Chapter 18:

Epilogue - Three Tales Converge (Final Chapter!)

The Girl He Used To Know - Original HoneyFeed Version

"I just don't understand it Lane, nothing about this case makes any damn sense. Rich successful man, suddenly turns his house into a fireworks platform, attacks a half-dozen police officers and then disappears into thin-air!"
Exclaimed an older balding man in a heavy-set trench coat.

Beside him stood a second, similarly aged individual wearing a scruffy anorak-jacket and rounded glasses;
"Not to mention the complete lack of history for 'man."
He said in a thick northern accent, "No matter how hard we dig we can't find anything, no family, no birthplace, not'ing."

The two stood in-front of an old London-townhouse, one now surrounded with yellow police tape and squad cars.

"And what of his motive? I mean we all have midlife crises, especially you, no offence Lane--"

"None taken Chief."

"--But no, the man showed no signs of that sort - Rumours say he had even got himself a new partner. There's just no sense to this case."

"Aye-up, here comes trouble."
Said 'Lane' gesturing his head behind them.

Approaching them was a tanned women with long shoulder length black hair - Dressed in a pristine suit-dress, a lanyard around her neck identifying her as a "Dr.Firen Shika".

"Gentlemen, what progress?" She asked with a tone of authority.

The two men simply shrugged. A scowl came across the good Doctor's face;
"Chief.Inspector Halford you can not honestly expect me to believe there has still been no movement anywhere in almost twenty-four hours?"

Halford sighed, "CCTV, ANPR, word of mouth - None of it gives us anything. There's no clues in the house neither. I've posted alerts to all the nearby airports and--"

"The nearby? Make it nationwide man!"

"With respect ma'am, he isn't that high value a target surely?"
The northern Detective said back.

Shika's brows furrowed agitatedly - "Inspectors, Pierre Havelock is the highest value target you have ever dealt with in your lives.
He had unrestricted access to almost all data concerning the UnderCurrent incident. The things in the book are public knowledge but schematics for the weapons used or the spacecraft seen? Those could shift the power-balance of our whole world, turn Britain back into a superpower!"

The old man's face alighted at this news, "So you think that's his motive?
Take that information and sell it to a foreign power? CIA or the Russians, China even perhaps?"

But Shika shook her head doubtfully;
"Possible but I doubt it.
He has a government contract to document, to 'arbiter' the project for the next ten years.
He would of made more money then he could ever desire.
This discovery, the things he could of wrote on, the way they will change all our lives Very shortly - Well his legacy would of been forever, he could of lived in literary history for millennia to come, longer then I and my team will for making the discovery - Known along Shakespeare even! - Why would he throw such an incredible legacy away?"

"A better offer?" Shrugged the Chief inspector.

"A women?" Grinned Lane, causing Halford to smirk.

Dr.Firen simply shook her head with disdain.


Within the land of Bhaile, the central planet of the so called 'UnderCurrent Solar-System', there are a great menagerie of legends and folktales.
Among them two from around the same time are of some interest to this humble archiver.

One is a story known by a great many. The story of the Empress Aardig, the greatest ruler of all time.
Seen by some as living Saint and by others as an embodiment of God - And agreed by all to of been the most powerful being to have ever walked the planet's surface.
Her Empire is said to of lasted a thousand years, the day of her victory proclaimed by many to be the day the First Age, turned into the Second.

Even now, 'The States Union' that rules over the Third Age, Millenia later, is still situated on the central continent - Still has its home where Aardig's throne-room was once.

But the end of her tale is most peculiar. By all accounts, near the 30th anniversary of her final victory over the continent - Aardig simply vanished.

She left no heirs, nor was there any funeral. She and supposedly even her Golem, simply disappeared. 

Of course the politicians spun it well, claimed she had been requested of by the Gods, that she would never grow old and die, had ascended to the heavens up above - But in truth she was never seen again - Turned into the legend of the God-Empress to be worshiped for all eternity!

Conversely in the land of Ivernia there are 1000's of myths about - Foremost of all is surely the legend of 'Aila and The Two Great Giants'.
But I would draw attention to a different story, a much lesser known one in fact.

A tale called 'The Oracle and The Lady'. It comes from a small village in the mountain range to the south, where it is said the families of some of Aardig's loyalist followers retired to after they were finished serving her in carving out the Empire.

The legend goes that one day a man and woman arrived at the settlement nestled in the hill - They were quiet folk who kept to themselves at first, building a small home of their own.

But in time they came to be relied upon by all the villagers, they would tell stories together to the children and adults alike - And when wolfs or bandits came baying in the night, it is said the Lady would turn them away with ease - While the man became known as a renown Sibyl, predicting the weather with deft accuracy and even saving many lives by foreseeing landslides and rock falls, often weeks in advance.

It is unclear if the two we're married or ever had children, but what is known is that they lived out the rest of their days in quiet contemplation there.
Said to walk the highlands almost everyday, always covered in kind smiles for one another as they laughed warmly - Beloved and revered by all who saw them.

Of course it is not for this lowly orator to comment on these two tales, on the fact that Aardig's disappearance so closely aligns in date with the arrival of this 'Lady' and her Oracle - However as my predecessor used to say - "There are no coincidences in stories, Just happy Beginnings."

The End - Thanks for reading - Momentie

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