Chapter 26:

Chapter 8: Memories Part II

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Chapter 8: Memories Part II

“So Yuki. Care to explain to your girlfriend Why the hell there’s a half-naked girl on top of you.” Sui’s red and white eyes brimmed with fury as she stared at me. “While your clothes are ripped? What the fuck did you do?”

“…” I stared up at Tayuya. She wasn’t half-naked… but her clothes were definitely stretched out. Her shirt hung off her, and if I looked down, I could... Nope, not doing it! Not to mention our faces were way too close. I still felt her hand against my bare chest, and well… both of our hairs were a mess. You could say we had our five minutes in heaven.

“I thought you said I didn’t last five minutes, let alone the whole ten?” I whispered to Tayuya.

“Because you didn’t. I’m a lot of things, but a liar isn’t one of them.” Tayuya said as she moved her face from mine and sat on top of me. Hot.

“Yeah, just because you use a sound cancellation Jutsu doesn’t mean I wouldn’t feel the floor rumbling!” Sui pointed to the destruction of the room.

Even with Tayuya holding back, there were still cracked floorboards, the caved-in closet, and let's not even get started on the blood and spit everywhere.

Tenzō is going to kill me! “Wait. If you heard the whole time, why didn’t you help!” I got up, moving Tayuya aside. My body felt better, but I definitely wouldn’t want to fight today. “She was trying to kill me!”

Sui shrugged her shoulders. “Didn’t I tell you she was going to kill you if you made any moves on her? I just figured you were getting what you deserved.”

“…” Did I make a move on her? I don’t think I did… “I didn’t make a move on her?” I said with confidence.

“He did call me hot.” Tayuya said, looking through her clothes.

“Tayuya… Whose side are you on? And why the hell are you getting naked!” I looked away from her to keep my pride as an Uchiha, but we really needed to talk. She needed more help than I thought.

“You called her hot?” Standing on the already cracked floor, Sui broke through it, and she sank lower into the ground.

“Wait–Sui–Hear me out first. I think we should discuss the naked Tayuya situation, then you can kill me.” I said, pointing behind me, sweat beading off my face. I’m too young to die!

“…” Sui stared ahead, her eyes wide as if it was unbelievable. “Why the fuck are you naked Tayuya!”

Tayuya shrugged her shoulders her… I’m not looking! “I needed to change, and waiting for you two would be a waste of time.”

Sui shot a look at me of pure disgust. “Did you do this to her! With those eyes of yours?”

“No. Do you honestly think I’d be able to control someone like Tayuya to do something as insane as this?” I said, being extra careful not to let my eyes wander behind me.

Sui stared at me for a long moment until she sighed. “Yeah, I knew something was up when she said she never had ramen before.”

“Wait, she’s never had ramen before?”

“No, that’s why she was just staring at her food the other night.”

And that was when I remembered why I originally wanted to talk to Tayuya. I turned around, and thank god she was clothed. I didn’t need my ribs broken… again. “Tayuya, you can’t read, can you?”

The room went eerily silent. Sui facepalmed and Tayuya just stared at me.

“I can read idiot.”

“But–you–the packet… It looked like you were having a hard time—”

“I can read! Just not boring shit like that.” Tayuya started to mutter. “That was Kidomaru’s job.”

Ignoring that, Sui pulled me aside. “Ok, it looks like you were right. Even though I think it could have been handled better.”

“Hey, I wanted to ask her in private, but it somehow turned into a fight for my life.”

Sui truly looked at me for the first time and relaxed her eyes. “I knew she was holding back but not by this much.” She pulled at the torn cloth that was my shirt, ripping a piece off, and wet it with her water style. Sitting me on Tayuya’s bed, she wiped the dried blood off my face. Once she was done, she tilted her head and smiled. “Good as new.”

“Sui… You know you’re not my mom right?”

“Just accept this as my apology for not coming sooner.” Sui then turned to Tayuya, beckoning her to sit down. “Come on, you may have changed, but you still have Yuki’s blood on you.”

