Chapter 2:

2 - Kingdom of Dalmatia - The bet on the last day of school part I

Angel of Death


The majestic looking fortress surrounded by tall buildings and towers this is the 1st Royal Military Academy one of the prestige places of learning were the youth of the kingdom come if they wish to join the kingdom military, many of promising talents are here scouted by the military but on this day the students will prove there worth in front of many members of the kingdom elite.

The graduation ceremony for the students attending the academy this is a chance to shine, for the many guests of honor here today are members of the military captains - army officers - and Generals as well as clan masters and guild masters even the rear few Lords from various clans are in attendance.

But among them, are three guests that stand above all and are the center of attention the first is the General Emmor of the 1st Royal army, then the prime minister Marija Persa and last but not least the Queen of Dalmatia Scarlet I. Dragna.

 Without question, the ruler of the Kingdon of Dalmatia attending this ceremony is the center of attention and the guest of honor, respectively the prime minister her self is the kingdoms top politician and diplomat on top of it she herself is the clan master of her clan Black tiger and holds the title of Lord. 

General Emmor is the Commander in chief of the kingdom's military forces he himself graduated from this academy as such as the highest-ranking member of the kingdom's military - only second to the Queen and the Ban himself - needles to say he is an object of worship and admiration to the young students who wish to join the military as well as his fellow clan members. 

Part 1 - The bet on the last day of school

On every corner one can see members of the royal guard dressed in knightly attire on their chest piece one can see the Dragon clan symbol adored in elaborate engraving, they are carrying long halberd spears and a sword around there waist. 

Patroling the streets, guarding the gates and station on the walls one can see them everywhere.

Even so, the weapons are not the dangerous thing about them they are elite soldiers of the 1st royal army and even tho they look human, they as far away from humans as one can be they all are members of the strongest race in the kingdom the Dragon race.

The 1st army is almost entirely consisting of members of the Dragon clan they are here as the personal guard of the royal family - also the reason why General Emmor is here as well - as such they are providing the security for today's ceremony.

One of the nearby buildings doubles as a half-open fighting arena, this is where the students compete in a small scale tournament that is held in the Queen's honor.

A girl is hurridly running through the main hall where all of the today's guests are gathered among the majority are the student's parents and relatives and fellow clan members. Even so, the girl is frantically looking in places where not many people are gathered.

"Dammit where is he, I swear if he forgot to show up I swear" 

She is one of one of today's graduate students she has a small fragile build yet her eyes brim with confidence she has long brown hair and blue eyes, on closer look one can see the scars and bruises on her arms even as she is attending a prestigious academy like this one she is of humble origins her skin reveals poor care her nails are broken and she carries no visible accessories that most female students in this academy carrying on them.

Even so, no one is looking judging at her or talking behind her back even if she is of humble origin - village girl - most likely from the countryside. Were her classmates are from prestigious families or are the youth - next generation - of powerful clans or are from wealthy families she sticks out like a sore thumb.

Yet most eyes that caught a look of her running around hurridly are filled with respect and admiration for she is one of the honor students - ended top of her class - and one of professor Rose's students at that many clans and guild have their eyes on her even the military has shown interest in scouting her.

As her hair gets louse from all the running and her closes get al wrinkled up she stops to catch her breath.

"Huh, hu hu... where is he? That idiot"

"Sis! Sis, I found him" A voice calls to her from behind.

"Ha? Maro you did! Where is he now"

The boy who approaches her is of similar hight the same brown hair only short, his facial features are similar to hers yet his body is strongly built the occasional muscle can be seen and his arms and legs that reveal them selfs under his close revile a strong and healthy build.

He is the girls younger brother Maro Halbell and she is Lucy Halbell the two of them are the Halbell twins.

"I saw him at the arena just now he told me he was looking for you"

"Looking for me why? Where is he now?" A confused look slowly reviles itself on her face as if saying looking for me? Like what was I doing just now?

"He went inside, he told me he was summoned by the Queen something urgent or the likes. I did not ask anything more he just told me to find you and have you participate in the tournament"

"The tournament? You mean that poor excuse for duels when all the "mighty warriors" of our academy are showing of the all so might strength and skill they possess, that tournament?"

Slightly hesitant Maro answers as if he also agrees with his sisters statement "Umu yes that tournament, I know I know but it's the master's orders I'm sure he has good reasons for telling you to participate, right sis"

"... I guess your right, ahh well fine ill do it, let's go"

"Profesor Rose will be happy to see you participate when she hears the news you know" As Maro reveals a bright smile on his face as he says that.

"Hmm, you think so Maro"

"Well yes sis, after all the tournament will be held in front of the Queen her self and where she is General Emmor will surely be close by this is your chance to prove your worth it does not matter if you are up against some kids, you've earned your place her with your one hands"

Slightly angry she puffs up - in a somewhat ladylike manner - and glares at her brother as she says.

