Chapter 25:

Chapter 8: Memories Part I

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1

Chapter 8: Memories Part IBookmark here

"Get up." A voice called out to me from the darkness.Bookmark here

I rolled to the side, trying to get more sleep time. I was exhausted, and my body was still sore from yesterday. I needed my sleep. Even after having the rest of the day off, Tayuya gave me a second helping of 'Don't use your Genjutsu on me!' Even though I told her she would've broken her skull against my headband. She just didn't care until Sui asked her to stop. Which got her to listen. Once again, Sui could convince her when I couldn't. I chalked it up to the girls being against me in some secret Anti-Yuki Alliance.Bookmark here

"I know you can hear me. Get up." I felt a hand reach out to me, and I rolled out of its grasp. The man who I assumed was Tenzō sighed. "Why do I have to get the one with issues."Bookmark here

"Speak for yourself! That red-haired demon bit me!" That sounded like Kou. Guess he's still on alarm clock duty.Bookmark here

"I have no idea what problem you guys are having. Mine woke up, and I didn't even have to touch her." That had to be the feminine red masked cat ANBU. I still didn't know her name yet. She never let it slip, unlike the other two.Bookmark here

"I wonder why? She is a Hyūga after all." Kou said.Bookmark here

"Yuki, I know you're listening in on us." I felt Tenzō's presence get closer to me. "Just get up already. You have work to do."Bookmark here

A mission, but I already did one… I want a break. My face can't take any more abuse. No, I'm not getting up! I went deeper into my cocoon.Bookmark here

"I tried. Kou."Bookmark here

"With pleasure."Bookmark here

"Wait." A new voice came, and it was Sui's. It sounded like she was still brushing her teeth. "Behaving like a child in front of the Hokage's ANBU team. Especially after saying you were going to do better yesterday."Bookmark here

I heard a knuckle crack and felt Sui's eyes on me. I know that feeling anywhere. Sh-she's using her Byakugan!Bookmark here

"Please! Not the face." I shot up, and she relaxed her eyes.Bookmark here

With a toothbrush in her mouth, Sui walked up and tapped on my head. "If you're going to sleep in my room. Can you at least get up properly? We already had to fix it yesterday because of you—"Bookmark here

"I already apologized for that."Bookmark here

Sui tapped my head again. "—And today because of Tayuya."Bookmark here

"Mmm, where is Tayuya?" I said, rubbing the cold out of my eyes. I saw the three ANBU standing around Sui's room, but Tayuya wasn't anywhere to be seen. Then I noticed Sui was staring up. I swallowed, afraid of what I was going to find. Tayuya was strapped to the ceiling by overgrown tree roots, and her mouth was muzzled again.Bookmark here

"I-Is that why I felt rumbling earlier?"Bookmark here

"So you were awake." Tenzō placed his hand on my shoulder, and I watched his cat mask twinkle. "If you do that again, you'll be next. Got it."Bookmark here

"Or better, how about you three not need human alarm clocks." Kou said, walking towards the window.Bookmark here

"He has a point. A ninja should be able to wake up early even with little sleep." The red cat masked ANBU also went towards the window.Bookmark here

"You're an expert at that, aren't you lover girl—ouch! I take it back. I take it back." Kou was caught in the female ANBU's restraining grip. I felt her blood lust from here, and I just noticed they weren't wearing their cloaks today.Bookmark here

The red cat masked ANBU was indeed a woman with purple hair and a slim build. Where Kou had plain short black hair, and Tenzō had short brown hair. I guess guys really are hopeless when it comes to style. I stared back at the two bickering ANBU and noticed the female had a katana on her back. Then an idea popped in my head as I moved from my spot.Bookmark here

"Cool sword you got there Ms…?" I was hoping to get her name, but she looked at Tenzō first for some kind of response. He nodded, and then she spoke.Bookmark here