“I can take care of myself.” Tayuya walked past her only to fall on the ground. “What the hell?”

Sui had her Byakugan active, and I assumed she knocked out parts of Tayuya’s chakra network. “We’re teammates Tayuya, and by extension, we’re friends whether you like it or not. So.” Sui relaxed her eye and smiled. “Let me dote on you. We’re like sisters in a way.”

“Yeah, you should know not to argue with her. You won't win.” I said, speaking from experience.

“I forgot.” Tayuya said, blushing. “I‘m still not used to all the jumbled-up images.” Tayuya was then pulled up to her feet, and Sui sat her next to me, cleaning her face.

“Jumbled-up images?” Sui asked.

“Well, you see here. I botched the Genjutsu, and she experienced about five years of my life.” I then added with a sigh. “Out of order.”

“Holy fuck.” Sui held onto her mouth; tears welled up in her eyes. “I’m so sorry Tayuya. I-I didn’t know.”

“Why are you both saying sorry. I thought it was a pretty good tactic to get me to join your side. Hell, if I could do that, I’d never stop.”

“It’s no use I tried, and she doesn’t get it.” I laid my head back, staring at the ceiling, sighing. “That’s what I get for using a half-baked Tsukuyomi.”

“I still don’t see the problem. So I have a bit of your memories. Now I know more about you without—”

“The extra steps. I know, but it’s more than that.”

“Tayuya, how do you feel about the masked man?” Sui said, staring into Tayuya’s eyes. Sui had steeled her resolve, facing Tayuya when I couldn’t.

“I want to kill him. Watch him suffer.” Tayuya clenched her teeth and balled up her fists. “Fuck that guy.”

“Ok, but why?”

“Because he killed Yuki’s family.”

I didn’t know how Sui could still stare into her eyes and ask the next question. I know I’m not strong enough to do that. I sighed once again. I really need to do better.

“But why do you care about that?” Sui asked. “Yeah, you should feel bad for Yuki and empathize with him. But if you spent even remotely close to a year’s worth of time within his memories. Then that goes beyond empathy judging from your reaction.” Sui held Tayuya’s hands in hers, the blood on them soaked into Sui’s bandages.

“Ryu, Rin, Yukino, that bastard killed them all. The only family I’ve ever had.” Teardrops fell from Tayuya’s eyes as she glared at me.

“And that fucking weakling just let him get away with it. Even when he couldn’t dodge anymore. I watched as various points of your life went by, and you did nothing. I screamed in your ear to do something, but you just kept living it as if nothing happened.” Tayuya’s hands seemed to tighten around Sui’s as she saw through my bullshit.

“Always worrying about shit that doesn’t matter! With your ability, you should easily be able to beat me. But you’re so worthless. Scared of ending up like Yukino. Worried about what that dumbass Danzō thinks. Trying to cater to the bullshit feelings of poor pitiful Sasuke. If it were me, I’d already be as strong if not stronger than Itachi.”

Tayuya took a deep breath leveling her shaken words. “I fucking hate you.”

I got up, taking her words in. I deserved them all. I knew that half of the things she said were because of my own feelings, but once again, she reminded me that they’re not just my feelings anymore.

“I’m going to go change and do some of those missions. Clear my head a bit, ok.”

“That would probably be for the best.” Sui said holding onto Tayuya.

As I stood at the broken door, I stopped. “Oh, and Tayuya, you’re not alone with those thoughts. I hate myself too.”

I walked out of the room and wondered if I needed a Mangekyō Sharingan to take my memories back. Then again, she did say that was the only family she ever had. Would she even want them gone? Damn it Tayuya. I didn’t know you really were an orphan.


Outside it was barely past morning into the start of the afternoon. A bright sunny day didn’t really suit the mood, but at least it meant finding these missing pets should be easy. I stared at the packet of papers in my hand. A boring list of D-rank missions that paid like garbage, but it would at least keep me busy. I took a deep breath and exhaled, plastering on a fake smile. Time for some menial labor! Woo!

