Chapter 11:

Chapter 11: Shadows of Darkness


Mariya looked over the guild building that Dawn’s Horizon had called home. Standing in front of her was the guild leader, who continued to lounge on her throne as if nothing was happening. Wolfy stood at his sister’s side on all fours as he waited for her to give the word.

“It’s over, Risa. We have killed everyone in your guild. Now you can either hand over the guild to me or—”

“Eh, you can have it. I don’t care,” Risa said as she waved her hand to open the menu.

Without a single word, Risa transferred her command over the guild. Mariya raised an eyebrow as she looked over to Risa.

“And that’s… it? You’re just giving up?”

“Yeah. I grew bored of this world. It’s so dull.”

Mariya accepted control of the guild building as her brother reverted to into his human form.

“So, what should we do with her, sis?”

“You could make me a slave and have me perform all sorts of duties and services,” Risa said as she tumbled onto the floor and jumped to her feet.

Risa rushed forward with a phantom-like speed and jumped towards Wolfy with her arm wide open.

“I could even be your maid.”

Mariya smiled and snapped her fingers. Within a second, vines sprung up from the floor and ensnared Risa’s wrist and ankles.

“Pretty sure I didn’t give you permission to touch my brother.”

“Sis, can I keep her?”

“You could always put a Slave Rune on me to ensure I’m never a bad girl,” Risa said with a playful smile.

Mariya looked over to her brother and back to the guild leader bound in vines.

“Feel free to do as you please with her, nii.”

Wolfy waved his hand and navigated the menu until he retrieved a Slave Rune. Using the item, he forced Risa to enter a binding contract as a slave to his will. Once the ritual was finished, a black spiked collar appeared around Risa’s neck.

“Now then, since we own this guild building, we are one step closer to our goal,” Mariya said as she sat down on the throne.

“Destroying the other guilds,” Wolfy said as he took a second to stretch.

“Master, you seem tense. Let me help you,” Risa said as she placed her hands on Wolfy’s shoulders.


Like a tower of slime oozing from the effects of water, Wolfy quickly found himself on his stomach as Risa straddled him gently.

“How’s that, master?”

“Surprisingly, not bad. My back has been killing me.”

As Risa continued, she noticed the pouting look upon Mariya’s face.

“Something wrong, Mariya?”

Wolfy opened one eye and looked over to his sister.

“You okay, sis?”

“I’m fine.”

“You sure? That sounded like you were upset about something.”

“I said I’m fine, nii.”

“All right. Well, you know you can always talk with me if something is bothering you.”

Mariya stood to her feet and headed for the exit.

“Master, you seem to be a bit absent-minded,” Risa said giggling.

“What do you mean? I asked if something was wrong and offered to lend an ear. My sister knows I care about her and will always be there to help her. Like that one time, with her bank.”

“I think I can see why you’re still single, master.”

“Because I’m a negative person who wants to controls everything and fails to understand humans as well as having mental health issues to the point I’m possibly a psychopath who is annoying and looks like a possible mass murderer?”

“Um… no? It’s because…”

Risa scratched her head for a second.

“Actually, that may also be why.”

“You do know I own you, right?”

“I am fully aware, master. Honestly, I’m glad you do, you’re actually sweet and kind.”

“People have said that before. Most stop thinking that after a week or so.”

“Your sister doesn’t.”

Wolfy turned over on his back and looked up at Risa.

“That’s because she and I have lived together for so long. She knows more about me than most of my friends.”

“Does she also know about your browser history?” Risa asked giggling at her joke.


“Wait… are you serious?”

“She figured it out… one day.”

“That’s… actually, I’m more curious as to what’s on your browser history,” Risa said with a smug expression.

Wolfy sighed and grabbed Risa by her wrist. Pinning her down onto the floor, he straddled her hips and gazed into her eyes.

“Are you sure you want to know that?”

“Pretty sure I’m your slave. So, you can tell me whatever you like.”

“I’d like to not be told I’m better off dying of cancer.”

“What makes you think I’d say something stupid like that?”

“Because so many people think I have some mental illness and should instead have a disease that could kill me.”

“Master, if you’ll allow me to speak freely…”

Wolfy nodded.

“I don’t care about what you have, don’t have, what your past was or anything like that. All I want, is to make you happy.”

“Then you’re going to be waiting a long time to fulfil that quest.”

“I have all the time in the world,” Risa said with a smile.

“You do realise I am a sadist, right?”

“And I’m a masochist,” Risa said with a playful wink.