"Yūgao, and you shouldn't be talking to me."Bookmark here

"Huh? Why not?" I haven't even made my move yet. I wanted to get to know who was behind the mask and maybe see if she could take me out… Obviously, to teach me how to use a katana, of course. Taken women aren't really my thing…Bookmark here

Yūgao's finger pointed behind me. I felt a shiver run down my spine as I slowly turned around to see the two angry devils. One had a muzzle on. Thank God. And the other was frothing at the mouth. I wasn't sure if that was because of the toothpaste or—Bookmark here

"Ok Team 9. We'll be going now. Try not to get hurt. We won't be here to take care of your injuries today." Tenzō said, walking past us and saving my life before he disappeared in smoke. The other two followed, and like that, it was just the three of us in our pajamas.Bookmark here

"So, you think any of them are going to die?" I said, walking over to Tayuya to get her muzzle off.Bookmark here

"None of them, most likely. Tenzō is actually a really good wood-style user." Sui said, placing her hand over mine to help me with Tayuya's muzzle.Bookmark here

Tayuya was lucky I was a self-proclaimed expert at paper tags, and Sui had good chakra control. Or else she wouldn't be able to brush her teeth until we met up with Hiruzen-sensei. The paper seals they placed on her were high enough level that not even she could remove them. Though with a little bit of chakra maneuvering, we pulled the seal off, and her muzzle disappeared.Bookmark here

Tayuya grabbed at her face and smiled, relieved she could speak again. "Thanks guys. I don't know what I would've done. If I had to spend the day sounding things out again… Why the fuck are you two quiet?"Bookmark here

"Did she just smile?" I said, staring at Tayuya. I think that was the first time she smiled, and it didn't make me shudder. It was actually cute. Weird.Bookmark here

"Yes, she did." Sui responded, also staring at Tayuya, shocked.Bookmark here

"Did she just thank us too?"Bookmark here

"You heard right."Bookmark here

"Are we in a Genjutsu?"Bookmark here

Sui nodded. "Definitely in a Genjutsu."Bookmark here

"Go fuck yourselves. Both of you." Tayuya stuck out her middle finger at us and walked away, muttering. "Pieces of shits." Slamming the door behind her.Bookmark here

We both bounced from the slam and pinched each other's cheeks.Bookmark here

"I guess we're not in a Genjutsu."Bookmark here

"Yes, it would appear that way." Sui paused for a moment holding onto my face. "What happened to you two yesterday?" Sui continued to stare at me with that all-seeing gaze of hers. Yeah, I hadn't told her everything about yesterday since I was tired.Bookmark here

"I'm waiting." Sui tapped her foot, and toothpaste began to drip off her chin.Bookmark here

"Let's finish up with our morning activities, then have a team discussion." I said, wiping up the froth from her mouth getting my hand sticky. "The things I do for you."Bookmark here

"Sh-shut up. I never asked you to—"Bookmark here

I placed a kiss on her forehead. "Isn't that what boyfriends do? Take care of their girlfriends without being asked."Bookmark here

Sui started to laugh, her face blushing. "Yeah, you're right. Thank you. But don't think I've let you off the hook."Bookmark here

"I know, I know, we can talk after breakfast." I held out my pinky covered in white toothpaste. "I promise."Bookmark here

"Really? You're doing that?" Sui did not look amused by the gesture and definitely wasn't holding back a laugh at all. Adorable.Bookmark here

"Hey, it came from your mouth."Bookmark here

"Ok fine. It's a promise." She wrapped her toothpaste covered pinky with mine. It was gross, but we laughed as we left the room to clean ourselves up.Bookmark here

2Bookmark here

We walked into the kitchen, clothes on and hair styled; all we needed was food to start the day off right. At the table, Konohamaru was already eating a bowl of cereal; alone. Weird. You know I've never seen anyone else around here besides him and the three shadow cats. He looked a little bit down until he saw us and ran up to Sui.Bookmark here

