Chapter 26:

The End of EVERSTREAM01 & about EVERSTREAM02


   Hello, and thank you for reading my book, EVERSTREAM01, and especially a big thank you if you are one of the very few who managed to read the whole book from cover to cover.

   There are a few final, wrap-up points I would like to discuss as well as briefly talk about the future of EVERSTREAM (mainly, EVERSTREAM02). And finally, some ways you can find more of my writing and ways to support my work.

   I'm sure the ending of EVERSTREAM seemed rather sudden, and maybe even hard to believe that is how I wanted to end it - with hardly even an epilogue. However, the sudden end to Lilli had always been planned, well before any of the rewrites of my book, and it was the one thing that had pretty much stayed consistent throughout my time writing the book. The sudden end was deliberate as to not undermine the gravity of her final decision. That said however, I do feel like I kind of hastily conclude. If I ever do get around to making the final edits to the book, I'd definitely make sure to add a maybe a few more paragraphs on the destruction of the Lotus.

   Next up, I would just like to take a moment to talk about Silje’s name.
(Ideally, I should have put this in the glossary at the start of the book, but such is the way of life.)
   Her name is likely difficult or confusing to pronounce if you come from a native English speaking country. The j in her name acts like a Swedish/Norwegian J, which is read more like a y. The reason she has a foreign name being:
   This "J" Swedish backbone has also helped me in constructing the Telkian language and their culture which we will discuss later.

Next I would like to move on to talking about EVERSTREAM02.
   I've decided that I would like to post some of the chapters I have written for EVERSTREAM02 on here. The book is far from being finished, and my dedication and progress on it is slower than a snail’s pace, likely meaning it won't see the light of day for another handful or years. That said, recently, I've had some extra free time (that's not too abnormal) where I have felt a rather high motivation to work on the book (that is extremely abnormal). As a result, I've been making good progress on it and I hope by the time this document is posted on Honeyfeed, I will have completed most-if-not-all of the first episode of EVERSTREAM02. Going forward, 2 weeks after this post goes live on Honeyfeed, I will begin posting chapters from EVERSTREAM02 once every 2 weeks. The change in my post schedule is to hopefully allow a little bit more time between chapter posts to hopefully make it so that I can finish the first episode in the book. (At the time of writing this, I’m about 65-70% complete with Episode 1 in EVERSTREAM02)
   I will be posting all the chapters I have written regardless of how much or how little I have completed. That said, you need to go into reading the EVERSTREAM02 chapters with lower expectations. This is more like an early an "Early Access" game, if you will. It's not really about how good the book is on a technical level (such as grammar, language, and spelling), but more a preview to see if the foundation is good (plot, characters, story beats) because I can promise you, there will be tons and tons of typos among other technical problems. I like to use a special tool for my writing called "Focus Writer" (link down below). As the name implies, it's to help you focus on writing, and as such, I turn off any highlighting applied to grammar and spelling so that I can just focus on writing, rather than losing focus by spending time fixing and correcting mistakes. This results in many careless typos and grammar problems.
   In EVERSTREAM02, you will notice a change in writing style, as well as shifting the story in a new direction. As it is planned now, it will also expand on the Telkian race quite a lot. As is often the case with my writing, this is just due to real life influences. At the time when I started writing EVERSTREAM01 I didn't even imagine I would be leaving my home country to live abroad, and it wasn't really until I was putting finishing touches on EVERSTREAM01 that I was just starting to grapple with an entirely different language and culture. Now, to little surprise, I've lived through (and, well, continue to live through) grappling with a culture vastly different than my own and continue to live a "fish-out-of-water" existence, which has really given me a new perspective on bringing the fictional culture of the Telkian and their language alive. While I'm not going to write a whole dictionary for the Telkian language, the language has become somewhat important and relevant to the plot of the book and therefore required me to - at least in a small part - actually construct a fictional language. The bottom "notes" section of my EVERSTREAM02 document has become unwieldy in length due to me making notes to keep track of words and grammar rules for the Telkian language, but I will admit, it's kind of fun. Now I understand why Klingon and Elvish exist. Constructing a fictional language is tough, but it’s that challenge that makes it interesting.
   You'll be seeing minor parts of that coming together in the first episode, but won't have to wrap your head around an entire new language that much. I’ve been careful to introduce it slowly (the same way I’ve been learning the language around me).

   Finally, I just need to take a moment to support myself, and it would be doing me a huge favor if you took the time to check out some of these links.
   First, I want to put Focus Writer here. I was disappointed to learn that JDarkRoom became abandonware, which was a lightweight text editor I used for the majority of EVERSTREAM01's life.
   JDarkRoom can be found here: (but last updated in 2010)
   However, after searching for an alternative, I came across Gott Code's Focus Writer which has some very minor bloat over JDarkRoom, but still very lightweight (and lots of customization). For the past few years it's been my replacement for (god rest it's soul) JDarkRoom.
   I also write music.
   Believe it or not, EVERSTREAM01 made an appearance in one of my songs.
   Roule's "I Was There..." monologue (seen in chapter 24) was first performed & recorded in full and then cut & sampled to be used in my song "DESIGNATION" which is part of my old album, "PUZZLE" which you can find here:
   I also wrote another story, but this time delivered through lyric. My story "Believe", which is not associated with EVERSTREAM, is part of my album of the same name which (preferably) you can listen to here:
   Or you can stream it on all the major streaming platforms (but the first song on the album which shares the albums name, "Believe" will be taken down from streaming platforms this year due the difficulty of maintaining the license for the song. This is due to it being a cover of the Chemical Brother's song "Believe".) (Also note that streaming on any of these platforms, but especially Spotify, will likely take most if not all of the money earned from streams of my music, likely resulting in me never seeing a penny paid out from Spotify, which is why I encourage you to stream through Bandcamp)
   I also made a game!
   So if you want even more stories written by me, check out my game (it's free) on I'm not going to over-sell you on it. It's just an RPG Maker game, so it's not technically amazing or groundbreaking, but I had a lot of fun making it and the story - in my humble opinion as the creator - is quite fun. I also did all of the music for the game!
   I'm learning to make more technically involved games (at the moment Unity, but plans to switch my learning and development to Unreal). I stream my learning process as well as my music making process on Youtube and Twitch (simultaneously), so pick which platform you prefer and come join along:

   And with that, that is the end of this post. I won't be making any follow-up posts about the end of EVERSTREAM once the final EVERSTREAM02 chapter has been posted. So this is the last you will hear from me, and since that is the case I just want to thank you one last time for reading my book, and if you are going to continue reading on into EVERSTREAM02, then I am also thankful to have someone who has enjoyed my world and characters so much that they want to read more. I'm sorry that it is not a finished product, but nevertheless, I hope you like the new direction and storytelling of the sequel.

   Take care of yourself, and stay safe out there.