hurry up so we can go!” One of the men knocks on his friend’s stall.

“Oh I’m sorry, let me pinch it for you!”

Frustratedly, the man flushed the toilet and threw open the door. “I just had my heart broken, let ME take MY shit in peace!”

“What if that guy in there has it worse? Come on! Suck it up, let’s go!” Before he could even finish washing his hands, they drag him out of the bathroom, leaving Izumi and Wraith alone again.

“This is exactly why I didn’t want to do it in the bathroom!!” Instantly, Izumi retaliated.

“Says your throbbing dick.” Wraith sneers as he squeezes the tip, translucent drops streaming out.

“Fh- sto-p-...”

“Mhm? Are you sure it didn’t turn you on instead?”

“Plea-se just finish- ahh~!”

Wraith squeezed harder, almost trying to extract the fluid. “Just say you like it.”

“Fucking fine! I like it-!! Just fuck me I’m begging you-hhaa~-!”

The plea was a lot more than Wraith expected, and he wasn’t opposed in the slightest. Gripping his hips, Wraith drove himself deep inside, slamming him against the bathroom stall repeatedly. It clattered with each thrust and threatened to unhinge, struggling to provide support for the couple.

“Mnmn~-~fhn~” Tightly, Izumi closed his mouth and held it shut the best he could, gasps occasionally slipping out. He cursed himself silently for always being so incapable of restraining his voice. “fhhah~-! nnfh~~”


His toes curled in his heels, legs wrapping Wraith closer and inviting him further. Rarely did Wraith kiss his partner during sex, but his heart ached and yearned for the warmth of Izumi’s lips. Pulling his hand away, Wraith replaced its presence with his own.



A flutter brewed in Izumi’s chest, the unforeseen kiss elating him. At times, he was scared of the misinformation that intercourse could give. One could feign an interest, only aiming for the other's body and not their heart. But a kiss was harder to feign, and especially during the act. Izumi didn’t think this of Wraith. Still, he was relieved. Through their union he felt Wraith’s mass adoration and affection, clearing any slight doubts that he might’ve had.

“Fhah~- I’-m-”

Luckily for Izumi, his ejaculation only reached Wraith’s torso and not his work uniform, while Wraith’s devotion only stained the inside of his skirt.

     Even after their climax, Wraith kissed Izumi, trying to make out once more. He debated pushing Wraith away, as he was finding difficulty breathing considering he just came, but Izumi bit the bullet. It was strange for Wraith to act this way, he began to realize, yet he wanted to see how it would progress. And now Izumi’s fortune would take its down turn if it hadn't already. Parting their lips, Wraith exited the stall, dragging Izumi with him and using magic to lock the bathroom’s main entrance. They stood in front of the mirror, Wraith turning Izumi to face it while he embraced him from behind, planting more pecks on his neck. Unable to stand the embarrassment of the sight– himself in a maid outfit –Izumi shifted his eyes away, looking anywhere but the mirror until Wraith moved his face back.


“N-no, it’s embarrassing…”

“Is it? I think you look adorable.”

“That’s even worse…”

“Really? I could make it worse.” With one arm, Wraith held Izumi in place as he lifted his skirt, bearing his temporarily limp dick in the mirror.

“He-y!” His ears already burning, Izumi rushed to pull down the skirt, but Wraith maintained his grip.

“If you keep trying I’ll use my belt to tie your hands. I doubt you’d want me to have that much freedom, would you?”


Defeated, he stopped, letting Wraith pursue his fantasies. He delicately stroked his shaft, and every time that Izumi looked away, Wraith merely turned his face back. From behind, Izumi felt Wraith’s rise and arousal as he watched Izumi’s slight twitches in the mirror.

“W-wait what if-”

“Someone walks in? I locked the door. You really think I’d let someone see you like this? This is a sight for me only.”

Suddenly, Wraith lifted Izumi off the floor, carrying him and spreading his legs before the mirror. Instincts nearly overcame rational thought as Izumi almost tried to writhe his way out of Wraith’s hands, ceasing when he remembered Wraith’s warning, and knowing that he could potentially slip out of his hands and fall onto the ground, which would be far more humiliating. 

In the mirror reflected Izumi’s bare privates, the stand of his shaft allowing for his seed-drenched rear to be seen unobstructed. The shameful sight was overwhelming. Several emotions swept through his mind and failed to formulate a proper verbal reaction to the exposure, merely staring in utter shock. Only when Wraith’s length threatened to enter did Izumi articulate a response.