Within a couple of hours, I had rescued all of the pets and returned them to their respective owners. Most of the people were extremely happy to see their dogs, cats, and… birds returned. I remembered a parrot in particular because that thing tried to peck my eyes out. The little green bastard probably didn’t like that I had to leash its foot with kunai threads to catch it.

“Wow! Thank you for finding Peckers, mister.” A little boy younger than Konohamaru gave me a bright smile.

“No problem.” I said, smiling as I unwrapped the thread from my finger and handed it to the kid.

I couldn’t use my usual wires else the pets could get hurt, so I used cloth. Not effective in combat, but for this, it was easier. If I could use wood style, I could just entrap them in cages. Hell, If I mastered earth style, I could at least block off their paths in an easier manner. I let out a sigh.

“You ok Nii-tan?” The little boy still hadn’t left. How did we go from mister to brother?

“Yeah, I’m fine. Shouldn’t you be going to your parents?” I pointed at the mom and dad that stood some ways away. “They’re waiting for you.”

“I know it’s just… Peckers wanted to say goodbye too.”

Out of the corner of my eye, the green blur flew at me. I tilted my head, dodging its first strike, then second and third. It stopped trying to nibble at my eyes and flapped its wings hovering in front of me.

“Peckers likes to peck. Peckers likes to peck. Peckers likes to pe—”

A piece of thread came unwrapped from my finger. I rolled it around its beak and tied it, shutting the bird up. The parents gave me a weak smile, silently thanking me in the background. A part of me believed that Peckers didn’t escape on his own, judging by the band-aids on the dad’s face.

“Wow. He really likes you Nii-tan!” The boy once again had an innocent smile on his face.

I let out a soft chuckle. “How do you figure that.”

“Well, Peckers pecks peoples he likes.”

“He must really love your dad then.” I said, laughing.

“He does. He does.”

“Then you should take Peckers back so he could make up for lost time.”

I watched the father give me the stink eye as he heard my words. Yeah, next time, don’t send out a request for a bird you don’t want. I brought my face to the boy’s ear. “If you pull that string right here. It’ll untie the knot, ok.”


I patted the boy’s head. “Good luck and lock your cages next time.”

Then I disappeared from their view, standing on a nearby rooftop laughing to myself at the ridiculousness of families.


On the wide empty rooftop, I laid down on my back, staring at the passing clouds in the blue sky.

“Mom, Dad, Yukino. I miss you guys.” My voice was but a whisper, yet my finger twitched, and I sat up on the edge of the roof.

“Help out one family, and now you’re up here moping.” I recognized his voice. The world grew colder than it already was.

“What do you want Kakashi?” I said, refusing to look at him.

“Nothing, just keeping a promise.”

“Go fuck yourself. You can’t even keep the promise we made.” I gripped onto the kunai in my pocket, four earth. I also had four wind kunai scattered around the rooftop.

“Yuki, You know that wasn’t my fault.”

“Just like keeping an eye on Sasuke for Danzō isn’t your fault either.” I waited for him to get closer, and then I’d make my move.

“For Danzō? How do you even know that name?”

“I know a lot more than you think, big brother Kakashi.” I heard him step forward, and I snapped the four earth-tagged kunai out of my pocket.

All four landed directly into his chest, but I knew it wasn’t him. In a puff of smoke, Kakashi’s body turned into a log. It wouldn’t be that easy, or else I wouldn’t have trusted him to protect Yukino.

My finger twitched, and I snapped it forward, feeling his weight. Too light. Which means. I flung the earth-tagged kunai upward. “Lightning Style: Shocking Grasp Jutsu!” The trails of lightning followed the kunai as they ascended toward Kakashi, who was in the sky.

Kakashi closed his book, snapping it into his pocket. His hands did the hand signs fast. “Earth Style: Mud Wall Jutsu!” Somehow a wall of earth wrapped around him, stopping the kunai.

“As if that can stop me. Kakashi! Improvised Style: Explosion-styled: C1 Detonation!” The earth wall turned into rubble as a black cloud of smoke filled the sky.

