Chapter 20:

Among Us (4)

Don't Die, Will

A motorcycle is faster than a horse. Choosing  the motorcycle maybe was the right idea, David had it in his mind. But it sure was making a lot of noise than a horse. But as it was fast, that wasn't a big issue.

It was past noon. Because they left home early and had a motorcycle, they already searched 3 out of 6 places. But unfortunately, found no sign of anyone. Now they were heading for the 4th place. David was hoping that he would get to find someone soon.


"What time is it now?" Ethan asked.

Marco looked at his watch, "5 pm."

"2 more hours to go." Ethan yawned.

"Ahh! I can't feel my legs." Emma said, "They are numb. I might take a walk."

"But don't go far away." Marco said.

"Cool. I am not going to run away or something."

"I-I have to take another leak." Manny said.

"Do you have diabetes or something? How many times are you going to take a leak?" Ethan asked.

"Sorry about that. My kidneys are weak." 

"You can go. But come fast." Marco said.


"This left us with Olivia, Julia, Arthur and me." Ethan said, "Well not me. I am gonna go take a walk too."

"No, you keep seated." Marco said.

"Huh!? Why?"

"I don't know your intention. You might try to do something."

"But you let Emma take a walk. And Manny."

"Not you, you're sneaky."

"Jeez, okay. I am not going anywhere."

Olivia was leaning against the chair, her legs were crossed on the table and she was continuously shaking them. Which was disturbing Arthur.

"Hey, put your legs down." Arthur said with calm voice.

"Did you say something?" Olivia genuinely didn't heard what he said.

"I said put your legs down."

"My legs?"


"You want me to move my legs?"

"Are you deaf or something?"

Olivia laughed, "Nah, I was just messing with you." She put down her legs.

Arthur didn't said anything back.

Will was guarding the post. But his attention was rather on the others. While Nolan was keeping them busy, he had to do what Nolan told him to. It took a while, but he finally found something useful.

The among us! Here.

He was really shocked to find out the truth. Never in his life, he ever thought that something like this would ever happen.

Olivia, Julia, Emma, Manny, Ethan,'s one of you.

He was still shocked from the truth. His mind wasn't in the right place. When he realized that he was living among a traitor...all this time. It was giving him the creeps. And also, he was annoyed with the fact and disturbed. But Nolan told him to not to take any stupid actions. It would backfire.

All this would end tonight. Will said to himself, And you're going to pay for this.


The previous discussion room. It was located on the 2nd floor of the house #3, the last room of the hallway. Nolan didn't know why Jack chose this place for something so important. But no one used the room now. When Nolan opened the door of the room, some dust flew away.

This place is a mess.

He took out his pocket watch.

I have 20 more minutes.

The room was basically empty with a long table at the center of the floor, had no chairs though. The corners of the ceiling were covered with spider webs. Nolan also noticed a bad smell. He opened the only window in the room thinking that it might help to make the smell go away.

While cleaning the room, many stuff were roaming inside his head. Tonight, it would come to an end. He knew, no matter how carefully he handled the things, something would go wrong. And he would have to take the blame for it. But it didn't bother him. He was already carrying a lot of burden. One more of it wouldn't make any difference.

William Jones. Same aged as me and someone I know before all this mess. He is weak and doesn't have a strong mind. But he tries to give his best. With a strong will, he would be able to go pretty far.

His sister Julia Jones. I personally don't know much about her. But what I've seen so far, she is smart and well matured. She learned how to shoot arrows and use a gun from Emma.

Emma Brown. Also someone I know from the beginning. Was quite popular in school. But also smart and knows how to handle herself in tough situations.

Olivia Johnson. A friend I found in the woods couple years ago. She is brave, smart and a woman who can stand alone. She is really protective of herself and doesn't let people to enter her comfort zone easily. But also cherishes them who are dear to her.

Arthur Smith. Son of Jack Smith. Was a popular person among both genders. Also was the leader of one of the famous gangs of the school, I was also a part it. But now, he has changed. Doesn't really talk to others. Usually spends time all alone. He has changed. Maybe that is for the good.

Ethan Baker. An overly extroverted person. He was also one of my classmates, someone I know from the start. But we didn't really interact before all this. He isn't the smartest person but has the potential to become better.

Lastly, Manny Wilson. Lost his right leg when it all started. Also someone from back in the days. He is friendly and a fun person to talk to.

Nolan finally finished cleaning the room. Then he took out his pocket watch again.

I barely made it.

He got out of the room and closed the door.

We all have a thing in common except Arthur. Either one or both of our parents are dead.


"Sorry again for doing this." Nolan said, "But I am glad that you all cooperated."

"Can we just get over with this?" Ethan said.

"Yes." He turned around, "Follow me. Marco, you too."


"You don't want the answers?"

"I do. But...who'll guard the gate?"

Nolan started walking, "Leave the post for a while."

"Should I just tell someone else to guard it? It will take just a moment to bring someone."

"No." He said, "Don't need to attract unnecessary attentions."


Everyone followed Nolan to the previous discussion room. Nolan opened the door.

"Before going in, I need you to leave all of your weapons to me." Nolan said.

"Is this necessary, Nolan?" Emma asked.


Everybody gave their knives and hand guns to Nolan. After that, Nolan had them body searched just to be safer. They all entered the room.

"Woah, it brings back memories." Emma looked around.

"Yeah. Jack used to stand there and gave us orders." Olivia pointed.

Nolan closed the door. It was 7 pm so the sun set down long ago. The room was dark. Nolan lighted up some candles he brought earlier and placed them on the table. Everyone stood surrounding the table. The lights from the candles were reflecting on their faces. The whole room was filled with light tension.

Nolan stood in front of the width side of the table which was away from the door. Will was standing right beside him. On his right side, Arthur, Emma and Julia was standing. And the other side was covered by Marco, Olivia and Manny. Ethan stood at the opposite side of Nolan, at the other width of the table, which was closer to the door.

Nolan cleared his throat and looked everybody.

"There's a traitor among us." He said, "In this very moment."

Everyone looked at each other.



"A traitor?"

"Among us?"

"Nolan, you must be joking, right?"

Nolan shook his head, "No, I am serious."

"Who is it?" Olivia asked the common question.

"Be patient. I am trying to figure out something." Nolan looked really calm.

Everyone was continuously looking at each other. The person next to them could be the one. But it was hard for them to consume. 

A traitor? Among us? That was what running in everyone's mind.

"Before I tell who the traitor is..." Nolan said, "Is there anyone that you suspect in this room?"

It was really difficult for them to decide. There was no one to suspect. Nothing seemed real to them. No matter who they chose, it was unreal. The only ones who knew the traitor were Will and Nolan.

"Everyone, look at me." Nolan said.

Everyone looked at him. They couldn't see his face clearly. The candle lights were trying to remove the darkness from the room. But was constantly failing.

"The traitor..." Nolan lowered his head and touched his wounded area. It was hurting a bit.

"Who is it?"

"It is..." He raised his head again, "It is you."


"It's you, Emma."


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