"Big Sis Sui!" Konohamaru dashed at Sui, knocking the table around just to hug her, and made his bowl fall over.Bookmark here

I did the hand sign: Tiger. Body Flicker Jutsu.Bookmark here

In an instant, I traveled the short distance and caught the bowl before any of the contents fell out. I set it back on the table and expected some kind of applause but nope, nothing but crickets.Bookmark here

Was I not cool there or? Sui was dealing with Konohamaru while making toast, and Tayuya, ignoring me, had made herself a bowl of cereal. Defeated, I went to get my own bowl of cereal and sat down across from Tayuya.Bookmark here

"Did I miss something? Or is Konohamaru close with Sui?"Bookmark here

Tayuya shrugged her shoulders, munching on her food. I didn't know what I was expecting from her. Tayuya probably didn't even know the kid existed.Bookmark here

"Ok, Little brother." Sui said, patting Konohamaru's head. "Your sister needs to eat, and you need to finish yours. Don't let Yuki saving your food go to waste."Bookmark here

"Ok!" Konohamaru and Sui both sat down on the opposite ends of the small square table.Bookmark here

"So you did see me catch it?" I muttered, chewing through my breakfast.Bookmark here

"I mean, it would be hard to miss the puff of smoke you left behind." Sui took a bite of her toast, barely paying me any mind.Bookmark here

"I guess." I forgot it even did that since body flickering was such a basic ninja skill, I had already moved beyond it. It was only useful in situations like this where I had to be careful.Bookmark here

"Oh, Oh, Big Sis! Will you help me out again today?"Bookmark here

"If I have the time."Bookmark here

"Hehehe." Konohamaru did his signature laugh. "Well, I have news for you. Gramps left you guys a note on the fridge."Bookmark here

We all eyed each other. There wasn't a note on the fridge, at least not one I remembered seeing. I looked at Sui, who looked at Tayuya, who looked at… Her bowl, which she refilled, ignoring us completely.Bookmark here

"If you're looking for the note, it's right here!" Konohamaru placed his hands together. "Substitution Jutsu!" His bowl of cereal became a fat stack of papers.Bookmark here

"Th-that's a note?" It looked like one of those student packets teachers gave because they didn't feel like teaching… That bastard!Bookmark here

Sui started clapping. "Good job, Little brother. You'll definitely pass your test today."Bookmark here

"Oh, so now you clap—"Bookmark here

"What was that?"Bookmark here

"N-nothing." I said, shaking my head.Bookmark here

Konohamaru ignored our little exchange, bragging about how cool he was and how he couldn't do it without Sui's help. Or rather his big sister's help, I guess. Those two continued to talk during the entire meal until Sui reminded him, he needed to get to class.Bookmark here

"You're right! I hope I didn't keep Moegi and Udon waiting too long." With his goggles and scarf, he Naruto-ninja-ran out the door, leaving us his bowl to clean.Bookmark here

3Bookmark here

"Big Sis Sui?" I glanced at Sui as I cleaned the dishes. While Tayuya and Sui were both going through the packet together.Bookmark here

"What? I've always wanted a cute little brother."Bookmark here

"I mean, I do too," I said, thinking of Sasuke. I wonder what he's doing right now? Probably struggling with Sakura and Naruto's shenanigans. I laughed to myself before continuing.Bookmark here

"But don't you think that was a little fast?" I said, wiping down the kitchen table tops. You could've given me a pink apron and called me a househusband with how spotless I made the place. I gave it the Yuki's air kiss of approval before sitting down.Bookmark here

"I mean, we met Konohamaru barely a day ago. You even beat him up that day too—Thank you." Sui handed me part of her packet. "So how do you go from 'Don't hurt me!' To 'Big Sis!' In that time frame?"Bookmark here

"Like any normal person." Sui said, not even looking up from the papers. Why do I have the feeling she's insulting me…? "I just helped Konohamaru out while I waited for you guys yesterday. His class is learning about Substituting objects, so it was easy, and Konohamaru picked things up fast."Bookmark here