I preemptively jumped, mimicking Sui’s movement, and grabbed the hand that broke through the ground. I dragged Kakashi out of the floor, throwing him up into the air. “I’m not a joke… Kakashi… Hah… I know you can’t use earth wall without the ground… Hah… Now die!”

I pulled my wind-tagged kunai that lay in wait. “Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu!” I spat out flames that spread out along the kunai, igniting the wind tags into. Improvised Style: Scorch-styled: Scorching Wave Jutsu! “Disappear… And tell my sister it wasn’t your fault… See if she accepts it.”

A wave of heat blew through the sky, and I collapsed onto my knees, feeling the summerlike rays burn my body. As I opened my eyes and got onto my feet, there was a strange fog that settled in the area.

“Sorry. But the living can’t talk to the dead.”

I swung my fist at his voice behind me. With his book in one hand, Kakashi pulled his other, and hidden wires became visible, strapping me to the roof’s railing.

“And that’s the last chapter.” Kakashi closed his Icha Icha Vol 3 book stuffing it into his flak jacket pocket.

“Ha-ha, very funny,” I said, defeated, unable to move due to the wires. “You were reading the whole time and not even taking me seriously. So, once again, go fuck yourself.”

“What? No? I completely took the clown seriously.” Kakashi walked up and crouched down to my level. Even behind the face mask, I could see his mocking smile. “But jokes aside.” He stared at me with his uncovered Sharingan eye. “I didn’t teach you how to use wires to attack your friends.”

I glared at him activating my Sharingan “Partial Tsukuyume: Memories—” I shut my eyes before I could finish the Genjutsu, coughing up blood. I couldn’t do it, not again. I really am the worst.

Kakashi scratched his head, releasing the wires, and sighed. “Honestly, I don’t know what to do with you Uchiha. Every single one has given me a headache at some point.” He placed a green chakra-infused hand on my chest, healing my injuries. But as he pulled away, I latched onto his arm.

In tears, I had the audacity to ask him. “Can you stay?”

There was a pause, and he pulled his arm out of my grasp, slipping through my fingers like the dreams I once had. Except he returned with a comforting hand that ran through my hair. I stared at his face, my eyes wide, ignoring that he looked a little blurry.

“Of course.” Kakashi said with a smile, and I broke down barreling into him. Crying like a child who only wanted to be held by the big brother he used to look up to.


“It’s so hard.” I whined, holding onto big brother Kakashi.

We were still sitting on the rooftop, letting time pass for the fog to clear. Turned out he used water style and countered my scorch style. As always, they saw through me.

“My bloodline is all about control, and yet I lose it so often. Every time I try to do better, it blows up in my face. I thought I was getting better at using my Sharingan. Hell, I was even becoming more comfortable with it. Then…” I choked on the words.

“Then.” Kakashi ran his hand along my back.

“I did something I shouldn’t have to a teammate.” I rubbed my eyes and told him about Tayuya. About how I effectively brainwashed her.

“Those eyes of yours aren’t toys. It’s why I keep mine covered.” Kakashi pointed to his now covered Mangekyō Sharingan.

That was how he earned the nickname Kakashi of the Sharingan. A non-Uchiha that wielded the Sharingan. Always hidden from view until necessary. I remember the stories my sister used to tell me about him. So, meeting him was a letdown when it turned out he was extremely awkward and rigid. That changed after some years of Yukino and me teasing him. They were fun.

“But from the sounds of it, she still has her personality and her own free will.”

“She wants to avenge people she doesn’t know—” I stopped from the sudden tap against my forehead.

“Stop saying that. She knows them now.”

“But–but that wasn’t her choice…” I paused, thinking if I should tell him my plan. I looked at his covered eye and decided he would be the person who knew the most.

“I want to get the Mangekyō Sharingan. So I can fix it. According to Sasuke, Itachi put him in a world he controlled. I could probably do the same thing. If I… why are you looking at me like that?”