"Us! not your or I, us! We both earned our place here even if I'm an honor student your skill is no less then my after all professor Rose said you have great talent I am just good for the military fighting is all I'm good for but you"

"Ah, I, thanks sis"

As she grabs his hand "Let's go after all your be cheering me on from the front row so that I can show off in front of my little brother as well hi hi"

Sometime before this a man dressed in a long black sleeveless jacket with a hod on approaches the two guards station in front of the main door into the arena.

Thou one of them look like a member of the 1st royal - soldier - the other one has a more refined look about him clearly dressed differently yet the armor he wears is similar the same emblem of the Dragon clan decorates his armor, yet the only weapon he carries on him is a sword - to be precise a sword from the Kingdom of Yamato a katana - they see the man approach them and both of them see the two sword he carries on his waist.

Clearly alerted the guard grips his halberd as a suspicious person approaches them he looks towards his fellow guard yet he seems not fazed at all more then anything he has a relaxed look on his face as if he saw an old acquaintance or friend.

"Captin Ziri, someone is approaching us he has a weapon" Seeing that he does not seem worried by that he casts another look at the man approaching them, he is dressed in civilian clothes the weapons he carries are not standard equipment of any army maybe he is a captain - they are allowed to carry personal weapons that are non-standard issued weapons that are suited to their style of combat - thinking of that and seeing the captains reaction he relaxes for a moment and losses his grip.

At that moment the man approaching them raises his right hand to great them and removes his left hand from his pocket to indicate he does not intend to draw his weapon even showing his swords by moving his jacket so that the guards can see them.

"Capitan Ziri, is she inside?" The man asks in a relaxed tone.

"Yes, master Grey I was told she is expecting you, huh what is it this time if I'm not mistaken you usually avoid such gatherings and occasion"

"Well usually, your right but this time I have two youngsters among the graduate students so I have to be here as well for that and now this"

"Really? Then I have something to look forward to the youth of the Fallen can wait to see them, are they participating in the tournament?"

"I douth it seeing that they have actual real combat experience they are a cut above the rest even your Dragon clan students" Thou that statement carried a sense of arrogance especially when it came to the prideful Dragons even their young ones are strong and blessed with ability so saying that they stand no chance against his two students seems to indicate that they are not even worth the time and effort.

Hearing this the guard gets slightly upset but his captain quickly stops him.

"Sorry about that Grey just go inside your expected anyway"

"Thaks I'll be seeing you around Ziri, do send my regards to that captain of yours from the 1st division, seems he does not have to time to visit as often as he used to"

"O the famous Red Apple!? Of course, I will"

As Grey proceeds to enter shortly later the guard faces his captain with a puzzled expression on his face as if he whats to ask him something seeing that Ziri replays.

"Its only natural you do not know him seeing your part of the 3rd division you would not have the chance to see him so often"

"Then that's him, Grey Lionheart, the young master of the Fallen guild right?"

"Yes that's him so then you realize that there was no unfounded arrogance behind his earlier stateman"

"Yes if it's like that, hm. So that was General Lionheart's grandson will be lucky if we get the chance to scout even one of those students for the 1st royal"

"Ther you go, so you see even if it's as he said whether they are better then the kids from our clan or not it does not matter they will all equally contribute to the kingdom's future"

"It as you say, our clan members for the 1st division did tell me that he often visits the palace so the Queen must think highly of him just like his grandfather"

"Of course honestly speaking I have yet to see him fight seriously but my honest opinion is that he can even give our General a fight for his coin"

"Really captain!? But General Emmor is -"

"I know I know I'm just saying he can fight him as an equal so make no mistake that guy seems tame and calm but when it comes to the Queen he is as fanatical as our General and he has the strength to back it up"

The Dragon race these two are part of is one of the three major races in Dalmatia, they are a prideful and honorable race that value strength and might above all else. As the royal family that rules the kingdom is also from the Dragon race the respect and trust the other races have for them is double as high as such they have an image as this kingdoms mightiest warrior race to uphold.

Because of that, they have abandoned there old ways of looking down on weaker races.

They have adapted to the idea to value and respect the other races for they can offer a different kind of strength or form of power as such Grey even with his bad reputation and the general hatred that some show to him and distance for his lowly clan going so far to openly oppose him even being allowed in to the Royal Palace.

Ziri and the soldiers of the 1st royal - Dragons - as a race give him some level of respect because he has used his strength and power for the good of the people and the kingdom even if some do not what to admit that.

As he approaches the room on the top floor the modest stone corridor is lavishly decorated with the school emblem and the various clan's emblems decorate the hallway on every door and corner royal guards stand at attention - member of the 3rd division of the 1st royal army - as they are gathered in such high numbers the security is airtight indicating that the person of the top floor is of great importance and requests such high level of security.