“Wai-t you can’t-”

“I can’t?”

“Like this?!!! My- I don’t wanna watch-!”

“That’s the point. You don’t see what I see. Your face, your body, your ass begging me to fuck you harder. I want you to know what you look like, and maybe you’ll think about your decision to dress like this on a near daily basis in public.”

“Stil-” No further did Wraith listen to his concerns, sliding inside with ease. “l-hhaa~-mnh!” Reflexes kicked in and Izumi covered his mouth once more. 

His eyes watched the reflection, watching as Wraith drove into him over and over again. The leftovers from their preceding instance staining Wraith’s cock and nearly the floor below. It petrified him to know that this is what Wraith always saw. Mainly, Izumi’s scarlet expression that bore his underlying emotions. He was aroused without a doubt. The melt in his eyes said it all. And eyes never lie.

“Fhh- nhha- ahh~-”

It began to pour orally, almost caving into his desires. Slowly, Izumi started to disregard his fears, losing interest in whether he became labeled as a bathroom whore. Putting sound and pleasure to a visual output stirred him, already pulsing in stimulation.

“Izumi…” Wraith sang softly in his ear. “...Do you like it? Seeing yourself?”


“Tell me what you see.”

Fully bewitched, Izumi doesn’t hesitate to answer, “Y-you mnh- in-nnhm~-me-”

“What...are you wearing?” He exhaled against him.

“Mn-mh-maid-....c-c-a--aht m-nmaid-fhaa~!!”

His moans fueled Wraith’s intoxication and forceful pounds that deteriorated his dignity and quivered his frame. The tiles beneath became steadily drenched as a mixture of fluids dripped onto it.

“You feel...amazing...hahh...shit..”


In the reflection of the mirror Izumi witnessed his orgasm that was painted on his expression and now the floor, along with the sloven white mess that Wraith left below. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't forget the image of Wraith's perspective, and post-sex clarity mocked him for enjoying it. A small spark inside wanted Wraith more, almost putting his fatigue aside and fear from being at work. Though Wraith had a different idea in mind, surprisingly sparing Izumi for the day. Albeit not too well, Wraith removed the mess he made both on the floor and on Izumi with napkins, yet Izumi still felt grimy. Swallowing the inevitable, he slid his underwear back on and waited for Wraith to finish wiping the tiles, who washed his hands and came over after cleaning. His forlorn eyes resembled a stray canine that was left to starve in the rain, causing Izumi to cup his face in his hands.

“Why do you look like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like you feel guilty or something.”

“It’s not that, I…”A myriad of thoughts cut his sentence. I don't know who I am anymore, or you, or us. I don't know what I want from you or what to label the feeling I get when I see you, your smile, or when I hear your voice. The jealousy and frustration I feel when I think about you being with someone else. It's all so confusing…

The thoughts couldn't be articulated, sticking to his throat. After swallowing hard, he spoke again. “Nothing… I, um, need to go.”


Wraith slipped out of his grasp, making his way to the exit.

“You’re just gonna lea-” Mid sentence, Wraith turns back and kisses Izumi again. It was almost impossible for him to fight back when Wraith did things like this, acting as his Achilles Heel.

“Please...change jobs or something. I can't stand the thought of other people seeing you dressed like this.”

Turning tail, Wraith left through the bathroom's main entrance, leaving Izumi stunned as he traced his lips, flustered.

“...since when did you care…?”

After tidying his uniform and regaining his courage to face his likely upset coworkers, Izumi left the bathroom, preparing himself for a reprimand, yet the opposite occurred.

“Izumi? What are you doing here? You don't have work today.” One of his coworkers questioned.

“Huh? Yea I do, I was working since morning, my shift ends in a few hours.”

“No you weren't..? Well, anyways, you can just go home.”

Izumi's brows curl in confusion, certain that he was there and that he clocked in. In the employee room, he checked the schedule, which conveyed his coworkers sentiment. Nowhere did it say he was to work today.

Insanity seemed to strike until he remembered, “...! Wraith, he left normally. Maybe he changed their perception on the way out to cover for me. Still…” It’s unlike him to do something like that. I wonder... did he do all that from jealousy alone…? But why…

From start to finish, Wraith acted strange, showing more aggression and affection than usual. Is he…?

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