Kakashi relaxed his tensed body that seemed to scream as if it was being shocked. “Listen, Yuki. To get that, someone precious to you will have to die. By your own hand.” Kakashi clenched his shaking fist and narrowed his eye at me. “Are you willing to do that for power?”


I didn’t hesitate. Because I knew. I could never kill them. Not Sasuke, not Sui, not Kakashi (maybe), not Ino, not Iruka-sensei, not Hiruzen-sensei, and killing Tayuya would defeat the purpose. The people I cared about were too precious for me to lose, let alone do it by my hand. Which begged the question. How did Kakashi get his?

“Good. Because if you even hesitated, I’d have no choice but to break another promise.”

“How can you say that! Don’t I mean anything to you?”

“All of my students mean something to me, and I’m a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village, so killing a comrade would be hard. Even for me.”

Kakashi stared at me, no longer giving his friendly aura. I felt the pain that hid behind his words. “But someone who doesn’t care about his teammates and would kill them for something as arbitrary as power. Is someone who is worse than scum. And I will never let my student fall that low.”

“I-I understand… but then what should I do?”

“Accept that it happened. You can’t undo what’s been done.” Kakashi stood up, and I noticed it was later in the afternoon. I still hadn’t even turned in my missions. “And try not to repeat the same mistake twice, ok.”

Did he know I tried to use it on him? “Ok, I won’t.”

“Now. I have to go see if my Team’s finished pulling out the weeds. Knowing Naruto, he probably screwed it up.”

That reminded me Kakashi was also a sensei now. “Kakashi, tell me the truth, are you with Danzō?”

He sighed. “How a clown like you ever gets information is beyond me. No, I’m not. The most I’ve done since my ANBU days was mentor a team of exceptional Genin for a year before they became ANBU. Are you happy?”

“Kai, Kurai, Kasai?” I said, remembering how Kasai had something that resembled lightning blade.

“How do you know about Team K?”

‘Yeah… Next time, can you not teach them how to use lightning blade. The bastard almost killed me! Twice now.”

“You probably deserved it if he did.”

“I don’t think I did… maybe Tayuya did… But that’s not the point One-eyed Pervert!” I stomped my feet. “If you go around teaching everyone, someone is going to die.”

“And if I teach them nothing, they’ll end up like you searching for power instead of using the power they already have.”

“He has a point you know.” Sui said, appearing next to me, followed by Tayuya.

“Yeah dumbass!” Tayuya gripped onto my shirt. “So instead of crying like a little bitch. Get over it. Honestly, you’re plenty strong as is… And it was wrong of me to call you a weakling. I’m sorry.”

Ignoring the fact that Tayuya just apologized without hurting herself, I stared into her eyes. “That’s my line. What I did. Crossed a line and—” I held my stomach as Tayuya pulled her fist back.

“Tayuya!” Sui called out, holding onto me.

“You said if he apologized again, I could punch him.”

“Yeah, but that was before I found out he just had a fight with Kakashi.”

“Oh… Wait, you fought Kakashi? And that’s all the damage you took. He must be easier than I thought. Sad.” Tayuya shook her head in disappointment.

“It’s… It’s fine.” I said, struggling to catch my breath. I’m so tired of getting punched. “She’s right. I’m done saying sorry, and I won’t save you from my memories because you don’t need saving from them, do you?”

“No. I don’t. If anything, it was fun having a mom, dad, and sister for a bit.” Tayuya glanced at Sui, then laughed. “Make that; it’s still fun having a sister. Even though I liked the dream one better.”

“What was that?” Sui said.

“Nothing at all Sis.”

I stared at Sui. “Did you make the problem worst?”

“No, I just decided that I’ve always wanted a sister. You could say it’s been a dream of mine.”

That son of a bitch. “Fine, you win. I won’t argue as long as it’s what Tayuya wants. I don’t care.”

“You’re not my guardian, you rat.” Tayuya glared at me.

“You’re right; I’m not. Do whatever you want. I have no control over it.” I said, giving in entirely.