"I guess… Hey Tayuya, don't you think it's weird how close Konohamaru and Sui got?"Bookmark here

"Konohamawho?" Tayuya was staring intently at her part of the packet.Bookmark here

"You know, the boy who was just here. Can become a sexy girl…" Why do I hear a knuckle crack? "Sui, wait!"Bookmark here

"He's a minor!"Bookmark here

I rubbed the large red bump on the top of my head. "But yeah… that kid."Bookmark here

"Yuki… can you shut the hell up! I'm concentrating here."Bookmark here

Concentrating?Bookmark here

I stared at the pile of papers in front of me. It was a simple list of things to do this week. Albeit an extensive list, like ninety pages worth of things to do included with time limits, which days it could be done on and other special requirements. But other than that, it wasn't anything you needed to concentrate on since we could do these things in our sleep.Bookmark here

I got up from my seat after noticing something important. "Hey Tayuya, you want to have that talk alone?"Bookmark here

"A-alone?" Sui looked up from her papers, revealing both of her eyes. I guess reading with one eye would suck. "I did lose the bet… Fine go. Ten minutes then you have to fulfill your promise ok."Bookmark here

"Well Tayuya, you heard her. We have ten minutes in heaven." I said with a devilish grin.Bookmark here

"On second thought…"Bookmark here

"I was kidding! I'm a joke, remember!" I felt Sui's blood lust behind me and was sure she even had her Sharingan active. Ten minutes what am I a quick shot. Give me fifteen. "Ha-ha… Sui wait!"Bookmark here

I was once again rubbing my head in pain now with two red hills. She can read minds. I'm 100% certain. Then I felt Tayuya grab my arm as she pulled me to her room.Bookmark here

4Bookmark here

Once inside, she closed the door and locked it. Then placed her hands together. I felt the space change, and it felt the same as when Hiruzen-sensei did it. I'm going to have to learn that Jutsu one day.Bookmark here

I looked around her room and noticed how empty it was. It just had her clothes thrown everywhere, but other than that, there was nothing. Not even a case for her flute. Honestly, I wouldn't even count the clothes as something since they were just the same black shirt and white shorts she wore every day.Bookmark here

"Well, that settles it." I said, thinking out loud.Bookmark here

"Settles what? Why did you suddenly ask to talk alone? I wasn't even ready dirtbag."Bookmark here

"Oh, having second thoughts?" I said, moving close to her. She didn't even flinch. Not really the reaction I was hoping for…Bookmark here

Tayuya just walked past me ignoring my joke, and removed her hat, causing her hair to flow down to her waist. She shut the blinds, and it got dark in her room to the point I had to activate my Sharingan just to see.Bookmark here

"Good. That's the Yuki I wanted to talk to." Tayuya said, sitting on her dresser crosslegged. I never noticed how her hair resembled that of blood or how dark her brown eyes really were. She even showed off her neck, revealing the three black spiraling Ls tattooed there.Bookmark here

"Shut up." My eyes narrowed. "You should know how it makes me feel to use these."Bookmark here

"Yeah well, I was sick of your shitty jokes."Bookmark here

I turned to the door and twisted the knob, only for it to jiggle. I heard Tayuya's laugh as I remembered she locked the door. She twirled a key in her hand with that devilish smile of hers. I clicked my tongue; I was trapped.Bookmark here

The rooms in the Hokage residence were known as sealed rooms that activated seals whenever they were locked. It prevented people from breaking into the Hokage's office and the like.Bookmark here

The rooms could only be opened by the owner of the seals, Hiruzen-sensei in this case. The use of the sealed room key, the one she had dangling in her hand. Or be dispelled like Tayuya's muzzle. I could obviously brute force it, but Tenzō would kill me.Bookmark here