Grey passes the guard without acknowledging them not stopping like before to confirm his identity.

Stopping in front of the strong looking door four royal guard tower over him they size him up not moving a muscle not even averting their eyes they move from the door facing the walls with their back as Grey approaches the door. 

For a moment Grey stops in front of the door one of the guards nooks at the door and announces in a strong mighty voice.

"Master Grey D. Lionheart has arrived permission to enter!"

"He may enter!" Replays the voice from inside after a moment then almost immediately the door opens two guards great him as he enters they slightly bow their heads as he passes them then they close the door behind him and go back to face the door with their back.

After a few steps, Grey removes his hood bows down with his right fist clenched he places it on his chest - above his heart - and bends his left behind his back.

The only person in the kingdom to whom Grey willingly beds the knee.

"My Queen by your orders I have arrived, how can I serve" There was no pettiness or arrogance but only sincerity in his voice as his eyes gaze upon the person sitting in the lavishly decorated cheer.

As he lifted his eyes a bit more - to get a better look - in front of him was his Queen the most powerful entity in the kingdom.

Her long crimson red hair that was slightly curly at the end, and was giving of such wived brightness one might think they were flames broth to life, her eyes are a deep bright red color yet they did not pose an intimidating look a ruler might have no more like it was a mother looking at her child.

Her skin was a slightly pale color probably because she has been working late in to the night again and in turn her skin color lost its usual liveliness her lips slightly puckered the redness in her cheeks can be seen yet despite sitting down she was towering over Grey at a hight of over two meters her body looks feminine and beautiful - almost breathtaking to be precise - yet only to the untrained eye that is for Grey and the guards in the room know that under that long dress and scarf she carried on around her shoulders a body of a warrior stands steadfast and strong.

The saying that the Queen is the most powerful entity in the Kingdom of Dalmatia has two meanings to both foreigners and the kingdom citizen she was the monarch and ruler who wielded absolute power and authority just like any other King or Queen from other kingdoms yet to the people of Dalmatia she was and is without a shadow of a douth the strongest warrior in the kingdom evident by her full title.

 Queen of Dalmatia the God-Queen Scarlet I. Dragna currently she is one of only three women in the world that hold such a title, that title of God-Queen has a worldly universal meaning - it is used by all the kingdoms and empires in the world meaning if one was considered a God-King or God-Queen they will be treated as such by other kingdoms and empires as well - in simple terms there are only two other women that are her equal in terms of power, ability, and title yet there exists only one other woman in the world currently alive that is stronger than her and holds a higher title than her.

That is the woman that Grey stood before and the Queen he pledged his loyalty and sword to without a douth the aura around her carid a worldly power and commanded enormous respect she is without a douth one of the most powerful entities in the world.

"Umu stand my boy how you bean we haven't seen one another for a long time now, tell me is your grandfather in good health"

"Yes my Queen thank you for your concern he is doing well last I received word his traveling the ruins of the cities of old in the desserts on the southern continent"

"I see well, still the same..." 



"You finished playing the dignified ruler or what now?" After a silent exchange were both stopped talking, it seems like the dignified ruler and subject rutin only lasted a couple of sentences before reverting to their old ways.

"Now is that any way to treat your Queen Grey, my boy, you haven't visited me for so long I got worried you know"

"Yes, yes but that's no reason to use Shadow. Now tell me what do you need of me, you know I can't stand these sort of ceremonial bullshit gatherings"

To the guard preset as shocking as the exchange between them is, they did not move a muscle which in itself was as weird as the conversion that was happening before them.

The reason for not punishing Grey for the disrespectful attitude he has while talking with the Queen is simple.

She did not remove the smile from her face from the moment she laid eyes on him this woman they all pledged there undying loyalty is showing a rear side of herself.

For the guard present in the room know she had been working leat in to the night and was feeling unwell yet right before them she immediately brightened up, for that they owe it to Grey, as such they could not possibly bring them selfs to reprimand or stop him if the Queen did not mind then they did not have the right to interfere such was the deep love and loyalty that this kingdom soldiers have for there Queen.

After pouting a bit for being so sternly reprimanded she looks out the window on to the arena seeing the people gathered there.

"Well you know me I have my reasons"

"Yes, that I do" Grey nods in agreement almost immediately.

"And I know you as well Grey so even after you asked me for a favor which is a rarely occurring thing in its self and knowing that those young ones from your clan are graduating today I was not sure you would show up you know"

"Please worry not, I am thankful for your help and if I did not show up Lucy will have my head if I mist today... but I douth that's all there is to it is it"

As he approaches the window standing next to his Queen she looks at him. 

"Well do you want to repay the favor today?"

A confused look on Grey's face shows it's self as he turns to her.


"Good want to make a bet with my self my boy?" As she cracks a faint smile.