“Finally, he gets it.” Sui said, letting me stand by myself. “We’re all teammates, together. Equal partners. No one has control over the other. Sure, there should be a chain of command when it comes to strategizing and tactics. But besides that, we’re all Genin.” Sui put her hand out and eyed Tayuya and me.

“You can’t be serious.” I said, realizing what she wanted to do.

“Sis is always serious about corny shit.”

“You know I’m never going to get used to you calling her that.”

“Well too bad, Uchiha trash.”

“You two better do the damn thing before I knock you both out!”

“Ok…” We both said as we put our hands on top of hers for the triangle huddle.

“On three.” Sui said. “One.”

“Two.” Tayuya grumbled.


We all lifted our hands up high and said it together. “Go Team 9!”

“D-did we just really do that…” I stared at Sui, who was all bubbly, laughing, and smiling brightly.

“That’s Sis for you.” Tayuya shrugged, shaking her head.

“Stop talking as if you’ve known her for years.”

“I wonder whose fault that is.”

“Yeah… sor—I mean go to hell! You’re just trying to punch me again.” I said, noticing that Tayuya was cracking her knuckles.

“Well, it looks like you have everything under control Yuki. Try not to screw it up again.” Kakashi, having watched that entire display, disappeared but not before muttering. “Now, let’s see if I’ve gotten through to Sasuke.”

I guess big brother Kakashi really is trying to look after him. Well, I hope he has better luck than me. I sighed. Trusting Kakashi again… “Man, life sucks—Woooah.”

Sui pulled me into her chest. Even though there wasn’t much cushion, it was softer than Kakashi’s flak jacket, that’s for sure. Definitely soothing. “Imagine saying life sucks when your concerned girlfriend is right next to you.” Sui puffed out her cheeks as she pouted.

“Yeah, I know.” I stared into her snowlike eye noticing the cracks in her façade. Today was hard on her, too huh.

“So you and Kakashi made up?”

“Sort of…” I stared at the small hole on top of the roof.

“I still can’t believe you fought Kakashi. I heard he was tough.” Tayuya kicked against the floor. “Disappointing.”

“Well… he didn’t really use his Jutsus against me. That One-eyed pervert was holding back. Again.” I said, slowly pulling away from Sui’s embrace. “But why are you so fixated on fighting Kakashi?”

“What is it you say Sis. ‘A girl keeps secrets’.”

“A girl has her secrets.” Sui said, picking up the packet of missions. Which I had completely forgotten about. “We should turn these in so we can get paid.”

“Wait, you guys finished?”

“Only about half of them.” Sui then sighed. “and only half of those were successful.”

I would’ve asked why but I stared at Tayuya, who didn’t seem to care at all. “I’m so sorry you had to deal with her alone.”

“It’s fine. She’s still getting used to it all.”

“Used to it?”

“Yeah, I’ll fill you in on the way to the Hokage’s Office. Turns out Tayuya really hasn’t experienced much in life… kind of like—”


“Yeah… So it was hard to do things like dusting attics or walking dogs. Without her saying or doing something that caused trouble.”

“Hey, those mutts were the ones who glared at me!” Tayuya crossed her arms. “They should know their place, but with those shit fucking owners they have, no wonder they had no respect—”

Tayuya dropped onto the floor from the backhand Sui gave.

“So yeah, I planned for us to go out this Friday since we shouldn’t have any missions that evening.” Sui said, ignoring that Tayuya was currently holding onto her head.

“So a date.” I said, getting my hopes up.

“No Tayuya is coming along.”

“So a babysitting date.”

“More like a chaperoned date.” Tayuya said recovering. “Can’t have a loser getting all touchy with my Sis. Got it.”

“Am I being cockblocked…?” I gave Tayuya a dead stare as I muttered. “That gamble really didn’t pay off.”

“No it did not.” Sui took my hand into hers.

We stared into each other’s eyes and nodded. Our fingers entwined as we took off, running from the red-haired demon behind us. Tayuya screamed profanities about how hand-holding was too far.

Note to self: Messing with someone’s mind is never a good thing to do. Lesson learned.

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