"What do you want?" I said, deciding to play her game.Bookmark here

"My ten minutes in heaven."Bookmark here

"More like hell."Bookmark here

5Bookmark here

I stood there with narrowed vision trapped in the chills of my Sharingan. Of course, I could always turn them off but not being able to see Tayuya would be a bad idea. Especially since the black zigzags began spreading across her body out from the mark on her neck.Bookmark here

"So. Are you going to explain what that is?" I said, dipping my hand into my pocket. I gripped onto my kunai, clicking my tongue. Sui won't be able to hear us because of that Jutsu.Bookmark here

"No." Tayuya didn't even hide her blood lust. "I'm going to show you!"Bookmark here

My kunai collided with her flute as we were caught in a deadlock. She definitely was physically stronger than yesterday, but I'd already dealt with her like this before. I held my ground against her brute strength. Both of our arms shaking, but neither budged.Bookmark here

"Quit the game, Tayuya. You know if I wanted to, I'd end this right now—"Bookmark here

"What? Cat got your tongue?" Tayuya said with a demonic smile.Bookmark here

I didn't know how but she changed her skin tone to a dark brown, and h-horns grew out of her skull. Her eyes went from brown to an abyssal black with golden-colored pupils. Inhuman was the first thing that came to mind, but the first word I said was.Bookmark here

"Hot."Bookmark here

She threw a kick at my side, and I crashed into her closet. With a cough, I saw the blood on my hands. Damn it, I'm getting real tired of being her punching bag. I stood up, moving aside the clothes that fell on me.Bookmark here

"You have five minutes." Tayuya cracked her knuckles. "If you survive, I'll tell you what it takes to get power."Bookmark here

"And what if I knock you off your feet?"Bookmark here

She started laughing as if it was the funniest thing she'd ever heard. "Here, let me give you a handicap." She tossed her flute aside and beckoned me forward.Bookmark here

"Have I ever told you how much I hated being looked down on."Bookmark here

"Payback's a bitch ain't it."Bookmark here

Wind Style: Whirlwind Sprint Jutsu! I appeared above her, my kick aimed for her neck. I knew she was strong, but she wasn't—fast? Tayuya matched my kick with her own. I flipped off her, landing on top of the dresser in a crouch. She continued to stare me down as if she was some sort of god.Bookmark here

Sorry Tenzō. I whipped out my wired kunai four earth and four wind. I'm going to have to destroy your hard work—Bookmark here

I blocked her punch with my arms, only to barrel backwards towards the window. I prepared to crash through, but I was stopped. My leg caught in her grip; she swung me in an arc and down onto the ground. The wind knocked out of me. Strong and faster than my Sharingan. I'm so fucked—Bookmark here

"Ahh!" I screamed out from the weight of Tayuya's foot that crushed my chest as she leaned down.Bookmark here

"You were saying, worm?" She ground her foot against my ribs, causing me to scream again. "I can look down on you shits because I alone am exalted! While you, Yuki. You stare up in the darkness, afraid. Digging through dirt to reach my height. Only to see I'm not even on the ground."Bookmark here

Tayuya took her foot off me, giving me a chance to catch my breath. "And you think you can stop that Masked fucker." She spat on the floor.Bookmark here

I clasped my hands together. Lightning Style: Lightning Cl—"Gah!"Bookmark here

"You think I'm going to let you do anything!" Knocking my hands away, Tayuya lifted me up by my shirt. "Now, look at me."Bookmark here

I stared down at her, deep into her black and gold eyes. Sleep! I activated my Sharingan's Genjutsu. Her head slumped, but she still held me up high. Even unconscious, her will was nothing short of inhuman. The horns on her head started to grow, and I noticed how they resembled a crown of bones. Tayuya lifted her head and smiled.Bookmark here

"This is the difference between us. Within your memories, I learned something. You were held up on a pedestal given a crown of rubies. I killed to get mine. Words like 'I'll kill you' coming from you are just that. Words."Bookmark here

How much of my life did you see…"Tayuya…" The words caught in my throat.Bookmark here

"So you can still talk." She tightened her grip to the point my shirt ripped, and I fell against the cracked floor. With a click of her tongue, she grabbed my throat and stared down at me. "What? What do you have to say? You failed and didn't even last four minutes, so what does trash like you want?"Bookmark here

I gripped onto her arm, my Sharingan fading, but I needed it on. To show her I truly meant what I was going to say.Bookmark here

"And if it's another pass at me, I'll snap your neck."Bookmark here

I gave a weak laugh shaking my head. There goes plan B. I felt a fire burn within me as I opened my mouth. "I'm sorry. And I promise I'll save you."Bookmark here

"From what!" Her spit hit my face. "I don't need saving! Especially by a weakling."Bookmark here

I tightened my grip around her arm, pulling my head forward against her inhuman strength until I tapped my forehead against hers. "I'll do it. I'll make things right. I'll save you from your nightmares, my memories, and the hell you're in. I promise on my name as an Uchiha." I released her and fell back down, exhausted, my Sharingan gone.Bookmark here

Tayuya snickered at first, then broke out into a full laugh as tears streamed from her face. "Ryu said the same thing to Yukino. That he'd save her, and now she's dead, and they're all gone…"Bookmark here

She began to revert to her normal body as she placed her hand against my chest, using her chakra to heal my injuries. "Yuki, I'm going to make you regret saying that."Bookmark here

"I guess we can add another to the pile." I stared into her brown eyes and remembered how they could become a demon's at a moment's notice. Is power really worth that? "Tayuya can you tell me—"Bookmark here

"I'm not going to tell you about my transformation. You're too weak. It'll kill you…" Tayuya said, falling forward, her head landing on my chest, her breathing slow.Bookmark here

"Oh that? I'm ok. I don't want power like that. Sorry, but I could tell you were in pain using it the entire time. From just controlling yourself. I already have one curse, thank you." I placed my hand over the marks on her neck, and for once, she flinched from my touch.Bookmark here

"Then what do you want…" She lifted her head, staring into my black eyes. "Yuki?"Bookmark here

I smiled. "Tell me about yourself."Bookmark here

"I can't tell you that."Bookmark here

"I don't mean where you're from. I don't care about that."Bookmark here

Tayuya stared at me, still clueless.Bookmark here

"Like who is Tayuya? What do you like? What do you hate? What are your dreams? Who are you? You know more about me than what I would've liked, but I know next to nothing about you." I scratched my cheek as I thought about admitting my mistake. "This is what I should've done. Instead of skipping steps. I should have just talked to you."Bookmark here

"Yuki…"Bookmark here

"Yeah?"Bookmark here

"I kid you not when I say. I would never associate with trash like you if I didn't experience like…" Tayuya thought for a moment, which made me afraid. It was definitely longer than five hours. "Five years worth of your life."Bookmark here

"Continuous?"Bookmark here

"No, it jumped around a bit."Bookmark here

Fuck. "I-I'm so sorry—"Bookmark here

"Stop that. Saying sorry just makes you weak, and I refuse to be on a team with weaklings."Bookmark here

I rubbed my eyes. "You're right. What's done is done. Which brings me back to my first question. What's up with the whole weakling thing?"Bookmark here

"You're not going to stop, are you?" Tayuya narrowed her eyes as I shook my head. "Fine. I'll tell you a bit about how I grew up. Will that make you happy?"Bookmark here

"Yes, but first, we should explain ourselves."Bookmark here

"Explain ourselves to who…"Bookmark here

"Tayuya. Yuki. What the fuck are you two doing." Sui was standing in front of us and the sealed door… destroyed. Sui's Byakugan and Sharingan was active. "You better get to talking before I lose my patience."Bookmark here

I survived one demon's attack just to deal with an angel. Heaven or Hell, I don't think I'd be safe in either.Bookmark here

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